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What was that Paul Keating was saying about the ABC?

26 November 2016

4:27 PM

26 November 2016

4:27 PM

What was that Paul Keating was saying about the ABC only yesterday? Something about the broadcaster “letting Australia down” in terms of news presentation and failing as a hard-news-gathering organisation?

Perish the thought!

Look at the goodies its billion dollar budget brought browsers on its News website this morning:


A cuddly animal story, the sort of public psychosis that Clementine Ford has turned into a career, a piece of prurience, this week’s new way to die and a showbiz story featuring a straight to video star.

It makes The Age look like … well, the way The Age used to look.

I guess the doctors’ piece was an ok yarn — but if you followed the link you would have discovered it’s irrelevant north of Bass Strait.

At least it’s better than that other gem the ABC News site was featuring just 20 minutes later: “Designer vagina surgeons could face charges”.

Click through. Come on. I know you want to…



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