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The tiresome criticism of male critics

18 June 2018

11:21 AM

18 June 2018

11:21 AM

Simply because Hollywood is disappearing up its own arse, do we all have to follow suit? Can no one think for themselves anymore?

Listening to the cast of Ocean’s 8 criticise their critics is enough to make your ears bleed. Read about it and your eyes are also at risk.

It’s all so tiresome.

Sandra Bullock stars in the spin-off to the Ocean’s 11 trilogy – themselves a remake of the original sixties Frank Sinatra-led Rat Pack classic. She says films with female leads receive poor reviews because critics are mostly male. Bullock is calling for more female reviewers who don’t have “skewed” opinions.

Cate Blanchett who also stars has joined the chorus of whining. She says male film critics are viewing through a “prism of misunderstanding”. Never have three words strung together sounded so pompous.

Have they considered that the film may not be any good? Having an all-female cast doesn’t guarantee an excellent film any more than an all-female board ensures success. Adding more women might make a marketing ploy but that doesn’t translate into a captivating movie.

Sounds like they’ve been blinded by their own hype whilst trapped inside their own “prism of misunderstanding”.

Perhaps when critics say this film “doesn’t summon the rush of delighted surprise it once did,” they are correct?

Someone found the time to conduct a survey, which has found nearly 80 per cent of film critics are male. Therefore, Bullock and Blanchett conclude this is a gender issue. And, of course, the person who cops it the most is the dreaded “60-year-old man,” according to Bullock.

Perhaps they would like to review their own film and publish it on their own website? Is this what the future looks like – more self-obsessed Hollywood elites like Gwyneth Paltrow creating their own websites to spruik their own crap?

Count me out of this pretentious prism.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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