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Seven ways to bring down Western Civilisation

13 December 2018

7:23 AM

13 December 2018

7:23 AM

Western Civilisation gets a bad rap these days. Despite the fact that it is the source of all our legal structures, customs and values, as well as the concepts of individualism, rational thought and the scientific method, it seems that even the very idea of Western Civilisation is something to be denied and denigrated at every turn. Critiques of colonialism and imperialism dominate in academia and the political realm and white guilt and shame are encouraged. In the age of globalism, it’s passé to celebrate the achievements of your (European) ancestors, and even objectively true statements such as “it’s OK to be white” are deemed to be provocative and newsworthy. Western Civilisation is under attack from the inside.

But if you’ve had enough of medical breakthroughs, personal freedom and the benefits of a high trust society, then you may think this is a good thing. Maybe you want to join in and do what you can to aid in the downfall of the West. If that’s the case then here’s what you can do:

  1. Deny it exists

Have you ever heard somebody say that Australia doesn’t have a culture, or Britain or Europe? It’s a common accusation levelled at Western countries, particularly when the populace expresses concerns about immigration. If there is no such thing as a Western cultural tradition, if Westerners have trouble articulating what it is, it or are simply afraid to, then it can more easily be dispensed with. One way of aiding and abetting this denial of our history is to avoiding teaching it in schools and universities. In fact, mocking the very suggestion that a university would offer such a course is a useful tactic that we’ve already seen in action.

  1. Pull down all the statues

What better way to undermine Western Civilisation that to pull down its monuments and judge past historical figures by the social and cultural norms of today? Pulling down statues of ‘problematic’ Western heroes of the past is the ultimate anti-West virtue signal, devoid of deep analysis and rich with empty symbolism. Pulling down statues can be effectively teamed up with refusal to offer university courses on Western Civilisation, and the rewriting of history curriculums in high schools, as a means of denigrating the benefits and achievements of our ancestors, and focusing unduly on the negatives. In this way ‘settlement’ becomes ‘invasion’, and ‘skirmishes’ become ‘frontier wars.’ Instead of ‘revolutionary war hero’ and ‘founding father’, Thomas Jefferson has metamorphosed into a ‘slave owner’, a figure of disgust, whose statue must be removed from universities.

  1. Enact hate speech laws

The best way to regress our societies in the name of ‘tolerance’ is to punish free expression. One of the outcomes of the Western cultural tradition was the high value placed on the right to speak your mind without sanction. A fearless pursuit of truth is what led men to speak out against theocratic rule and blasphemy laws that disallowed dissent and criticism of the prevailing power structures. This new mode of thinking acknowledged that even bad ideas ought to be heard, as the freer we are to think and speak the closer we will come to ultimate truth. Nowadays though hate speech laws prevail. In the UK people are arrested for wrong-think in Tweets, and for posting funny videos of pugs performing Nazi salutes. In Europe it is unlawful to deny the Holocaust or to offend Muslims, signalling a reversal of the respect for freedom of thought that underpins Western cultural heritage. To end the pursuit of truth and aid the decline of the West continued policing of thought crime and hate speech is needed.

  1. Marry yourself to the state

One way to bring down Western Civilization once and for all is to bring about the end of the sovereign family. The traditional family unit of a father and mother and their children is a faltering institution, with marriage rates on the decline and divorce rates high. Although tragic and cruel at times, past taboos around having children out of wedlock meant that most babies born were the responsibility of one man. Now the state picks up the tab for children raised by single mothers who are literally paid to continue having children. Intergenerational welfare dependency is rampant in Western first world societies with no signs of improvement. It’s a form of parasitism that is economically and socially unsustainable in the long run. So if your aim is to cast off the benefits of Western Civilisation, continue to denigrate the traditional family, support the ever-growing welfare state and rack up our future debt.

  1. Abolish gender

Or more accurately control language by diktat. Innocuous words like ‘wife’, ‘husband’ and ‘pregnant woman’ have become problematic. To use them means you aren’t sensitive to the preferences of the oppressed in society, and to declare those words off limits (in internal workplace documents for instance) is an opportunity to signal that avoiding offence to minorities is at the top of your list of priorities. But language is the means by which we communicate truth based on agreed upon meanings for words. In that way, language can be seen to be a commons – something that is collectively owned by all members of society – and it is ‘owned’ because it has been collectively brought into existence by the investment of all the members. Forcing language change from the top down undermines truth-seeking and aids in the establishment of new and “progressive” truths that tell us, for example, that gender and race are mere social constructs with no basis in biology. Manipulation of the truth through language control is the antithesis of liberty and reason – those values brought to you by Western Civilisation. To aid in its destruction, simply allow your language to be dictated to you by ideologues.

  1. Believe all victims

It’s not enough now to follow due process, a victim must be believed especially if she happens to be a woman. Never mind pesky due process, that idea that the state must respect the legal rights of its citizens and give them a fair hearing. Since #MeToo, calls for throwing out due process have come thick and fast. During the Brett Kavanaugh sex scandal, one leading Democrat declared that it made no difference if Kavanaugh was guilty of sex abuse claims or not, the accusation should be enough to disqualify the man from taking up his position on the Supreme Court. “Believe women,” they say, as though a woman has never told a lie or been driven by self-interest to the point that she is willing to sacrifice another person. Careers have been spectacularly destroyed without the hassle of even one day in court. Due process is one of the most significant principles to have emerged from the English common law tradition. To reject the principle is to reject yet another foundation of Western culture and to aid in its demise.

  1. Let children run the country

This is an effective tactic already in play when we see kids wagging school to protest in support of climate change action. The foundation of this tactic is to indoctrinate children in the state-run education system with revisionist history, shame for the past deeds of their ancestors, endless welcome to country ceremonies, sex education based on the output of unscientific gender studies and critical theory departments, and climate change action hysteria. That way children can be used as political pawns, with adults using children’s innate sense of fair play to appeal to their emotions. If we want to cripple ourselves economically, thereby jeopardising our kid’s futures, let’s be guided by their underdeveloped political opinions.

These seven suggestions are just the beginning. There are countless ways to undermine and destroy Western Civilisation for those who are eager to do so: champion cultural relativity, open the borders, devalue stay at home wives and mothers, feminise little boys – the list goes on.  But the overriding irony in all of this is that the benefits Western Civilisation has accrued to us – personal freedom, individualism, reason, and rule of law – are the very means by which “progressives” are able to advance their agendas. If you don’t know what I mean, consider the fact that gender-neutral language, cultural shame and radical self-loathing are not the focus of intellectuals and the elite in countries like Saudi Arabia or Turkey.

As the adage goes:

Hard times create strong men,

Strong men create good times,

Good times create weak men,

Weak men create hard times.

In light of our national debt, the growing welfare state, political correctness, and the trampling of the Western cultural values that we see coming out of academia and mainstream media, it would seem that we are clearly in the stage of weak men creating hard times. Just how much harder times will get remains to be seen.

Illustration: Genseric sacking Rome, Karl Briullov. Russian Museum.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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