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Male suicide has nothing to do with politics. Apparently…

6 July 2017

12:15 PM

6 July 2017

12:15 PM

The Sydney Morning Herald has been quick to report a half-yearly update on domestic violence.

In a blizzard of statistics, there is one that stands out and it’s not that “two women or girls each killed each week by someone who claimed to love them.”

It’s that six men a day take their lives in Australia.

Six a day.

Read a little further into this piece and you’ll find nothing more than a shocking attempt to push the biased brainwashing feminist agenda.

The outline of funding and strategy is extensive. The article states, “The Attorney General’s department is responsible for funding for legal services, the Department of Social Services manages funding for the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and Their Children ($100 million over four years) and the Women’s Safety Package ($100 million over two years).”

Then onto male suicide.

“Suicide rates among Australian men are appallingly high, and this should forever be the line where ideology stops.”


You’ll spend hundreds of words discussing a tiny part of the full picture of society’s problems; violence against women, which doesn’t even cover the reality of violence against women, men and children.

You’ll happily keep a tight clutch on hundreds of millions of dollars in funding.

Yet, “this should forever be the line where ideology stops”?

You make no sense. Stop playing us for fools.

To write, “Suicide is a tragedy and no one should ever play politics with it”, is abhorrent.

It is precisely because of broken politics that the male suicide rate is soaring.

This week I spoke to a retired prosecutor in the US. John Davis had a 35-year legal career including roles in the US Government. For the past few years, he has been attempting to bring some balance to the contract between men and women.

“For fifty years, our culture, through mass media, has relentlessly portrayed men as worthless, rapists, wife beaters, undeserving, violent criminals, exploiters of women, child molesters, etc.,” he says. “All of this demonising hate came from medieval stereotypes that the mass media perpetuated in its campaign of unrestrained misandry.

Is it any wonder that the skyrocketing rates of male suicide coincide with the onset of the feminist state, and, the hate campaign it inspired?”

On pouring government funding, unchallenged into the blinkered and biased feminist rhetoric he says, “One way to advance a war against men, and masculinity, is to promote the death of men through suicide, and passively-aggressively denying aid to men who are suicidal. Denying government funding toward male suicide prevention, and, fostering gynocentric programs that, arguably, are partly the cause of men committing suicide, may very well be an intentional plan on the part of feminist lobbies, (and the politicians, industries and media who gain from serving gynocentric powers).”

And, finally, on causational factors of depression he adds, “In addition to biological factors that cause depression, there are psychological factors that are also causes. Someone who is constantly abused by his status in a culture, for instance, can develop clinical depression. A man who has had a run of “bad luck” in employment, or relationships, or in any area of life endeavours, can become “clinically depressed” as a result of consistent feelings of despondency and hopelessness.”

The fact is six men a day are taking their lives in Australia. Six.

No, that is absolutely not where this conversation ends – it is precisely where it begins.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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