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Prayer illegal? In Australia?

26 November 2020

5:05 PM

26 November 2020

5:05 PM

What tumultuous times they are in which we live? Not so long ago In Australia it was a criminal offence to engage in homosexual sex. But if a proposed bill in Victoria regarding ‘conversion therapy’ is passed it will be a crime just to offer prayer for someone who practices it. 

The once well-regarded Amnesty International has presented the following infographic. Look at the last frame:

Make no mistake, as is evidenced from the cartoon strip above, this campaign is especially targeting Christian churches. Martyn Iles, the managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby, wrote the following on social media: 

Note the theme — Christianity is harmful. Christian teaching, Christian communities, and Christian expression must be criminal. 

Premier Daniel Andrews’ statement …was clear that the “ideology behind” “conversion practices” must be targeted. 

Given that “conversion practices” apparently include prayer, scripture reading, teaching abstinence, and the idea of “change” among other things… I guess that means Christianity… 

Amnesty International has effectively declared war on all people of faith. Remember the vote against the same-sex marriage plebiscite in some heavily Muslim electorates? This isn’t about love—let alone ‘tolerance’—but a complete capitulation to their own ideology.  

I heard a preacher say in the mid-’90s that Christians in this country would be sent to goal in his lifetime, and it would be over the issue of homosexuality and perceived discrimination. 

He was right. And it looks like that time could have finally arrived.

Mark Powell is Associate Pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Strathfield.

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