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What about John Setka’s freedom of speech?

17 June 2019

4:00 AM

17 June 2019

4:00 AM

If, like me, you think free speech is the bottom line of a free society, and don’t care what is said, provided there is a right of reply and it doesn’t call for violence against a person, you must be wondering why every media organisation that protested the Federal Police raids on News Ltd and Their ABC offices and addressed their concerns to the government, has kept schtum on the injustice done to John Setka, the secretary of the CFMMEU by the ALP and the Australian Council of Trade Unions. It seems that the media’s idea of freedom of speech does not include anyone else.

John Setka has come in for a fair shellacking from the lunatic left of the ALP and the trade union movement for expressing his opinion that the campaign against domestic violence waged by Rosie Batty OA was denying men their rights. For that opinion, expressed at a private meeting, Setka is being elbowed out of the ALP by Anthony Albanese; and punted from the trade union movement by Sally McManus, the Commissar and General Secretary of the ACTU. So, where were Their ABC and the rest of the media pack when Setka’s show trial was being organised?

Just to clarify, I don’t agree with Setka’s industrial relations strategy. Also, I don’t agree with his views of the Rosie Batty campaign, but that is because I don’t agree with Batty’s narrow view of domestic violence. Since McManus has confirmed that Setka had neither denigrated Batty nor advocated violence against anyone, it is clear that his crime was to offend the left’s sacred cow, that women are in constant danger from men and will never achieve their potential until the physical power of men is crushed beyond recovery. And it is only a sacred cow, a myth, an article of misguided lesbian faith that not human nature but manly power that subjects women to motherhood.

Rosie Batty’s campaign is part of the folk law of the lunatic left. Its propaganda, so well received, is that domestic violence is principally that by men against women. Unfortunately, like most myth’s it is built on a half-truth, perhaps a truth even smaller than that. Batty’s campaign is based upon her own, tragic personal experience, which just happens to fit the lunatic left’s injustice manual. If personal experience and misfortune moves Rosie Batty to action, the left have no such excuse. They are driven solely by Marxist ideology and in that frame of mind, men have to watch out. All difference, including sexual difference, must be reforged in the crucible of labour; ‘Labor makes us free’. (It’s been in Deutsch.)

Domestic violence according to the lunatic left’s self-serving definition occurs when a man is violent against his wife or partner (perhaps also her children). But it is also domestic (perhaps more so) and it is also violent when a woman arranges for her unborn baby to be killed. That, too, is domestic violence. The lunatic left have invented a new term for it. They call it healthcare. I prefer to characterise it as protected domestic violence, domestic violence that is protected by the law of most States. Until Rosie Batty campaigns to stop all domestic violence and the natural right of men, women and all children (born and unborn) to life without violence is protected, she can not be said to have successfully campaigned against domestic violence.

Setka challenged Batty’s definition of domestic violence and if reports of his comments are accurate, his comments were not only innocuous but half right. Unfortunately, he has smeared the good name of the lunatic left’s most sacred idol, not Batty, but man-made violence against women. Current estimates relate that 50 Australian women are killed by domestic violence each year. Reliable estimates of the number of abortions in Australia place it at about 80,000. This estimate would be made more accurate if the lunatics in State government collected details of the number of abortions.

At the moment, the left wing lunatics in the Andrews and Palaszczuk State governments deem those 80,000 babies to be non-human. The Scott Morrison federal government could remedy that with the stroke of a pen. It could also prevent those 80,000 deaths with legislation similar to the Work Choices Act. It is that easy. Yet how we care for the vulnerable among us is really what defines us as a nation. It is supremely ironic that John Setka has alerted us all to the greatest moral danger facing this nation and will be stripped of membership of the ALP and the trade union movement by the same moral vacuum occupied by lunatic left that he and the CFMMEU have been funding for the past decade.

I don’t doubt he will fight on. I only hope he wins. They deserve him more than us.

David Long is a retired solicitor, economist and PhD candidate at Griffith University, School of Law.

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