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Are Rugby Australia racist cultural imperialists?

2 May 2019

4:04 PM

2 May 2019

4:04 PM

With a third of Australia’s Test line-up being Polynesian, Rugby Australia can ill afford to discriminate on the grounds of race, but that’s precisely what they will be guilty of doing if they sack Israel Folau. Queensland Reds and Wallaby hooker, Taniela Tupou—aka “the Tongan Thor”—has posted the following word of warning on Facebook:

Well, that sure changed the way this whole sorry fiasco might play out. Because Raelene Castle and Rugby Australia are facing nothing less than a Polynesian revolt if they go ahead with sacking their fellow-countrymen Folau. Which is ironic considering just how into diversity and cultural harmony they’re supposedly meant to be.

But as many have pointed out, it seems that tolerance goes only one way at Rugby Australia. And if you disagree with the progressive and elitist ‘white’ narrative that is queer normativity, then you’ll quickly find yourself excluded from the fold.

Maybe the answer, though, is to be found in another direction. Rev Ian Powell of St Matthew’s Anglican Church in Wanniassa, Canberra, probably summed up the whole issue best when he suggested:

Instead of sacking a bunch of footie players, why not sack the Irish man who seems to be bullying Rugby, while happily making money by getting “into bed” with airlines owned by regimes committed to killing homosexuals and oppressing women – selective virtue stinks.

Too true. The only question I still have is, if rugby really is the game they play in heaven, what are the likes of Peter Fitzsimons going to do?

Mark Powell is the Associate Pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Strathfield.

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