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Would you leave your children with Clementine Ford?

31 March 2019

4:43 PM

31 March 2019

4:43 PM

Lock up your sons and daughters!

Allen & Unwin have just announced they are ‘thrilled’ to be publishing a junior edition of Clementine Ford’s Fight Like A Girl.

I certainly creamed my little lace panties on hearing the news [insert “sarcasm” here].

Because that’s what Aussie kids really need right now on top of all the other bullshit they have to contend with.

They need a hysterical and hypocritical misandrist — breathing down their throats.

They need a hysterical and hypocritical misandrist — being given the opportunity to penetrate their young and unformed minds.

Teaching little girls to hate the opposite gender and teaching little boys to hate themselves should be classified as a hate crime.

Will this “junior edition” of Ford’s book become part of the Australian school curriculum?

And will Ford personally sign each copy with: Have you killed any little boys today?

Feminist indoctrination is already seeping poison into the Australian education system.

The Victorian government already supports a “feminist collective” strategy.

A curriculum titled “Fight Back” targets secondary school students in a bid to curb sexism and violence against women. But wait a second, isn’t that an oxymoron within itself?

You create a curriculum to combat “sexism” and get it backed by the government and promoted as part of the $21 million “Respectful Relationship Project” yet you exclude males and primarily focus on females?

That makes no sense. The curriculum itself is sexist, dumbarses!

I haven’t read Fight Like A Girl nor will I. But I have read reviews about it on Goodreads with many describing it as an elongated Facebook rant peppered heavily with a multitude of sweeping generalisations that lack fact-based evidence. No surprises there!

What will the junior edition of Fight Like A Girl consist of? More misandry-laden spiels constructed to destroy little human beings with dicks?

We currently have a child suicide epidemic in Australia with the prevalent cause reported to be bullying.

Ford defines the dictionary meaning of the word bully: One that seeks to harm, intimidate or coerce someone perceived as vulnerable.

Ford loves to grandstand on Twitter about her tough-girl anti-bullying stance in exchange for likes, comments and meaningless attention. But everybody knows Ford is the bully of all bullies:

  • Whether she’s cutting down 15-year-old boys to size
  • Encouraging her arse-lickers to harass and humiliate a mentally impaired man
  • Or stroking her “privileged” ego by getting an inadequate young man sacked from his job

Then there’s her strange story in this weekend’s Saturday Paper, a propagandists unsuccessful effort at reportage, that appears to conclude men in schools are bad when it’s established fact the lack of male role models in teaching is creating a crisis for boy students (and the few men left in the profession).

Seriously, do you believe it’s acceptable to impose the extreme ideologies of a fringe-dwelling attention seeker on children of primary school age?

If the answer is “No”, why not shoot your thoughts to Ford’s publisher, Allen & Unwin via their contact form.

Australian parents shouldn’t feel hesitant in pushing back against the likes of Ford and her publisher.

We still live in a democracy and expressing ideas and opinions that contradict feminist orthodoxy is not only healthy, but much needed.

Fight like a boy!

Vanessa de Largie is a freelance journalist and sex columnist who divides her time between London and Melbourne. You can find more of her work here.

Illustration: Twitter.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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