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Germany’s schizoid approach to Israel

16 March 2019

9:00 AM

16 March 2019

9:00 AM

One would have thought that, for certain historical reasons, Germany today would show extra-sensitivity in avoiding appearances of anti-Semitism. However, according to a report released by the respected Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies (BESA), an organisation dedicated to upholding Anwar Sadat’s legacy of Muslim–Jewish peace, this is not the case.

The German government schizophrenically combines anti-Nazi and frequent anti-anti-Semitic rhetoric with an anti-Israel voting record at the United Nations and support for the anti-Israel terrorist organisation Hamas and other non-governmental anti-Israel actors such as BDS. The leader of the socialist party, Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, accused Israel of apartheid. Speaking in Tel Aviv in January 2018, he claimed to be a friend to Israel, and that his country had a special commitment to Israel’s security. Yet Gabriel was responsible for many German votes against Israel in the UN.

Important German government and other institutions, the report says, are involved at an official level both with promoting anti-Semitism and with attacking Israel’s international position and, if possible, its survivability under a cloak of anti-fascism. The centre states: ‘The German government’s official policy is that it makes efforts to fight anti-Semitism and is friendly toward Israel. At the same time, it actively promotes anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism. It allows massive migration of anti-Semites from Muslim countries, supports discriminatory anti-Israel motions at the UN General Assembly, generously finances the anti-Semitism-supporting UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine) and congratulates the genocide-promoting regime of Iran.’

It continues: ‘A study in Bavaria found that more than 50 per cent of Iraqi, Syrian and Afghan immigrants agreed with the statement “Jews have too much influence in the world”. Among Germans this figure is between 15 and 25 per cent. One might argue that a nation whose grandparents’ generation murdered 6 million Jews should not open its doors to an influx of new anti-Semites.’ The fact that it ‘allows massive migration of anti-Semites from Muslim countries,’ is perhaps largely a symptom of the weakness and confusion that has descended on Germany with the falling-off of Angela Merkel’s polity and, of course, the rise of a so-called anti-fascist Left. The same thing can be seen in varying degrees in the rest of Western Europe. The new Marxist Left demands an increase in Muslim immigration as a means of promoting the general destruction of bourgeois society.

Hundreds of thousands, inevitably including many anti-Semites and jihadists, have been welcomed into Germany, often from the most primitive parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, etc., without any selection or screening whatsoever.

The massive rates of sex-attacks on German women speak for themselves. (In a gesture as pathetic as it is ludicrous, German police have advised women to wear sneakers so they can run away faster). Muslim sex-gangs have also had prolonged free runs in Britain. Muslims who burnt down a synagogue in Wuppertal were freed by a court on the grounds that their actions were political, not religious. Some Jews can hardly have failed to interpret this as a signal to start packing.

It is obvious – and confirmed by surveys in Germany and Austria – that many of these immigrants hate icons of Western success. prosperity, happiness and achievement. This hatred is born out by the pattern of many attacks, for example on family groups and mothers with young children. Highly-educated, over-achieving Jews would be high-priority targets even without the Middle East question and the existence of Israel.

This may or may not have been an intended outcome, but it is certainly not innocent: anyone with their ordinary wits could work out that with a huge influx of Muslims, often from the most primitive parts of the Muslim world, the surviving Jewish communities and institutions in Germany would be in for persecution.

Where classic anti-Semites hated Jews as dark Oriental and medieval aliens, bearers of a sort of bacillus of primitivism invading Western culture, the modern anti-Semites often hate them for the opposite reason: as great scientists, classical musicians, artists, a huge and almost comically-disproportionate galaxy of Nobel Prize-winners, successful agriculturalists in the midst of desert, and for possessing probably the most-efficient army in the world. Far from undermining Western values of modernity, Israel now epitomises them. It is the only country in the Middle East where Christians are protected and increasing in numbers. Unlike its neighbours, it is able to make modernity and democracy work.

Ulrike Meinhof, of the Baader-Meinhof terrorist and murder gang, justified Auschwitz on the grounds that the Jews murdered there were ‘money Jews’. A further noxious ingredient in this brew is the activity of the left-wing Christian churches, Catholic and Protestant, which seem impelled by suicidal self-hatred.

A major example of Germany’s incitement against Israel is its vote at the UN General Assembly. Germany’s Bild reported that in recent years the General Assembly has accepted more than 500 resolutions against Israel – and not a single one against Hamas. At the UNHRC, more than half the resolutions were against Israel. Germany regularly sides with Israel’s sworn enemies, whose missile and other attacks and random murder of Jews are interspersed with a rhetoric of exterminationism and an absolute rejection of peace offers or negotiations. Last November, of 21 General Assembly resolutions against Israel, 16 were supported by Germany and on 4 it abstained.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, a socialist, has often said that Auschwitz inspired him to go into politics. Yet his ministry continues to support the demon-isation of Israel at the UN. Under Maas there has also been increased German support for UNRWA after the US ceased supporting it. Abraham Cooper, of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, says: ‘Following the US’s move to pull support from the group that brainwashes kids on the many “virtues” of martyrdom… Heiko Maas announced a “substantial” increase in funds from his country to UNRWA.

‘With 100 million euros in aid money, Germany remains one of UNRWA’s largest benefactors. Yes, support for the Palestinians’ quest for a better future is right and important. But Hamas and PA curricula funded by UNRWA amount to textbook child abuse. Nobody I met with in Berlin could assure me that the German money did not directly benefit Hamas.’

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