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Opera suggestions for Julian Burnside

11 November 2016

6:16 PM

11 November 2016

6:16 PM

Look what joys Classic FM, the dumbed-down ABC station for serious music fans yet to discover the far superior, subscriber-supported MBS alternatives, has for its listeners this Saturday:


Yep. That’s right. Three full hours of the ineffably smug Julian Burnside, that veritable human heliograph of virtue signalling, as guest presenter.

What’s the one-time advocate for the likes of Alan Bond and Rose Porteous turned moral arbiter going play? Might this Spectator scribbler make a suggestion?

He should play Mechem; Mechem’s opera Tartuffe, to be precise.

Why? Have a look at the dramatis personae:

Tartuffe, a hypocrite…

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