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11 August 2016

9:06 PM

11 August 2016

9:06 PM

I agree to some extent. I was selfish to pay a lot of money on tattoos, when they are displayed (I can hide all mine with a long sleeve shirt) there is an element of “look at me”.

As for regret, in my case it is not true. I spent years planning my tattoos and even photoshopped them on an image of me. I pondered the appearance for years too, things look different at other times. I often resized them and moved them about, sometimes scrapping ideas. I did this to make them regret proof. I still have a few gaps and have done for a few years now because I cannot decide what I want in these gaps.

As for being defensive, it is really me pointing out it is wrong to generalise about people with tattoos.

Some people like me do the planning described above and go to the top tattoo artists to have them done to insure they are regret proof. The one I traveled all day to visit and stay in hotels between sessions was the No.1 UK Female tattoo artist and nominated another 3 times. I would not spend 10K+ on being Inked until all bases have been covered. I am positive you are ignorant of this and now you are not.

People who hate tattoos have said they like mine because they are nothing like tattoos seen on other people. They have a big wow factor and I have what I paid for after 100 hours of inking. It was a good investment considering all the attention I get when I decide I want it, yes it is like a switch.

It is also the only way I could think of taking my money to the grave instead of leaving it to people I dislike … which is what I meant at the start about being selfish.

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