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Multiculturalism is the enemy of diversity

9 May 2019

8:04 AM

9 May 2019

8:04 AM

The American motto E pluribus unum (“Out of many, one”) expressed perfectly the founding intent to mould a land of peoples from diverse quarters of the globe into a single nation. It could once be said to apply equally to Australia. We were a land of immigrants, albeit, predominantly English speaking, but it was expected that immigrants would assimilate to the Australian way.

Now, we learn, GetUp has created a dedicated offshoot to target crucial ethnic votes.

A political society must have a unity of purpose; members must believe in the fundamental principles on which it is based to guide opinions towards that purpose. Without a belief in that fundamental principle a political society cannot continue. That principle guides the different opinions of a society regarding what is just and unjust, what is important to the group and the grounds on which the political affairs of the group are to be conducted.

The potential of human nature for political life is demonstrated in the power of rational speech. Speech allows members of the group to articulate their opinions of what is just and unjust, what is important to the life of the group and how their common political life is to be ruled. It also excludes the influence of those who cannot speak that particular language which explains the existence of different languages for most nations on the earth. In every case, the people of each language are able to articulate a diversity of opinions about what is important to that nation, what is just and unjust.

The diversity of languages may make travel bothersome for most, but the existence of different nations actually promotes and protects diversity by protecting the diverse opinions of what is just and unjust, and the laws that implement those diverse opinions in that society.

The enemy of diversity is multiculturalism.

Australia, like the United States, has been taken hostage by multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is not the benign, tolerant life-style promoted by inner-city Greens, Their ABC and other left-wing apologists. It is a comprehensive political ideology; in social science terms, it is a world view political ideology that sees no impediment, natural or conventional, to the world state in which citizens of every language from every nation live harmoniously in the single universal homogeneous state epitomised by Marx and adored by tyrants like Hitler and Stalin.

Everyone lives harmoniously in the universal homogeneous state, because the fundamental differences of opinion about what is just and unjust, what is important to the group and the grounds on which the political matters are to be resolved are suppressed. Everything is harmonious because participation is apportioned among people of different languages and the political debate is similarly limited because all the people do not share a common language.

It is of course efficient, like everything German, because it has abolished the need for different national governments. That abolition was made not on principle but as one would abolish free speech because it might be offensive. In place of the multitude of nations and the associated babble, there will be only one government centrally located (perhaps Zurich or Bruges or Berlin) with a class of bureaucrats whose only purpose is to prevent people with different ideas about freedom and democracy from coalescing into sovereign nations where those ideas can be realised.

If you don’t believe this, look to the battle of Brexit and who the Brits are fighting. The left-wing forces that march behind multiculturalism are just as active in Australia. Their success requires two things: finance from international left-wing sources and that the rest of us remain silent and tolerant of their anti-democratic activities.

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