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Silence of the Lambassador

26 January 2019

9:00 AM

26 January 2019

9:00 AM

It’s beyond embarrassing, it’s humiliating. But more importantly, it is the perfect metaphor for how the values of mainstream Australia are being emasculated in an ocean of virtue-signalling and self-loathing by the leftist ideologues now setting the agenda in Australian businesses and the media.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss it cameo in the latest advert for Australian lamb, the politically-incorrect, larrikin ‘Lambassador’ of old, Sam Kekovich, appears looking awkwardly foolish on a lobster lilo, and worse, doesn’t utter a word. The once wildly popular voice of the hugely successful ‘Lamb for Australia Day’ campaign for over a decade, Kekovich’s role has increasingly been whittled down to what is now a silent, tokenistic and unfunny sight gag. The castration of this proud, irreverent Aussie icon is complete.

The voice that since 2005 spoke up with honesty, scepticism, humour and patriotism for the (literally) red-blooded values of mainstream Australia has now been silenced. No more deadpan rants about vegans, no more poking fun at lefty animal rights activists, no more ‘lambasting’ any and all who are ‘un-Australian’ in this brave new world of PC advertising.

In its place, the marketing geniuses of the Meat and Livestock account devote their entire new campaign to not only denigrating Australia, but also Australia Day. ‘Let’s change the day to a date we can all agree on,’ pleads the whining female politician. The political posturing doesn’t stop there. The ad sneers at One Nation, idolises the left-wing Jacinda Ardern, denigrates modern Australia (‘This used to be the greatest country on earth, but we’ve lost the plot’) and leaves – unlike, hopefully, the product it’s supposedly selling – a sour taste in the mouth.

Indeed, in an online trade magazine, the creative director of the ad gives the game away: ‘Lamb has always been about uniting Australians around what makes our country the greatest, but in recent times we seem to have lost our way. Whereas our Kiwi neighbours, under the leadership of Jacinda, are progressing nicely.’ In other words, the ad is a blatant piece of left-wing propaganda.

Jacinda Ardern, whom the ad idolises, is a climate change zealot and avowed socialist (sorry, ‘social democrat’). Meanwhile, One Nation, whom the ad sneers at, is hugely popular among the rural and farming communities who rely on livestock for their existence and prosperity.

Of course, this ad is not alone in denigrating the values of the people who made the brand so successful in the first place. Only two weeks ago, the shaving giant Gillette launched a massive global ad campaign attacking men and boys for being, well, men and boys.

As Vanessa de Largie wrote on Flat White, ‘Imagine waking up every day and being told that your masculinity is toxic.’ Judging from the extraordinarily negative backlash to their ad – created, by the way, by a self-declared radical feminist – the marketing department of Gillette won’t have to wonder about gender imbalance in the workplace for too much longer – they’ll all be out of a job.

Perhaps, too, in future years, as sales of meat products are decimated thanks to left-wing governments introducing ever-stricter climate change policies to meet carbon emissions reduction targets, which – if the Paris Agreement is adhered to – could see not only the slaughtering of livestock and soaring costs of farm machinery and transportation, but potentially also government-led campaigns encouraging us to eat less meat, those who once earned a decent living out of lamb will look back on activist ads like this one with anger and disbelief.

In praise of Warren Mundine

Putting aside the rights or wrongs of overruling local party members to install a state executive-selected candidate, the choice by Scott Morrison of Warren Mundine as a Liberal candidate at the next federal election is inspired and far-sighted.

Mr Mundine, a former ALP president who would have been a far better choice for the 2012 Senate position that instead went to the hopeless Bob Carr, is an outstanding Australian. More importantly, he is also one of the smartest advocates for genuine indigenous advancement; recognising education, real jobs and business as the way forward, and Green/Left climate and welfare ideologies as two of the major impediments.

Mr Mundine has never shied from putting his time and effort where his mouth is, and his Mundine Means Business series on Sky has been a boon for indigenous small business people. His is a voice that should be in parliament.

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