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It’s the arts

12 August 2019

1:37 PM

12 August 2019

1:37 PM

It’s the arts. From The Age:

Next month, Melburnians will have the chance to experience one of the city’s most iconic buildings as never before when Trades Hall opens its doors to artists and performers as the new Fringe festival hub…

“It feels like this is the next chapter for Melbourne Fringe,” Simon Abrahams said of his fifth year as the festival’s artistic director…

Making use of the building’s central location and size, one work commissioned for this year’s festival, Skin, will see an animated projection of tattoos from neurodiverse LGBTQ+ people’s bodies covering the Victoria Street facade.

“Neurodiverse”? With a wide range of psychological problems?

And we wait with interest to see how this brave commitment is honoured:

Abrahams said Melbourne Fringe stood for “freedom of artistic expression”.

“We absolutely support people being able to express whatever it is they have to express – even if the views of our artists or our friends don’t always represent the views of the festival itself,” he said.

In this case, we imagine “freedom of artistic expression” means everything will be uniformly obvious, trite and puerilely left-wing, so there will be no problem.

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