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Love and marriage

10 December 2016

9:00 AM

10 December 2016

9:00 AM

The Fairfax-reading, ABC-viewing middle classes are getting rattled. In Victoria, 2,400 extra police officers are to be employed to help them sleep easier in their beds. Because, lo and behold, the explosion in immigrant-committed crime, which they have long dismissed as the ‘racist’ invention of a few demented conservatives like Kevin Andrews, is now admitted by even the Age not to have been a fabrication after all.

It’s the latest example of the vast gulf between what the Left says and what, when the chips are down, it does. And nowhere is this more evident than in the Left’s lovingly-tilled field of multiculturalism.

There was a revealing, but naturally little-publicised, example in a Melbourne car park a few months ago – attacks on cars have become one of the growth points of the new lawlessness, with no less a personage than a former assistant police commissioner chased on a freeway last week by a gang of ‘four African males’ wielding a tomahawk from their car window. He got away by losing them in the traffic but the victim in the car-park case, Ben van Mierlo, did not have speed at his disposal. A little background first.

Ben is a 21-year-old university student who has managed to acquire a husband. We can therefore infer that he is in favour of the Left’s assault on traditional marriage. Since Leftist opinions usually come as a package deal, he is presumably also in favour of a comprehensive immigration program. Most supporters of multiculturalism never actually get to meet the ‘refugees’ and others whose arrival they welcome, but Ben was able to enjoy a personal encounter.

He was sitting in his car waiting for hubby in the car park of a suburban shopping complex, whiling away the time chatting to mum on the mobile, when out of the blue he was set upon by a band of thugs. One of them (with ‘an olive complexion’) forced him from the car, with much screaming and shouting (some of which went down the phone to mum, until she was cut off). Three of them then drove off in Ben’s car.

It might be heartless to point it out but there is a certain symmetry in this. A beneficiary of Leftist ‘marriage reform’ is assailed by fellow beneficiaries, in their case of the Left’s enlightened migration policy. Can’t they all be happy beneficiaries together, united in the great project of remaking society to the Left’s prescriptions? Sadly no. This is a good illustration of the confusion and inconsistency of Leftist social meddling, where results are not always in harmony.

Ben’s ordeal is one that is becoming more common for Leftists and non-Leftists alike in their cars and homes as the contemporary ethnic equivalent of the highwayman discovers the baseball bat. You would think that even the keenest multiculti fans would admit that attacks of this sort, or gangs of African and Pacific Islander teenagers invading Melbourne’s Federation Square and terrifying merrymakers, are, to say the least, the downside of multiculturalism’s ongoing enrichment of our communal life. Or would they? I’ve seen nothing to that effect. Just recruit more cops but don’t look at the real cause of why they’re needed. The Leftist mind can be impervious to doubt.

It would not have been impervious, though, if Ben’s assailants had been white, or better still, white members of Reclaim Australia. Leftist minds would have been galvanised into action, with loud condemnation from a hundred media pulpits and ritual denunciations of ‘rednecks’, Pauline Hanson, and of course, since this is now de rigeur, Trump. Ben’s non-Anglo surname might even have given someone like Tim Soutphommasane the opportunity to squeak ‘Racism!’. From there it would be but a step to pressing into service the victim’s putative marital status to prove that the attack was a ‘homophobic hate crime’. Someone would remember Orlando.

A Leftist with pretensions to psychological expertise would then explain that the object of the attack was not Ben himself but his car. Ben’s nice Toyota Yaris, we’d be told, was like a red rag to three impoverished asylum seekers who haven’t been able to buy their own cars. We must understand the feelings of these poor boys, surrounded by all the material goods of a consumer society and none of them theirs (though they did manage to steal a ute to drive to the car park, saving themselves the walk). No one would point out that in the consumer society none consumes more than the comfortably-off middle-class Left.

That’s a category that includes many Greens. But did you know that the Greens, scourge of the combustion engine and its toxic waste, form the largest bloc of political allegiance among members of frequent-flyer schemes? All those family holidays in Europe with the kids in business class. And the four-wheel drives, used unnecessarily to ferry children to school, blocking the streets and tainting the air of Green-voting suburbs. Greens couldn’t survive without their daily blast of carbon exhaust.

Then there’s the inconsistency of feminists and Islam, though it’s hardly worth going there: it’s been a macabre joke for years. Feminists who are tireless in imagining male ‘aggression’, so shrill at the slightest hint of ‘patriarchy’, cravenly look the other way while genuine patriarchal male aggressors inflict grievous bodily harm on young women – their ‘sisters’ in feminist-speak – who have had the misfortune to be born Muslim. Talk about straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel.

Inconsistency and the Left go together like love and marriage were once said to. Friend of the downtrodden, Richard Di Natale, is accused of paying his household staff a Dickensian pittance. Roz Ward, taxpayer-funded commissar of the mendacious Safe Schools scheme that under the pretext of opposing ‘bullying’ tries to persuade boys to be girls, is suspended by her university. Who does this professed Marxist run to for redress? To the law, backbone and symbol of the decadent bourgeois society Marxists are trying to bring down.

There’s a Left-leaning beachside council in Melbourne that yields to no one in its enthusiasm for smoking ceremonies, welcomes to country and ‘respect for the traditional custodians of the land’. This land includes a grassy triangle where homeless Aborigines gathered to drink, sing and use a public lavatory. When the traditional custodians got in the way of a proposed beautification scheme the council peremptorily ‘relocated’ them – heaven knows where – and just to make sure they didn’t come back, demolished the loos.

There’s a point where the inconsistency of the Left becomes downright hypocrisy.

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