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Live outside Tram Zone 1? Piss off!

18 January 2017

5:55 PM

18 January 2017

5:55 PM

agecartoonThe Age has let us know what it thinks of people who live outside Melbourne (read inner-city Melbourne, as Age-types eschew anything that’s not in cycle-riding distance of the CBD) — and it ain’t pretty.

Accompanying a story on moves to provide boarding facilities that would enable country students to attend the selective, public Melbourne High School in South Yarra today was a cartoon that said more about the nasty and condescending attitudes of Fairfax media than any cartoon since Glen Le Lievre’s efforts that accompanied the ugly exercise in Israel-bashing that ended Mike Carlton’s career — the nasty and condescending attitudes and utter contempt for anyone who’s not exactly like them.

That’s it, in the corner there. Hilarious, hey?

Because they’re all bogans in the bush, aren’t they? Environmental vandals. Rednecks. Nationals voters. One Nation-types, even. (Oh yes. A lot of them — Ugh! — are also poor.)

The Age is dying — near death — but its staff and editors are still trying to drive readers away.

We wish them every success with their endeavors.



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