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Their ABC’s seasonal stupidity

5 December 2017

8:31 PM

5 December 2017

8:31 PM

In many ways, it’s astounding that their ABC recognises Christmas at all. It is an explicitly Christian celebration, after all, and all right-thinking folk know that Christianity stands for paedophilia, is a tool of colonial oppression, the patriarchy and so on. Even the secular version commits a truly massive ABC sin. At the centre of it all is an old white man: Santa. (Philip Adams, another old white man with a beard, for some reason is OK.)

But anyway, the ABC is doing Christmas — and doing Christmas as only the ABC can:

Yes, ideas for a sustainable Christmas.

Nothing about a tofu turkey, but the helpful suggestion “Handmade decorations are a good way to reduce waste this Christmas.”

Because you always throw out all your decorations when you take down the tree after Twelfth Night, don’t you?

Why. nothing says Christmas more!

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