1 October 2016

9:00 AM

1 October 2016

9:00 AM

Lynch lore

John McDonnell refused to apologise for a 2014 interview in which he called for former employment minister Esther McVey to be ‘lynched’.

— Several Lynches have been credited for giving the term to the language. One was Charles Lynch (1736-96), a farmer, community leader and, remarkably, a Quaker from Lynchburg, Virginia (a town named after his brother John). Suspects were supposed to be sent 200 miles to Williamsburg for trial, but during the war of independence the journey became very difficult. Instead, Lynch and his neighbours dispensed justice themselves — although they did try to do it according to the law.

The richer list

McDonnell also said: ‘Our generation always thought that from here on there would always be a steady improvement in people’s living standards… successive Tory governments put an end to that.’ Which periods saw the most growth in real disposable household income per capita?

1987-92 (Conservative)
1997-01 (Labour)
1970-74 (Conservative)
1983-87 (Conservative)
1992-97 (Conservative)
1974-79 (Labour)
2001-05 (Labour)
1966-70 (Labour)
1979-83 (Conservative)
2005-10 (Labour)
2010-15 (Con-Lib Dem coalition)

Flying start

A woman of 26 became Britain’s youngest airline captain, flying an easyJet plane to Malta with a co-pilot aged 19. At what age can you drive or pilot forms of transport?

12 Jet ski (voluntary code only)
16 Moped capable of no more than 45 km/h, tractor less than 2.45m wide
17 Car, bus and (if in armed forces) aeroplane, helicopter
18 Work on a ship at night (no specific age for commanding one)
21 Bus (if owned by police or fire service and you are maintaining public order)
24 Bus carrying passengers

Famous fivers

New £5 notes with serial numbers starting A01 were said to be selling to collectors for £200 each. Fivers with these years and serial-number starts are also worth more:

1922    135/D    £460
1957    H56    £75
1963    K06    £40
1971    A35    £14
1990    A01    £55
2002    HA01    £24


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