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Abbott slams “anti-men” policy, but why are other MPs silent?

3 May 2017

7:49 AM

3 May 2017

7:49 AM

Thank heavens for Tony Abbott. Did we ever think we’d be saying that? Questionable.

On Monday he spoke out to slam proposals that government contractors should hire a minimum of 40 per cent women. The Human Rights Commission is reportedly looking to set the target amidst efforts to improve the gender balance.

Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins said, “One of the strategies proposed is that the government should require contracted organisations to demonstrate efforts to improve gender balance.”

The former Prime Minister told Ray Hadley on 2GB the proposals sounded “anti-men” and she should “pull her head in”.

Abbott added, “We absolutely have to give women a fair go but some of this stuff just sounds like its anti-men. This latest attempt by the Human Rights Commission to start yet again dictating to business how they should do their job shows why the Human Rights Commission has long outlived any usefulness.”

He added the challenge right now is getting “more conservative women” into parliament.

Two questions… Firstly, surely whoever is best suited to any job in question should be hired, regardless of gender? That is true equality. If women don’t want to do certain jobs, making them isn’t drenching them with freedom, liberation or autonomy.

Secondly, why such a focus on women in parliament rather than people of either gender who stand firm and think for themselves, rather than reading from a pre-approved gender biased script?

Equality does not equal supremacy – and can be delivered by either gender.

If all women in parliament are screeching feminists they may as well be the limp leaders we currently have, regardless of gender.

Perhaps politicians in parliament could shine as being best suited for the job and genuine voice of the people they represent, rather than leaning on their gender to slide their feet under the desk… let alone, take offence when a man looks at his watch.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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