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The week in misandry

16 November 2018

12:25 PM

16 November 2018

12:25 PM

A quick peek at what’s going on the flip side of feminism – where it’s all about women.

White Ribbon CEO is gone, sponsors are following and confidence has crashed. Yet the White Ribbon pledge has become the enforced narrative from organisations across the country. SA Health states it “has a position of zero tolerance towards men’s violence against women in the workplace”. No mention of respect for all human beings.

The mother of a Perth man who was bashed and burned alive in a murder plot orchestrated by five people including his partner and mother of his children wants to see legislative reform. Mrs Mills said she still suffers nightmares in particular of the haunting detail given at the trial of a “burning skull alight in the boot of the car”. Yet the Duluth model (male perpetrator, female victim) saturates media coverage and infests institutions.

Feminist website asks if it’s okay to experience sexual pleasure “in a world full of Brett Kavanaughs and Donald Trumps”. Decides it is an act of “resistance”. Neither man has been found guilty of anything but damn that rampant toxic masculinity for attempting to ruin a woman’s pleasure. “Cisgender heterosexual male misogynists don’t want us to become sexually liberated,” the fembot continues. “But we’re going to do it anyway, on our own terms.” Good luck with that.

A man in Texas faced 99 years in jail thanks to a woman’s false accusations that he broke into her home and assaulted her. Nine months later, sworn affidavits and time stamped selfies proved she was lying. She has not been charged with a crime. How to blame toxic masculinity?

Rape charges drop by 23 per cent in the UK after known feminist Alison Saunders leaves criminal justice system. The new Director of Public Prosecutions Max Hill promptly faces backlash from women’s groups.

A teenage boy served 10 years in jail despite the so-called victim confessing to making up the allegations of sexual assault after the trial.

A 14-year-old girl in Russia was ambushed by five schoolgirls and beaten. The attack was filmed. Doctors believe she won’t be able to have children due to the damage to her reproductive organs. How to blame toxic masculinity?

A global law firm is flogging “#MeToo packages” to Australian employers. The plan is to protect employers from damaging harassment cases, tailor investigations and reduce risk. But #MeToo is definitely not a business.

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