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Cory Bernardi and the deplorables

18 October 2016

7:31 AM

18 October 2016

7:31 AM

GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Campaigns In Battleground State Of FloridaCory Bernardi has endorsed Donald Trump… kind of. Writing on Facebook, Bernardi said:

For millions of Americans worried about what Hillary Clinton would do their country, there is no alternative to Trump.

The post included a link to a Wall Street Journal op-ed by David Gelernter. He confesses, ‘I’ll vote for Mr Trump – grimly. But there is no alternative, no shadow of a responsible alternative.’ Later:

There is only one way to take part in protecting this nation from Hillary Clinton, and that is to vote for Donald Trump. A vote for anyone else or for no one might be an honest, admirable gesture in principle, but we don’t need conscientious objectors in this war for the country’s international standing and hence for the safety of the world and the American way of life. It’s too bad one has to vote for Mr. Trump. It will be an unhappy moment at best. Some people will feel dirty, or pained, or outright disgraced.

David Flint couldn’t have said it better himself. No, wait – he did.

No, Gelernter’s not the most ringing endorsement in modern history. And Bernardi’s may not be an endorsement at all.

Yet this comes on the heels of another reluctant Trump boost from Catherine Overington at The Australian, another Murdoch rag and the WSJ’s Aussie counterpart. Overington claims the Trump phenomenon isn’t uniquely American. On the contrary:

Trump would absolutely have supporters in Australia, and they wouldn’t be cave-dwellers and swamp-rompers and knuckle-draggers. They’d be people you know, and people you like, and people like you. They may even be you.

Because who are Trump’s supporters, really? Beyond the caricatures, they are mostly people who are tired of being told what to think and what to do. Also tired of being told how awful they are.

How ignorant, and racist, and sexist, and … yes, how deplorable they are.

Surely no Australian fits that particular bill better than Senator Bernardi.

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