The shameful truth: Britain lets in far too few refugees

There is a global crisis on a scale not seen for 20 years. And all we do is throw money at the problem

8 November 2014

9:00 AM

8 November 2014

9:00 AM

Pictures from Calais have returned to our television screens, showing desperate men and women trying to break into lorries bound for Britain. A Sudanese man died jumping from a bridge onto a lorry heading for Dover. Another perished after falling from the axles of a bus. The mayor of Calais has blamed Britain for being an ‘El Dorado’ offering aspirational benefits to migrants — but as she’d know, the Africans arriving in her morgues would never have qualified for welfare. They risked death due to a sense of desperation, and hope, that we can scarcely imagine.

The same is true in the Mediterranean, where 2,500 have died after embarking on unseaworthy boats heading for Europe. Corpses of Syrians, Egyptians and others now regularly wash up on Italian shores. Britain’s decision not to support any future search and rescue operations on the grounds that they encouraged North Africans to make the dangerous journey was greeted with disbelief in Brussels. ‘It is as if you walk by a river and see a child being pulled away by the current and think: “I’ll let the child drown because then the other kids will know that they shouldn’t fall into the river”,’ said Michael Diedring, secretary general of the European Council for Refugees.

For once, the man from Brussels is right. Those climbing onto these boats will have seen the news, and know the risks. Yet they still take their families on board the inflatable boats, the airtight ship containers, the refrigerated cargo lorries. They are part of a worldwide exodus of which, whatever Nigel Farage and the Daily Mail tell us (‘Asylum: you’re right to worry’ is a typical headline), those coming to Britain are only a tiny proportion. The UNHCR, the UN’s refugee agency, says last year was the worst for refugee crises on record, reaching levels not seen since the Rwandan genocide 20 years ago. The population of forcibly displaced people is now 51 million, twice the entire population of Afghanistan. Yet no one fights for them.

We are in the grip of immigration hysteria. Much of our panic about asylum seekers in Britain is strikingly self-regarding, not least the notion that our island is the destination of choice for most of them. The fact is, it isn’t. Below 1 per cent of the planet’s displaced people are in the UK. We Brits like to think we’re a decent lot, that we do our bit and stand up for the oppressed. We can hold our heads up high, we tell ourselves, exemplars of fair play in a cruel world.

Yet if we look at how other countries handle immigration and refugees, perhaps we would be rather less self-congratulatory. The truth is that we punch well below our weight. What do Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey have in common — apart from being Muslim? According to the United Nations, they are the world’s top five hosts of refugees. Pakistan alone has 1.6 million. Earlier this year, the UNHCR called on countries to take in an additional 100,000 Syrians in 2015 and 2016. The UK’s response? The Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme. As of August, the total number of Syrians resettled was 50.

How do we compare with our European neighbours, who are supposedly much less of a soft touch? Germany received 127,000 applications for asylum last year, France 65,000, Sweden 54,000 and Britain just 30,000 (Sweden’s population, for the record, is a sixth the size of ours). So not so much Floodgates Britain, Mr Farage, as Fortress Britain. And here it is worth remembering that we are signatories to the 1951 UN convention on refugees, under which asylum is given to those with a ‘well-founded fear of persecution’ in their own countries. There is no shortage of these people, but we seem to have suspiciously few of them here. Statistics aside, this latest bout of British immigration fever reminds me of friends I have worked with during the past decade in the sort of conflict-ravaged countries that produce so many refugees.

When Fatima, my long-suffering Arabic teacher in Baghdad, decided it was time to leave Iraq, it was not the UK she chose, but America, to teach Arabic at a defence institute in California. Forced to seek asylum after raging violence in Baghdad, my Iraqi friend Manaf, a retired diplomat, scholar and Anglophile, found his way to Amarillo, Texas, with his wife. Where was Britain in Iraq’s greatest hour of need? Its approach could be best summed up in the refusal to give asylum to 91 Iraqis who had served as interpreters for British forces. During a visit to Afghanistan in 1996, Hazara warlords were reportedly staging ‘dead dancing’ shows, decapitating prisoners, cauterising the severed necks with oil and watching the corpses stumble around pour encourager les autres.

Eventually, like so many Afghans overcome by the conflict, my translator Arif fled the country. He won a Chevening scholarship and graduated from Stirling University with a Masters in communications. But this isn’t enough to guarantee residency — next year, he’ll learn whether he can stay permanently or be asked to leave. Given the government’s failure to meet its immigration target, it’s people like Arif — from outside the EU — who are at greatest risk of deportation.

If one good thing could come out of Britain’s latest fixation with immigration, it would surely be a long, hard look at the Department for International Development. Its dizzying growth contrasts awkwardly with our stinginess towards those seeking shelter in Britain. Whenever a crisis breaks out — think Syria or Ebola — Britain likes to donate more money than the rest of Europe put together. It is as if David Cameron believes a nation’s compassion can be measured by the size of its overseas aid budget. And how big that is.

A decade ago, the government gave £4.3 billion of taxpayers’ money to charities of its choice, via Dfid. Now, it’s £11 billion and rising steadily. For civil servants, corrupt foreign governments and the army of consultants who feed from this largesse — and here I declare an interest having served as one — Dfid is the gift that keeps on giving. Compare this with the Foreign Office, once the parent of Dfid’s modest predecessor the Overseas Development Administration, now the poor relation with a budget of £1.7 billion. While no one would argue the UK has caused this latest global tide of migrants, we certainly had a hand in some of it.

The Iraqi Christians being turned away here were never singled out for elimination under Saddam Hussein. We have become good at deposing dictators, but bad at filling the resulting power vacuum. Our well-intentioned interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have led to population upheavals on a grand scale. The Afghans found in Tilbury Docks recently (one of them dead) were reportedly Sikhs, targeted by the resurgent Taleban. If we had left Afghanistan a stable country, would they have ended up in Essex? Where was Britain in Iraq’s greatest hour of need?

Our  approach can be best summed up in the refusal to give asylum to 91 Iraqis who had served as interpreters for British forces. Yet in previous eras we opened our doors more readily to Sassoons, Saatchis, Hadids, Dallals, Auchis, Yentobs, Zilkas and Shamashes. History will remember another Iraqi-British friend, the former national security advisor Mowaffak Rubaie, a London neurologist, as the man who hanged Saddam. There’s a serious intellectual inconsistency here. Prime Ministers Blair and Cameron have insisted there is a connection between failing foreign states and domestic problems, such as terrorist threats and heroin on our streets — and used that argument to justify interventions abroad. Yet they have remained silent about the backlash from these decisions when waves of migrants flee these states. If we were all Libyans in 2011, as those who advocated the removal of Muammar Gaddafi put it, aren’t we all Libyans now?

Britain’s response is to the refugee crisis is to offer fewer than 1,000 ‘resettlement places’ a year. It’s pitiful. Of course we can’t house them all, but part of any nation’s moral duty is to shelter the genuinely persecuted — and Britain does disgracefully little, for a country that accepts 1,200 immigrants a day. Reallocating some of Dfid’s budget to help shelter those who arrive would be a start. And given that this problem will not go away, it is time to consider it properly. Somehow, a fixation with overseas aid budgets has broken the government’s moral compass. The public can be trusted to support overseas charities; it is the government’s duty to help refugees who arrive here needing shelter. For the Prime Minister to neglect that basic British duty diminishes us all.

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  • Vote labour/Tory/Libdems get Rotherham ,Bradford-istan and Tower Hamlets………

    The Frankfurt School of subversion of the West and its globalist agenda are ruling our political class.The whole White English Christian culture is being demonized. The very systems and institutions that created this nation are slowly being dismantled. There is a discrimination and organized dispossession against Anglo-Saxons in this country.

    In England , the English are less than 30% of London and a minority in Luton,Bradford,Leicester,Dewsbury,Slough,Blackburn,Manchester,Birmingham. Furthermore, Britons are replaced by 500 000/year non western migrants while around 300 000 of the best educated middle class leave the UK for good . Thus the “net migration” of +200 000 …

    White Christian British Children a minority in Birmingham,Leicester,Bradford,London:

    All the mainstream parties hate the native white English people and want to make them a minority in their own country. There is nothing ethical about mass immigration, it destroys cultures, drives down wages, makes society less harmonious and is a huge burden on the economy.

    ‘Unemployment among ethnic minorities costs the economy almost £8.6 billion a year in benefits and lost revenue from taxes. Half of Muslim men and three quarters of Muslim women are unemployed.’

    LibLabCon Politicians locally and Nationally put the interests of minority hostile groups before those of the indigenous population. You can see why Farage and UKIP are gaining such popularity. They talk the truth and stand for British People.

    • “All the mainstream parties hate the native white English people”

      Lots of upvotes StJohn! Why doesn’t UKIP put this quote on the top of their website? Be really clear about what Kippers believe.

    • Blindsideflanker

      American’s just voted Republican under the banner ‘we want our country back’. The Scots voted SNP who seek to put Scots first. UKIP offers the same message in England , and the LibLabCon still don’t get it.

      • The_Parallax_view

        “The Scots voted SNP who seek to put Scots first” – no they did not, not once did I hear any party say anything of the sort. They talked about putting “the people of Scotland” first, which is a wholly different concept. The SNP would take in ALL the world’s “refugees” given a change. Their policies around immigration amount to the destruction of Scots as a distinctive people and the Scots themselves are perfectly happy with their own demise (and I say that as a Scot) either out of apathy or are simply unconcerned.

        • Rocksy

          The SNP are Marxists. Even further to the Left than labour. I speak as a Scot who is watching my beloved country turn into a nation of whingers and benefits addicts.

        • HeavensGremlin .

          As a Scot I agree. Salmond isn’t just a Socialist, he’s much MUCH further to the Left than that. Yes, Marxists AND SOME..! If he gets his way, Scotland will become worse than Greece, whilst the rest of the UK get’s OUT of the wretched EU and powers away.

      • spiderbucket

        YES. I have never voted for a Republican in 30 years and my politics have not changed – but I was driven into their arms by people like this author who shame and insult people who have always been decent to immigrants until they started to do real damage to our society. I truly believe that there is an agenda by writers like this one and it does not have the best interests of the country in mind.

    • Richard Stanley

      Just a couple of quotes I have issue with “They talk the truth and stand for British People” and “All the mainstream parties hate the native white English people” if ukip love the English so much why is Nigel Farage married to a German woman ?. I think this is more about race/religion and nothing to do with being English. It’s obvious the Mr Farage doesn’t like English women isn’t it.

    • Fergus Pickering

      The English are less than 30% in London? Go on, you made that up!

      Indeed you did. The census showed 45% as white British and 2% s white Irish. In addition another 12.5% are white but not British and 6% are British with one white parent, like my niece, a most delightful girl and pretty as a picture.

      Since why wife was born in Limerick I assume that my two daughters are not white British but white mixed-race. Is that so, would you say?

      You are a prat, sir!

  • Suzy61

    I’ll leave it to others to fill the glaring holes in your piece, but for now I would like to know…

    If you are lucky enough to be employed, are you also lucky enough to earn more than minimum wage?

    When you are unwell, how long do you need to wait to see a doctor?

    Are you currently on a hospital waiting list and if so for how long?

    Do you have children, and if so, do most of their fellow pupils speak English and how many children are in their classes?

    Are you on the Council House waiting list, and if so, how many years have you been on it?

    And finally, do you think you are a better person, more moral than almost everybody else?

    • are you an african refugee on a boat in the mediterranean?

      • GraveDave

        People who genuinely care and feel that much compassion for the refugees could perhaps do more than just debating on blogs like this. That’s not a dig by the way. I’d do voluntary need work if it wasn’t for my damned job and trying to keep my own head above water.

        • isn’t it a (national government) policy debate? i’m no bleeding heart liberal, but i’m stunned at the poverty of the ‘anti’ arguments here btl.

          • GraveDave

            If I had my way and a magic wand…
            But alas.

            Good luck anyway…

          • vlad the impaler

            you forgot the fairy dust.

          • KimJongUn

            “Germany received 127,000 applications for asylum last year”. Plus 1.2 million regular immigrants, not counting all the illegals. Just recently a girl from Cologne was raped in her apartment by three Nigerian asylum seekers. The elites are voluntarily killing off my beloved country. It´s very agonizing having to witness this. I hope that at least Britain can retain some sanity.

          • UnionJihack

            You selective nitpicking of German news is tiresome.
            How about you balance your ‘reporting’ by adding the honour killings of Turkish kebab shop workers by right-wing pressure groups not dissimilar to the RAF?

          • KimJongUn

            Well, to begin with I wouldn´t call the NSU a “pressure group”, Dalai.

          • UnionJihack

            I chose to call them that given they are doing God’s work.

          • Gregory Mason

            The Royal Air Force is a ‘right-wing pressure group?’

          • Peter Day

            As I stated above England has the highest density in Europe. In experiments some decades ago, rats fight and then kill each other when overcrowded!

          • willoyen

            you don’t know what you are talking about

          • Robert the Devil

            Unfortunately, we appear to have lost it here as well.

          • Niko Belic

            Yeah. And for decades now, males from Western countries (mostly white) have been taking advantage of poverty and deprivation in Asia and Eastern Europe to take advantage of women (even children at times) for sex there or to traffic them back home as trophy wives. So now you’re beginning to see how it feels when foreigners do it to your fellow countrywomen.

            But I guess it didn’t bother you all the while when it was French or German males abusing women in Thailand? After all, only the women of Western Europe are worthy of protection from abusers.

          • vlad the impaler

            youre just mad cause we kicked your ass and screwed your women,thai women……………………nah,not my type,we all know how you romas sell your own kids for a pack of cigarettes.don’t accuse us of that filth.

          • vlad the impaler

            juden elitests..

      • Bumble Bee

        who made them refugees in the first place?

        maybe those can throw money at them or take them in!

      • The Italians should sink the boats until they get the message and stop coming.

      • Suzy61

        No. Can you answer the questions above?

      • vlad the impaler

        refugees my asss,they are prisoners sent here on purpose ,murderers and rapists .they empty the prisons and set them afloat,if we had any sense at all we would sink them before everyone in uk has banana lips and frizzy hair,you’d like that wouldn’t ya mate.

    • AJ

      Spot on Suzy, the author of this drivel must live in some other country, it certainly isn’t the same one I live in.

    • Callan

      Indeed. and only 1,000 offered resettlement? But how many of the hordes of immigrants pouring in are claiming to be refugees or asylum seekers, on legal aid and clogging up the courts for years while their claims are ruled upon and invariably granted for a variety of laughable reasons. An awful lot more than 1,000. So, send back all the bogus ones and we may be able to take a few more purportedly genuine ones.

      • Andy Craig-Burns

        its not only refugees that we take in but relatives of immigrants from India Pakistan the fact that these “relatives” are from arranged marriages to unwilling girls who then have to keep quiet so the new husband can then import his ill mother father grandad cousin who he has never heard of till he got his passport are these taken into consideration? refugees no doubt want to escape war zones oppresive regimes etc but once they get to a country of safety then their refugee status is satisfied making them ineligible to enter UK

    • torquemada


  • Randy McDonald

    Hear, hear.

  • thomasaikenhead


    Why should the UK admit more refugees Justin?

    However many the UK allowed in, it would only be a tiny fraction of those who wish to come to the UK and be far too small to make any difference to those displaced by conflict. It might salve your conscience but it would have no material impact on the global issue of refugees.

    As for the people gathered at Calais, they are simply economic migrants who have paid people smugglers tens of thousands of pounds to get them there. It is a business and letting them into the UK would only encourage the people smugglers to expand their activities, would it not?

    “… it is the government’s duty to help refugees who arrive here needing shelter.”

    Absolutely and those who arrive ARE helped, housed, given medical treatment and money.

    What is NOT the duty of the government is to ignore the wishes of the people in the UK and allow even more people into the country!

    • it would make a difference to the refugees “the UK allowed in”, wouldn’t it?

      you can make a case against “economic migrants”, especially if you believe that they won’t contribute +vely to the economy. but better to be honest about the positive impact that allowing a refugee in will have for that refugee, it’s a rum argument to say don’t do anything because it doesn’t fix everything.

      • thomasaikenhead


        The role of the UK government is NOT to do things that potential refugees would like, but rather to look after the national interests of the country.

        Quite simply, the UK is “full up”!

        There is no more room left, and both the physical infrastructure and the society is being overwhelmed/swamped/exhausted (pick the word you prefer) by mass immigration.

        Most immigrants and refugees are not interested in living anywhere except the south-east and the transport network, housing, education system, social services and NHS are simply filled to capacity and beyond.

        This is not a matter of debate, these are the hard facts of allowing mass immigration (legal and illegal) and refugees into the UK.

        Time to tend to the needs of those already in the country!

      • HeavensGremlin .

        If you love all these people so much, fine – YOU go and live with them and YOU help them. Do NOT invite then into my small country on my fecking behalf. I was never asked. I do NOT consent, and neither do MOST of the other people in our once-great democracy….!!!!

      • vlad the impaler

        while they murder us in their home countries,fuk em.

  • JohnCrichton89

    The question has to be asked, why is it these ‘refugees’ are applying for this special status in a country that is half a world away. There are umpteen countries between ours and theirs where they can apply for refugee status, generally neighbouring countries.
    From there they could learn English and a trade, and apply to come to the UK or any Western country on the merits of their abilities………….. no !? Of course not.
    Why bother, when they can just move themselves and their large families to the UK right away at an initial cost to us. I would have my doubts that anyone of this mentality, whether through ignorance or a sense of self entitlement, is going to be a net gain for us.
    There is also the question, why do their countries warrant fleeing ? Could it be, their societal construct heavily influenced by their beliefs and culture created such a thing. Is allowing them to create communities in our country really going to be good for us ?
    Islamic intolerance being taught in tax payer funded schools, polygamy, FGM, child marriage, rape epidemic, terrorism……… all problems in modern day Britain because of we are being bullied into giving our country to the occupants of the third world.

    • did you write that opening paragraph before you read the article? doesn’t the author address your point pretty clearly?

      • JohnCrichton89

        Yeah, he say’s we need more people migrating to the UK under refugee status……… because everyone else in Europe is doing it, and, that we somehow owe these people our country because racism.
        It’s designed to infer a since of guilt and obligation to have yet more immigration from these places. Wishy washy nonsensical babble omitting many a point to present a completely bias interpretation.
        Contrasting different European countries without relevant stats, population/size/population density, ability/infrastructure to help migrants integrate etc.
        We already have a major integration problem with many, many of those that have come from these places. No matter what label you want to give their status, refugee or otherwise.
        Jihad is part of British culture now, the burqa is British fashion, Halal is British cuisine. Enough is enough. The entirety of the UK has to live under 24 hour terror alert with Muslims from these places being just 5 % of the population.

        • sorry, i was making a specific point: most refugees ARE in neighbouring countries, and as the remainder make their way from there to here, they DO in most cases make their applications for asylum in other countries on the way.
          i think you’ll find that the kind of ranting you’re finding yourself doing is going to work against your actual goal: there’s another well reasoned article on the spectator site by douglas murray that’s more your cup of tea, and i think you’d do yourself a favour learning to think and speak in those terms. it’s great to get really wound up, but it also makes it pretty easy for the rest of the country (that is the 75%+) to ignore ukip.

          • JohnCrichton89

            I see no reference to what you said in the article at all, most refugees go to neighbouring European countries ? OK, same problem different place. There are plenty of African/Middle Eastern countries to choose from, closer to home and in desperate need of these entrepreneurs……… that’s what the are being sold as right ?
            A net gain for us, as if to say we should hoover up the talent from the third world and leave it in shambles. No body buys that
            Most refugees to Britain have been refused from all/most of the countries between the UK and Krapistann, where they have already submitted applications ? Yeah, the article doesn’t say that either. And again, if your referring to Arabia and Africa applications instead of European I would ask where you got this info ?
            You ignore UKIP ? OK, I’m not from England. Consider this an outside non-bias perspective. I have no political axe to grind. Merely a wayward traveller who seen England before and after this migration explosion. Parts of your capital looks like a third world country my friend, you are pumping out terrorists and bringing in anti-free speech laws. England used to be great. I used to feel proud having it as a neighbour, I’m slightly embarrassed and worried as of late givin the change in the rise in the demographics that inhabit your country. Living next door to an Islamic theocracy/dictatorship is just asking for war and terrorism. I’d prefer having the English as neighbours.

          • HeavensGremlin .

            How wrong you are. People in the UK have had all this delusional twaddle waved-around at them for decades. They have had enough of this buncum. Got it….? It’s hand-wringing idiots like you that have given the UK away. If you love all these people so much, fine. YOU go there and help them. Show us all how much YOU care. Do NOT however, have the fecking effrontery to give MY money and MY resources away without MY consent.

          • yes, sober analysis, can’t see why anybody would mock this argument!

        • Caroline Cotton

          Are they really only 15%? They have a disproportionate influence on national life.

          • JohnCrichton89

            I said 5 % not 15, estimated, not more than 10 more than 5. Started from next too 0% a few decades ago. Can you imagine what life will be like when they are 20% or 30% ?, we will see it in our life time. This population snowballing gets really explosive after we hit the 10’s of millions, still in single digits ATM.
            Its said to be a conservative estimate that this demographic doubles every ten years. The most popular baby name in Britain last year was Mohammed, remember that story ?
            Hair trigger rioting, subversion of democracy via block voting, we already have that last one. Mr George Galloway can attest to it. But soon we will have our own Muslim Brotherhood, I’m 26 and pretty sure I’ll see it in my lifetime.
            Things are going to get a lot worse.

      • William_Brown

        Did you?

  • gerronwithit

    Mr Marozzi you have written your sanctimonious little piece at least ten years too late to get a sympathetic or credible response from the British people. Perhaps our misadventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya have not worked out quite as everyone intended but we did our best and spent a lot of treasure in the attempt.

    Whatever solution you seek it is not to swamp our own society with millions of potential Ghadaffis, Saddam Hussein or Ayatollahs. Courtesy of the EU and misplaced Commonwealth commitments, we have imported more races than we can comfortably accommodate. I don’t care what moral blackmail you might want to use, I am no longer interested in situations that are not our cause or responsibility. Sort yourselves out, you’ve had long enough.

    • you’re OK with iraqi refugees then?

      • gerronwithit

        Nope! Full up here.

        • i see, so you’re also no longer interested in situations that are our cause and responsibility.

          • Guest

            how are muslims slaughtering muslims our fault?
            they can not live with anybody in peace: sikhs, buddhists, hindus, jews, christians and even other muslims

            they can not live in peace anywhere, not in their now countries, amongst themselves, under their own laws, and not in our countries

            so spot the lowest common denominator of all wars and conflicts and misery in the world
            hint: it is not Israel, US or Britain

          • vlad the impaler

            can’t live in peace with anyone,???i think you are refering to the jews…

          • William_Brown

            …So we caused the issues in Iraq, let alone the rest of the M.E.?

            That argument doesn’t hold water – it never did, unless you belonged to the perma-guilty brigade. I think that you are mistaken in the belief that you are a Tory.

          • Fergus Pickering

            I agree that Saddam was the best thing that happened to Iraq and the invasion ws a mistake. But most of the people klled in raq are killed by othervIraqis not the Great Satan.

          • uberwest

            Labour-voting immigration-friendly idiot wants more labour-voting immigrants to punish us for actions of earlier labour-voting immigrant-friendly idiot

    • johnmcv

      One would almost bsuspect marraza is a stone grasshopper with ideas like nthis. But let us not forget…Little Mary’s red bicycle is now green and is parked at the Northern gas station.

  • V Hale

    Some questions: Why compare us to Sweden, which has an absolutely suicidal policy and is the world “leader” for such things? Why, when asked, do all these people so desperately want to get to Britain specifically and say when interviewed that they hear Britain is the land of milk and honey? Finally, have I clicked on the New Statesman by mistake, or has the Spectator gone downhill with this article?

    • (1) to show that (2) is not true. (3) no.

      • V Hale

        Are you an idiot? Sweden actively has policies to try and recruit more asylum seekers. We don’t. Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe, by the way.

        • KimJongUn

          Sweden is gone. With their progressiveness they are obviously trying to overcompensating their lack of culture.

          • what i don’t get is why anybody would call kippers unhinged!?

          • KimJongUn

            Not unhinged at all. My statement was spot on:

            “I think that’s what makes many Swedes jealous of immigrant groups. You have a culture, an identity, a history, something that brings you together. And what do we have? We have Midsummer’s Eve and such silly things.”
            Mona Ingeborg Sahlin, former leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party

            Or Finance Minister Anders Borg (the guy with the pony tail):

            “Look at all the beautiful colours the women here (Nigeria) are wearing. Within ten years this is what it is going to look like all over Europe. Back home it’s so bleak and dreary the colours are devoid of life. When our children grow up there will be between 1.5 to 2 billion people in Africa and we will continue to be 500 million. That is going to have a huge impact on our trends. Europe will become a better place, a more multicultural place,”

            Just keep in mind that he is saying all this while visiting a country that is host to Boko Haram.

        • Bumble Bee

          rape has gone up in Sweden 800%

          ukipifyouwanto must live in Rotherham

        • Niko Belic

          Even without these disastrous policies to recruit asylum seekers, Sweden was doomed. Thanks to an unlikely Trojan horse: Swedish males who thought they’d had enough of local women and wanted to marry foreign “brides” (euphemism for trafficked women) from Asia -Thailand in particular. You can look it up: proportionally to its population, Sweden has the highest number of imported Asian spouses in Europe.

          You don’t import such a high number of foreign spouses without massively changing your country’s demographic complexion, especially when its population is less than 10 million.

      • will91

        Why don’t you pay a visit to Malmo in Sweden? This is a city where Jewish kindergartens have reinforced steel doors and the Synagouge has bullet proof glass.

        Spoiler Alert: These precautions aren’t there to guard against “Neo-Nazis”.

        For the cities Jews, Malmo has actually gone beyond Multiculturalism into something much darker. Malmo will be free of Jews in a decade. Just like Baghdad after 2003.

    • Yes, the Swedes are even worse than us. I wonder if there is a connection between blondism and lack of assertiveness? At least in Britain there is a rough, healthy, proletarian xenophobia from the working-classes.

  • Richard Eldritch

    Er…No thanks. Some of us aren’t rich enough to move when our homes have been “diversified” .

  • Bumble Bee


    -Muslims create refugee crisis’ in over 2 dozen countries across the globe with their warring, bloodshed, terrorism and general psychotic behaviour
    -other Muslims sit on jewel-encrusted toilets and wipe their backsides with embroidered silk, in countries the size of entire continents
    -we let the ‘refugees’ into our countries, give them safety, freedom, a future for their children, houses, schools, mosques, and they repay us by raping our daughters, beheading our soldiers, threatening us, insulting us, demanding more and more and more and running around like rabid mouth foaming dogs
    -they come enjoy our western riches, and then blackmail us into changing OUR countries to suit THEIR backward ways, which made them war in the first place!
    -then some brainless little tw*t comes along and tells us we are the bad guys and we should let even more in

    time to clean house if you ask me, and let’s start with the useful idiots like the guy who wrote this rubbish: deport them together with their pets to a landfill of their choice. problem solved.

    • AJ

      Excellent, well said!

    • Graeme S

      Nailed It

    • spiritof78

      This is an excellent illustration of the standard of ethics demonstrated by so many on this site.

      • HeavensGremlin .


        • UKSteve

          Wow! Nuanced, subtle, deep, well-reasoned.

          Your post was none of those.

        • spiritof78

          And the level of debate

    • Daviejohn

      Bumble Bee,respect to you. Your reply is perfect.

    • Mike E

      Brilliantly stated.

    • Elizabeth Deighton

      Bumble bee, I have lived in high Muslim areas and have recieved nothing but curtisy and respect from them. The local youths played footbal in the street outside our home and my husband was chatting to them. When they found out we had only lived there 2 months, they knocked on the door and gave us a small box of chocolates to welcome us to the area. As for rape, how about The Yorkshire ripper, Hindly and Brady, the Wests all white just to mention a few

      • Rocksy

        Chocolates for you. Burning alive and decapitation for ‘blasphemers’. Such warm cuddly people.

        • Judy Knight

          My thoughts exactly.
          What a braindead moron ‘Elizabeth Deighton’ is.

          • willoyen

            Elizabeth is worth a thousand Judy Knights

      • pp22pp

        Maybe you should do a course in GCSE statistics. The Muslim rapists operated on an industrial scale, aided and abetted by useful idiots like you. 10% of girls in Rotherham were affected. The Yorkshire Ripper et al are sickos that crop up in all societies and are in no way typical. Self-righteous twaddle from a fool. I pity you.

        • Judy Knight

          Good post!

        • willoyen

          ‘The Yorkshire Ripper et al are sickos that crop up in all societies ‘
          you’re right there. Just look at the comments on this thread.

      • Bumble Bee

        Muslims make up less than 10% of our general population, yet are responsible for thousands and thousands of grooming and long term raping gangs over years and years, involving at least half a dozen towns and tens of thousands of cases – mathematically that’d make them extremely prolific, more so than single white rape cases

        didn’t think that far, hm?

        • Marvin

          Since you last thought it was 10%, it has doubled.

        • willoyen

          false. The figure is 5%

      • Apericans

        yes well lets see when you have a christian daughter and she tries and wears a dress with no veil, they will all arrive with chocolates, then bag and rape her

        You are 1 in a billion, they were probably giving you the chocolates, i would be concerned, when your husband leaves you could find yourself surrounded by towel heads trying to rape you

      • HeavensGremlin .

        Spoken like a true Lib-Dem.

      • Dennis Edwards

        1400 young women and girls in Rotherham and elsewhere in the UK wouldn’t agree with you.

        • Hagen vanTronje

          The true figure is well over 1400 !

          • evad666

            Over 15 Towns it currently stands at 3152 from Press reports.

      • torquemada

        Whens the last time a gang of white men was taken to court for grooming children, beheading people in the street, attacking our traditions such as poppy wearing. They are from another planet, aliens in fact they are not fit to live in a civilised world or country and should return to their own flea disease rat infested country.

        • Judy Knight

          Another great post!

      • Judy Knight

        You are an idiot ‘Elizabeth Deighton’ as you obviously cannot see what is going on around you AND a traitor to your country.
        You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Hagen vanTronje

        “”As for rape, how about The Yorkshire ripper, Hindly and Brady, the Wests all white just to mention a few””
        You have something against Albinos ??

      • Wiggi

        Oh Liz: The murders you mention are all in Broadmoor!
        How you explain it seems just how it should be! Your Lucky very Lucky! I have just been back to Rotherham where I was born! You should hear what some of those locals have to say! 14 year of abuse! Rubbish, it has been going on for much longer! It is well beleived that it is still going on but now more underground and out of Town! Effecting Many Northern towns from Lancashire the Midlands and Yorkshire.
        As a young, man I saw no racism there whatsoever, in twenty years. Now the Towns are awash with Migrants who get everything and more. The stance Political correctness is still there embedded into the system there are now more Mosques than churches and more are still in planning! Where does that money come from???
        The theory is, within the next 100 years, their plan will be near completion, because that is what they want.

      • Landscape

        Elizabeth, yes I’m sure not all Muslims are evil, but there are far too many stories of rape gangs not just the Rotherham issue, there was Stockport, Salford and others.
        It seems the men who smile at to your face are abusing our daughters behind your back.
        Is it any surprise there is growing animosity towards the Muslim culture in this country?

        • Rocksy

          Animosity? Everyone I know, normally decent and generous people, hate the b*stards

      • UKSteve

        What is a “high Muslim area”? Mountainous?

      • Wollebauch

        Having read a couple of these replies, Elizabeth, if I were you, I would move to another site. The nastiness and venom here is really quite horrendous: to think that we live among these people. God help us.

        • Fergus Pickering

          Words, words, words… They do not possess knives.

      • Dr. Heath

        Was it the case that, when parents of the Moors Murderers’ victims reported their children missing, the cops told them to shut up and stop wasting police time? Well…..

      • willoyen

        well said Elizabeth, though the raging mob on this site might want to burn you alive for it.

        • Fergus Pickering

          I would say that Elizabeth is a nice person but perhaps just a little addicted to self-righteousness and not terribly quick on the uptake. Some muslims are nice but others want to cut your head off.

        • Bumble Bee

          the only ‘raging mobs’ are the mouth foaming muslims, who go on burning, looting and beheading sprees, every time they do not like something

          I have yet to encounter raging mobs of Christians or Jews or Sikhs or Hindus, storming embassies, supermarkets, foreign businesses etc

          projection is rife in the taqiyya-ish muslim world

        • Guest

          raging mobs?

          you MUST be talking about Muslims!!!

      • evad666

        Fortunately Sutcliffe Hindley and Brady were murderers who lacked the muslims skills in industrial scale rape.

      • Brogan75

        Elizabeth, see you in Tower Hamlets. Or Leicester.

      • Gregory Mason

        Funny, that’s not the experience I had. Threats, verbal racial insults and general hostility. You must have lived in one of those richer areas rather than the bog standard like mine eh?

      • Trofim

        There are of course nice and nasty Muslims, as there are nice and nasty everyone. That is an irrelevant fact. But all evidence is that freedom diminishes as the proportion of Muslims in a population increases. It’s virtually an iron rule. Show me a Muslim-majority country where freedom or democracy flourishes. Even in very very easygoing Malaysia, a Muslim is not free to become anything else. Muslim women are not allowed to marry non-Muslims. Everyone has to tiptoe around the feelings of Muslims. That’s an easy-going country where only a bit more than 60% of the population is Muslim.
        In most Muslim-majority countries Christians are tolerated at best, as in Egypt, more likely persecuted or killed with impunity, as in Pakistan. It astonishes me that Christians stand up for those who are intent on eliminating them. Christians are being killed by Muslims all over the world all the time. Take a look at the Barnabas Fund news.


    • lemonpips

      Spot on !

    • The Patriot

      Wow, excellent response! I really hope he read it..

    • Apericans

      Amazing and not only do they do all the above but when you refuse to let them in they start frothing from the mouth like wild rabbid animals with some infectious rabbis disease and all you can hear is ….

      you are ressist, you are ressists, let us in.
      You dont let them in you are racist.
      You let them in and dont like what they do in your country and you are a racist.
      You let them in they blow you up, rape your women, behead your soldiers, try to blow up your people, force you to eat halal meat.

      Fukc them and the liberal kunts!!!

    • HeavensGremlin .

      Well said. Put yourself-up as an MP. I’ll vote for you…!

    • Dennis Edwards

      Well said Bumble Bee. muslims are continuously pushing the envelope, seeing what they can get away with: Trojan Horse, halal meat in schools, banning Nativity plays. More and more mosques, more and more oppression of women. This has to stop, sooner rather than later.

      • WrinklyOldGit

        and working in shops and stores and refusing to handle the shoppers purchases of pork and alcohol.

    • Judy Knight

      Fabulous post ‘Bumble Bee’!

    • Russ Sciville

      Thank you Bumble Bee for saying what the vast majority feel on this small island.
      The journo’s who wrote this should spend some time in Luton, Leicester or Bradford to find out exactly what Labours non integrationist policies have done.

    • Carol

      Muslims are also set on breeding more and more so they can become the biggest group. They cause misery wherever they choose to live with the children from multiple wives.

      • evad666

        Fortunately they nearly always marry their cousins.

    • Sadie Brown

      bumble bee well said

    • willoyen

      ‘Muslims create refugee crisis’ in over 2 dozen countries across the globe with their warring, bloodshed, terrorism and general psychotic behaviour’
      Your hand slipped into making an appalling typo. You surely meant to say that US/UK terror campaigns in over 2 dozen countries have brought warring bloodshed terrorism and super-psychotic behaviour on the part of Western leaders like Blair, Bush, Obama, Cameron, Straw, etc.

      • Fergus Pickering

        No he didn’t mean to say that at all. Muslims slit each others throats without any help from us.It’s what they do.

      • Gregory Mason

        They were murdering each other long before we turned up.

      • Bumble Bee

        yes, without the evil US./UK, muslims would be skipping around the globe, flowers in hand, braiding each other’s beards and singing kumbaya

        nobody, not even the US or UK or Israel, forces Muslims to slaughter each other in the highest numbers on earth, and nobody forces them to blow each other to pieces in mosques, at weddings and at funerals – they do all of this out of their own free will

    • mikewaller

      There is an extraordinary degree of naivety in the article as it must be obvious to all but the most purblind that the legitimate need for asylum in this horrible, horrible world massively exceeds the capacity of the very limited number of nice places in which to live, to absorb it. However, any decent human being would point this out in sorrow, not anger. Clearly under this rubric Bumble Bee et al fail to qualify.

    • John Mills

      Some of the most astonishing rubbish i have ever read. But you are not a moron, so that makes you a brazen liar of the worst kind. To your supporters i would just say; go and read what Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, John Pilger, Harold Pinter, Tariq Ali, Gerald Kaufman, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Howard Zinn, George Galloway, Tony Benn, Ray McGovern, Paul Craig Rogers, and a host of others have to say on the subject this clown seeks to mislead on.

      • Stephen Cowley

        OK. Add Frank Salter’s The War on Human Nature (2014) to your own reading list.

        • John Mills

          Crawl back under your rock and take mr salter with you.

          • Stephen Cowley

            Interesting that at least three of the people you cite are dead, so not in a good position to keep up with the developments in social science that Salter summarizes.

      • Guest

        I stopped reading after ‘Noam Chomsky’, then i saw from the corner of my eye’ George Galloway’, now I know you must be retarded

      • Guest

        ^ a list of rabid jew haters

        imagine that

        • John Mills

          It’s Zionism that’s justly abhorred, not the descendants of Judah and Benjamin. You would know this unless your capacity to form rational thought had been completely eviscerated.

          • Guest

            of only those pesky zionists were as peaceful as those cuddly muslims

    • Gregory Mason

      I hope the author has offered his home to the government to house these people he wants us to take in? If he wants them here he should pay for their upkeep.

  • will91

    Please don’t blame Britain for the scourge of Islamism which is tearing apart the region. This is a movement which has enough rage and would sustain itself quite effectively even if we hadn’t intervened in the region. It must be depressing for the Islamic world that many people are nostalgic for the days of Gaddafi and Saddam.

  • Rupert Williams

    I think that if you believe that you really are deluded.

    I happen to agree that the UK’s failure to take the iraqi translators was disgraceful, but most of what the government does, in our name, is disgraceful.

    the Overseas aid budget is insanely large and must be cut.

    But Immigration is too high.

    If we want to help people suffering in far away lands of which we know little we need to open up free trade and stop interfering in their internal politics.

    • crosscop

      That the translators would rather flee their country than stay and fight for it is the disgrace. Why should we reward cowardice?

      • Cook

        I would like to see what you would do if your country was torn in conflict, bloodshed and oppression.

  • Lawrence in Arabia

    what’s the point in publishing this sanctimonious, idiotic article? its clearly written to make the author feel good about himself, not to persuade anyone as he fails to address any of the genuinely held counter issues

    • vlad the impaler

      well said.

  • Blindsideflanker

    Just because other countries are speeding towards their destruction doesn’t make it a good idea that we should as well, after all we are managing that pretty well with immigration.

    But the assumption that we should take more asylum seekers makes the presumption that it is a good, rather than just a con to make the metropolitan classes feel really good about themselves.

    • golly. isn’t it ‘a good’ for the asylum seeker themself?

      • Blindsideflanker

        No, as I have said before, the asylum system is a blank cheque written by a past generation that we don’t have a hope of honouring, especially in the expanded form the judiciary has taken it to.

        Like aid , all the asylum system is there for is it to make the metropolitan classes feel really good about themselves in their politically correct dinner parties.

        Asylum acts as a magnet, of mostly young men, to economically better themselves. The reason they set out has very little to do with discrimination or persecution, and even if it was, and as the anti war crowd tell us that we can’t bomb a country to democracy, then it would be better these young men to have stayed and fought for a better country than bottle out and come here, after all rights were never given, they have always had to be agitated, fought and died for.

      • V Hale

        If there are no limits to the number admitted, no, because it will make Britain a basket case hellhole like the places from whence they came

  • this is a good article. the comments section makes me embarrassed to be a tory, but i can at least hope that it’s the kippers on the loose….

    • Al Bowlly

      If you genuinely are a Tory, you have very much more to be embarrassed about than the comments here. “Ashamed” would be a better word.

      • great comeback!

        • Guest

          ^ 2 useful idiots who do not understand the meaning of shame

          it is muslims who have no shame, never, nowhere and no matter what – and the useful idiots who happily sell their own and my daughters to rapists and pedo’s

          “always offended and never ashamed”

          • Blindsideflanker

            “it is muslims who have no shame, ”

            And their bedfellows, the political left.

          • crosscop

            Which includes Dave “Nothing to do with Islam” Cameron and his dream of a Muslim Prime Minister in Downing St – a dream that is a nightmare for the rest of us.

    • Richard Eldritch

      I’d be more embarrassed by David Camerons hope for a Muslim PM.

  • beenzrgud

    Is allowing mass migration of people from troubled areas of the world to stable areas a sustainable policy?
    Will mass migration solve the problems in the troubled areas?
    Who is actually responsible for the solving the problems in these areas, if indeed there is a solution?
    There are many questions that need to be answered realistically in relation to how troubled/warring areas of the world should be treated. The kneejerk response of simply allowing mass migration may seem to be correct, at least from a purely moral standpoint, but is it really solving anything, or even making things worse. It’s certainly debatable.

    • Blindsideflanker

      Indeed, we have a recent experience of that with the Libyan troops station here.

      • beenzrgud

        I agree. I sometimes wonder if ISIS gets to the stage where it is on the receiving end will all the bleeding hearts want us to take all the poor persecuted little lambs in and save them from the sort of treatment they are currently dishing out.
        Mass migration is a very simplistic response to very complicated situations. Many times the persecuted were but an inch away from being the persecutors. That’s simply how things are in a lot of these unstable parts of the world.

  • Guest

    the author of this garbage must have been in a come for the past 10 years

    either that or he is so stupid, that he should not even be allowed to write public opinion pieces

    • Guest


  • BoiledCabbage

    The global pharmaceutical / medical revolution of the post-war years – and its dispersal throughout Africa and the Levant – is now bearing fruit. A huge demographic bulge, in lands poor in resources and governance, is generating a tidal wave of parasites who seek Europe’s altruism at a time when deflation and economic mis-management have reduced the amount of spare blood that the host can offer.

    • ohforheavensake

      You’re rather a repulsive person, aren’t you?

      • gerontius

        He drew the short straw.
        Somebody has to give you the opportunity to ask yet another tiresome and pointless question don’t they?

      • crosscop

        Since when has showing common sense and telling the truth meant that someone is repulsive?

    • Bonkim

      and food aid. People now thrive based on overseas aid where decades back the environment was inhospitable to life. Give animals food, they will breed like flies. Look at the numbers at some of the Refugee camps. People have to pay for their lifestyle choices and religious beliefs.

  • black11hawk

    I’m sorry but you can’t compare Iran, Pakistan, Turkey etc. to the UK. The UK is located in the North Atlantic off the coast of Europe, which last time I checked is not a war zone. The aforementioned countries all have the misfortune of being located in some of the most unstable regions on the planet. All of those countries have done an admirable job in welcoming their neighbours, but to a great extent I don’t think they had much choice in the matter.

    • Bonkim

      Self created destruction in the lands you mention.

      • black11hawk

        That may be so, but it doesn’t mean they deserve what’s happening to them.

        • Bumble Bee

          we don’t deserve what’s happening to us!

    • Bumble Bee

      yes Turkey has been magnificent in taking in Syrian refugees and then inviting rich Arabs over to pick our sex slave girls to buy


  • Christian

    Wealthy member of the international class hands the peasantry a lecture on why they’re not as noble and righteous as he is. Britain receives only 1% of world migration is a bit like telling someone he has to give one of a hundred paedophile a place in his home and then ask him why he’s complaining as he only received one percent. One percent of something undesirable is still undesirable. Where do you live by the way? Nice white enclave no doubt.

    • well it is the Spectator. why can’t you kippers get your own rag? “the left behind”, or “bitter cabbies weekly” or “england for the english”, or “Signal”?

      • gerontius

        Who are you to decide who can read the Spectator?

      • Christian

        It is supposed to be a right wing magazine. I know, don’t laugh

      • Christian

        Being in a minority is upsetting for you. I understand

  • GenJackRipper

    Why on earth should western countries continue it’s destruction?

    Help people by helping UNHCR and similair organizations. They do good work in the nearby area; but don’t keep on taking in people. You only help a fraction of the people in need but you destroy the western countries that take them in.

    • William_Brown

      Yes, but lowest common denominator politics has always been the mantra of the left.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    This is a joke, right?

    The author evidently sides with the Muslim foreigners among whom he spends so much time, and can’t possibly have observed the demographic disaster and domestic conflicts currently unfolding in the West due to the third world immigration-invasion.

    One man’s ‘refugee settlement policy’ is another man’s ethnic cleansing, race-replacement, and genocide.

    • ohforheavensake

      And one man’s obvious truth looks to me a lot like the kind of immigration hysteria that the article rightly deplores.

      • gerontius

        Yes but you have quite forgotten to ask your “question”.
        Haven’t you?

  • Eyesee

    It is difficult to know where to start with such a disconnected, rambling piece. Let’s try with the problem there seems to be understanding the difference between immigration, something Nigel Farage has spoken about and refugees. This article talks about immigration and quotes endless irrelevant nonsense about refugees.

    These Muslim countries taking lots of refugees do so for one simple reason; their Muslim run neighbours are persecuting the people. If it kicked off like that in France, I dare say Britain and other bordering countries would see a greater influx than the ‘tiny’ amount quoted above.

    Is the UN only about refugees? I don’t think so, I’m sure there was other stuff. Oh yes, there were the founding principles of a basic standard of behaviour -leaders to people, that sort of thing. Justin skips that. No intolerance in looking for solutions or laying blame at the right door!

    Do the UN, that august and god-like body, possessed of the greatest wisdom mankind has ever known, enforced its charter? No. Does it try to solve the root of the problem, and allow people to stay in their homes not ever needing to be labelled as refugees? No.

    It does support those tyrants though, allowing them access to its corridors without censure or comment. There is too much immigration (immigration, dimwit) in this country without a doubt and that is politically motivated. That needs addressing.

    But when Justin can point to Africans who risk all to get to Turkey rather than Britain (or other Western destinations) I’ll agree he has established a truth. Lots cross the border into Turkey, lots game our systems to get here.

    I don’t know what the political angle of this disingenuous article is (and it is so hopeless, I don’t care) but it is a pile of tripe in anyone’s book. Anyone’s.

    • ohforheavensake

      Where to start? Well, we could start with the fact that the article is factual, unlike your response.

      • gerontius

        A list of facts does not of itself consitute an argument.
        Does it?

      • Eyesee

        Quality. Just refute. Aliens killed President Kennedy. True. That last word sews up the debate. Always did on exercise books in school. And any attempt by the Left to make a ‘point’. Though crossing your fingers helps.

        How is an article being factual but headlining immigration and then talking exclusively about refugees connected?

  • Diggery Whiggery

    I don’t think people have a problem with genuine refugees, but do recognize that a refugee is not simply a person who wants to go from a poor country to a rich country because they want a better life.

    If there is a lack of support for refugees it’s because the whole of immigration is out of control.

    Those who want a return to a sense of humanity should support controlled immigration otherwise this farcical situation will undermine public support for all immigration.

    • Bonkim

      The world is full of refugees – who gets the preference?

      • Diggery Whiggery

        No easy answer.

  • Richard

    For centuries, Britain’s foreign policy was a pragmatic two dimensional mix of security and trade. It concerned itself purely, and rightly, with those things that could hurt us and those things that could sustain us. Our Embassies a clean mix of spies and salesmen.

    But in 1997, a third dimension was introduced. Interfering idealism strode down King Charles Street and the Ethical Foreign Policy was born.

    “Britain also has a national interest in the promotion of our values and confidence in
    our identity. That is why the fourth goal of our foreign policy is to secure the respect of other nations for Britain’s contribution to keeping the peace of the world and promoting democracy around the world. The Labour Government does not accept that political values can be left behind when we check in our passports to travel on diplomatic business. Our foreign policy must have an ethical dimension and must support the demands of other peoples for the democratic rights on which we insist for ourselves. The Labour Government will put human rights at the heart of our foreign policy and will publish an annual report on our work in promoting human rights abroad.”

    12th May was the day, Robin Cook its prophet, and guilt over the genocidal massacres in Rwanda and Bosnia it primary architects. Two years later in June 1999, the ethical foreign policy got its first outing, as British troops, myself among them, were deployed in Kosovo for almost purely ethical, interfering reasons.

    I was there in Pristina a month or two later when Tony Blair arrived to celebrate this first ethical victory. Finally Britain had blindly rescued someone from a ‘bully’, and Blair’s lust for more of the same was palpable.

    Fifteen years later and the world is in its greatest mess: more conflicts and violence generating more refugees and asylum seekers than ever before; more crime, terror and insecurity abroad; more fear and loathing at home.

    And all this because the practical simplicity of foreign policy was perverted by patronizing, condescending ideology. A belief that our values should be preached and imposed; our Embassies converted into political Missionaries.

    As Justin says, it has lead to the complete dominance of foreign aid (DFID budget £11bn) over foreign policy (FCO budget £1.7bn) and whereas once foreign assistance was given auspiciously to preserve British interests, now it is given blithely to promote ideological “political values”, and has the millstones of democracy and human rights slung round its neck like an albatross.

    I’ve worked in Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, Kenya and Libya and I can tell you this – we can be as ethical as we like within our own borders, but ethics has no place in foreign policy because the world is not an ethical place.

    The hole we are in now is deep, messy and self inflicted. Its time to remove our rose tinted glasses and stop digging. In the meantime, a little more concern and generosity for those whose lives we have destroyed wouldn’t go amiss.

  • Bonkim

    What a Dumbo! No shame! Instant communications have brought these stories to our TVs. People died of starvation, wars, and pestilence all through history – nature’s way to eliminate the weak. Failed and failing states should be allowed to bite the dust. Britain has no obligation to send its Navy to the Med to rescue people dumped there by people traffickers and then give them a home here. The conveyor belt of destitute people is endless and Britain is already grossly overpopulated. There is already a sizeable mix of people unable or unwilling to fit in with British values and severely straining our social cohesion and public services. Some have high fertility rates. Don’t invite more trouble.

    The UN would be better employed finding a solution to exploding populations and fast depleting resources across the Globe causing huge social and economic conflicts – main reason for the exodus.

    Population increase will ultimately swamp us all and it will be a bit like the last days of Hell with marauding hordes of locusts rampaging through the land eating up the last blades of grass.

  • What an utterly disgusting article, and yet another indictment of how far this country has fallen due to the ignorance and selfishness of champagne socialists like you.

    Here you are, you repugnant traitor, posturing on a ‘right wing’ blog about how ‘outraged’ you are at the very Cultural Marxist establishment of bourgeois bohemian frogspawn from whence you slithered, arguing your PC case that they’re not liberal enough so that you can convince yourself you’re a better person than millions of Brits who want to protect their interests. But of course, the interests of Muslim migrants from war-torn states are more important than those of us barbaric westerners, aren’t they Marozzi? Let’s let them all come here, those hyper-conservative fanatics, out-breed the faithless, liberalised culture of the natives and eventually (fingers crossed, eh!?) replace us repugnant, racist individuals who believe in freedom and liberal democracy!

    You are a quisling and a wretch, and like Chamberlain, your own policy of craven appeasement is abetting the evil every single one of us will have to fight in years to come. It’s people like you who will be to blame when the black flag of Sharia is raised above this Island, and I hope, when your marginalised, persecuted kids and grandkids ask what you were doing as the poison ideology of Islam was washing over this once-proud liberal democracy, you feel the toxic shame of your treachery overcome you.

    Here’s a suggestion for you, Mr. Marozzi. If you really abhor those (depressingly few) policies we in the West have to protect our own interests, and if you really care so much about these poor migrants from the third world, why not go live there and put your santimonious humanitarian pontificating to good use? There you’ll find all the FGM, honour beheadings, civil strife, Sharia law courts, paedophile rape gangs, and control speech you’ve helped import here, and SO much more! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, you deplorable nutjob.

  • Shorne

    Not that it will do any good as far as some people who comment on subjects like this are are concerned but here are a few of those things you can’t stand namely facts.
    2011 census UK population white British 80.5%. In the North East, South West and Wales it is over 90%
    The effects of emigration always seems to get left out. Net migration to the UK, the difference between immigration and emigration, was 176,000 in 2012 (the latest available calendar year figure). This represents a decrease from 215,000 in 2011 and from 252,000 in 2010.
    Anybody reading the comments here from the usual UKIP, Britain First, Traditional Britain and goodness knows who else claques (some of whom don’t even live here) and finding them depressing can however take heart from this, it’s a bit long but worth it;
    “The new generation of first-time voters casting their first ballots in 2015 are “Generation Welcome”, with eight out of ten (79%) proud of Britain’s tradition of protecting refugees and three quarters (76%) wanting Britain to keep up its role of offering a safe place for people – especially children – fleeing violence, war and persecution, according to new research released today (Sunday 15 June) to launch Refugee Week.
    With around 3.3 million young people eligible to vote for the first time in May 2015 and with 1,350,000 saying they will definitely vote, the findings serve as a warning to politicians who might think the anti-asylum rhetoric of the 1990s would still play well on the doorstep. Leading organisations are calling on political leaders to reconfirm their commitment to refugee protection as part of Refugee Week.
    This year’s Refugee Week (16-22 June) highlights the fact that many of the refugees coming to the UK are children and young people, fleeing danger either on their own or with their families.
    Support for protecting child refugees is strongest of all among Generation Welcome, with, 82% of first-time voters backing Britain’s protection of child refugees.
    Although these 2015 first-time voters are more welcoming towards refugees than their parents or grandparents, pride in this country’s tradition of offering people a place of safety remains strong right across the population, with almost seven in ten (68%) saying that Britain should be proud of our nation’s history of offering protection to refugees. Just 15% disagree.”

    These facts will be met by the usual comments containing the keywords including Lefty, Liblabcon, Guardian, hate Britain, UKIP (led by a man descended from Belgian immigrants by the way) Oh and they will call the poll biased or lies. But don’t take any notice, I never do but I could do with a little more creativity in the inevitable ad hominem bile.

    • don’t forget eussr, rotherham, religion of peace!

    • Sean L

      I’m sorry but if you think the census figures are reliable you need a reality check. The proportion of immigrants that will have completed that, even legal ones, would be negligible. No shortage of natives who didn’t complete it either. . .

      • Shorne

        If the Census supported your views you would be praising it, if you are using the word natives correctly i.e. White British then you are implying that the White British percentages should be higher,

        • Sean L

          My view is that the census figures are incredible because incomplete.

    • mohdanga

      “Not that it will do any good as far as some people who comment on subjects like this are are concerned but here are a few of those things you can’t stand namely facts.
      2011 census UK population white British 80.5%. In the North East, South West and Wales it is over 90%”
      Here’s some facts for you, how do you think things will look in another 20 years?
      “White was the majority ethnic group at 48.2 million in 2011 (86.0 per cent). Within this ethnic group, White British1 was the largest group at 45.1 million (80.5 per cent).
      The White ethnic group accounted for 86.0 per cent of the usual resident population in 2011, a decrease from 91.3 per cent in 2001 and 94.1 per cent in 1991.
      White British and White Irish decreased between 2001 and 2011. The remaining ethnic groups increased, Any Other White background had the largest increase of 1.1 million (1.8 percentage points).”
      So given that white British have dropped 10% in 20 years,white flight continues and 3rd world immigration continues unabated, does this mean whites should be unconcerned?

      ukipifyouwantto Shorne • 8 hours ago
      don’t forget eussr, rotherham, religion of peace!see more 0


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      Sean L Shorne • 4 hours ago
      I’m sorry but if you think the census figures are reliable you need a reality check. The proportion of immigrants that will have completed that, even legal ones, would be negligible. No shortage of natives who didn’t complete it either. . .see more 0


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      Shorne Sean L • 3 hours ago
      If the Census supported your views you would be praising it, if you are using the word natives correctly i.e. White British then you are implying that the White British percentages should be higher,see more 0


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      Sean L Shorne • 3 hours ago
      My view is that the census figures are incredible because incomplete. see more 0


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  • Malcolm Stevas

    If genuine asylum seekers are getting a raw deal it is our political class who are to blame: England is awash with foreigners and large urban areas have been in effect annexed by Afro-Asian communities, and the indigenous citizenry cannot be expected to draw fine distinctions between one type of dark-skinned alien and another. It would be unreasonable – and high-handed, arrogant etc – to expect this.
    Those few people who really wish us to accept more folk from far distant lands should take them into their own homes and post large cash sums as guarantees for their good behaviour. This might bring about a change of attitude – though I can’t think why.

  • Aberrant_Apostrophe

    Taking in refugees is only addressing the symptoms, not the cause.

  • crosscop

    Britain should take zero refugees. None at all – unless they can prove, of course, that they are fleeing for their lives from persecution in our neighbouring countries such as Ireland, Iceland, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. If they have entered a safe country en route to the UK then they should be sent back there as they have proved that they are economic migrants and not asylum seekers.

    • Stephen Cowley

      We should accept asylum applications from native Swedes fleeing their country’s suicidal immigration policies though.

      • Niko Belic

        Good luck trying to find “native” Swedes. Not many left as lots of them have decided that they wanted to marry Thai women instead of local girls…

  • What larks Pip. the Speccie has retweeted Marozzi’s own tweet about his ‘cat-among-the-pigeons’ article, and the responses to it, when it seems more like a poo in the aisle at Waitrose with appropriate responses.

  • Bonzo

    Feeling a bit slow today, I was half way through the article, on, about, the Nth inconsistency, before I realised it was a spoof. Strong tea needed to wake up a bit.

  • The Elderking

    Insane. Since when did we lose the right to live in our own country surround by our own people, living the life and culture our forbears developed and many died for?

    We are utterly sick of our cities being overrun, our prisons rammed with foreign criminals, drugs, terrorism, disease. We are not willing to have our nation changed around us by people we do not want and never agreed to have.

    It’s funny how everyone has rights – indigenous, family, freedom of association, speech etc – apart from Britons. Other peoples rights always seem to override ours.

    • Cincinnatus

      Since when did we lose the right to live in our own country surround by
      our own people, living the life and culture our forbears developed and
      many died for?

      1999, give or take year.

  • You are mentally ill, they call the disease which you suffer from pathological altruism. These people do not belong to our race so they do not belong in our country. It is as simple as that. I personally do not subscribe a universalist morality, so I couldn’t care less about these people. I care about myself, my relatives, my folk-nation and my race.

    Pakistan takes in refugees from Afghanistan for two reasons (1) they are smack bang next door, so that is the closest place for these people to go to (2) their criminal intelligence services encouraged the Taliban in the first place as a means of demonising Pashtun nationalism (Pakistan is in reality Punjabi-stan, with all the other races lorded over by them).

    PS – the Sasssons were not “refugees” they were a crime syndicate, who thought it useful to ally with the British Empire’s international trade network so they could get even richer selling their opium to the Chinese.

  • gerontius

    “The shameful truth: Britain lets in far too few refugees”

    In your opinion

  • There is no such thing as a legitimate refugee in Britain. If Norway or France goes up in flames and there is a civil war, then giving refuge to Frenchmen or Norwegians is a legitimate case, since they are next to us. To get to Britain from the third world you have to pass through numerous safe havens, so all of these are fraudulent cases.

  • Sean L

    The standpoint of this article is back to front in my view, assuming the onus is on us to admit people to meet some notional statistical obligation, irrespective of any other consideration. But whether we take 1% or .01% or 10%, why should it be at the expense of the national interest, some would argue survival? As it is, we’ve already taken in far too many totally unproductive people. The numbers of immigrants living at public expense in London, in homes no working person earning less than six figures could afford, is colossal. I see it with my own eyes every day here in Tottenham, as if we’re some kind of international all expenses paid hostel. No wonder they keep coming. Half the problem is that people in Africa think the streets here are paved with gold – you just have to arrive and you’ve made it. I’ve got family in Kenya and we were talking about moving there a while ago, as in many ways you can have a higher standard of living out there. They thought were mad. It’s surely not a good attitude for them to be continually yearning to be elsewhere, spurning their own homeland. They should be encouraged to stay put, for their own good as much as that of their destined fantasy land.

  • William_Brown

    Click Bait…

    • Simon_in_London


  • Carter Lee

    If you want more of something subsidize it. By subsidizing refugees you will be guaranteed to get more refugees that will create more resentment among native Britons and almost guarantee social dysfunction.

    Why Britain would want more destitute refugees is a wonder to me? Britain does not want the immigrants she receives now so it seems rather absurd to add another layer of unwanted people on top of that.

    Britain is a small island not a great continent like the US that has enormous amounts of space. And even in the US there is growing irritation at illegal immigration partly demonstrated by Tuesday’s large electoral losses by the American Democratic Party who actually wink at illegal immigration.

  • davidofkent

    Refugees do not make their way here from countries in the grip of war. They go to the nearest safe haven, which is usually a camp set up by the Aid Agencies (with our money). The UK, like many other European countries, is a target for people who are economic refugees from countries that cannot offer their people a living. The reasons for this are various but one of the most important is the rapid increase in population they have experienced. Another reason is the poor level of government these countries have, usually because of corruption and tied up with tribalism. Very few illegal migrants are in any danger in their own countries, because their own countries are perfectly happy to see more of their countrymen leave. A few suddenly become ‘gay’ when their home countries legislate against it; that is obviously a jolly good wheeze for a would-be asylum seeker. The people we see in Calais are young men. I doubt that any are asylum seekers. Most state that they want to come to England to work. Unfortunately for them, their journeys are wasted because we do not need them and do not want them. The article is, of course, nonsense.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Let the third world accept third world refugees and asylum seekers.

    The West is full up.

  • fundamentallyflawed

    A true refugee caused by crisis is grateful for any shelter and food that any system provides.
    Someone who pays to travel to Italy and then travel through Europe to reach their final desired destination (be it France, Germany or Britain) is not a refugee. They are illegal economic migrants and should be treated as such

  • Angela Horne

    the UN should sort of their countries, it could make the whole world a better place

  • Trofim

    Tell you what – take a look at the world. There are vast empty areas in Russia, Canada, South America, and Africa is colossal. Why should a very crowded little island off the coast of northern Europe be a host to half the dissatisfied of the world? Now I’ve noticed one particular country which is virtually empty – Mongolia. It’s just grass for thousands of miles.Why don’t we in the so-called rich world, instead of giving foreign aid, all give a little bit out of our budget to Mongolia, and get them to build new cities there. It would be humane, we wouldn’t feel mean or unkind, it would help refugees start a brand new life, monetarily benefit the Mongols and it would keep the world’s dissatisfied off our backs. Win win, just for a small outlay.

  • Andrés Parrado Segura

    Interesting. But these finds were to be expected.

  • Graeme S

    the only peoples we should legally claim refugee / asylum are the irish, Dutch, French , Norwegians … everybody else will travel through a safe haven of some description. What has happened is the whole scale abuse of a system which is now almost irreparable.

  • Andrés Parrado Segura

    Sanctimonious blather. The kind of thing one would see published in The Guardinan.

  • Sean Grainger

    Mr M. Even on the Daily Star we try to check our facts and consider it bad form to lie to readers. Housing benefit is at the root of all of this as you probably very well know and if you don’t then you should have done a bit of research. Your African would qualify as soon as his satnav located Camden as you also very well know. It’s sort of okay for young halfwits like Owen Jones to come out with this tosh but not others. Why don’t you go back to the BBC mush?

  • balance_and_reason

    This is , hopefully , a sincerely meant article mirroring the views of many pro migration folk. Sadly they are part of the problem. In no way can the relatively tiny numbers that could possibly be accommodated across europe et al make any difference to the sea of people in these 3rd world countries desperate to escape.
    Who escapes?…the energetic, the vigorous, the clever, the wealthy….leaving a rump population to suffer from whatever the runners were running from. …This is especially relevant for economic migrants.
    By draining these countries of their vigour (and monied classes) we are perpetuating their problems, usurping their achievers, and condemning them to long cycles of failed government, begging bowl out, vulnerable to the kleptocracy.
    The naiveté of these commentators serves no one except their own self esteem.
    The vast pools of AID should be directed to short term asylum…right next door….potentially ‘retribution’ for war crimes…but otherwise staying out of the local politics. During peace time, aid should be directed towards stability, education, and keeping the people of 3rd world countries focussed on building their own futures there, reinvesting in their own countries not villa’s in Mayfair.
    Extreme measures should be undertaken to prevent kleptocrats draining countries and usurping aid. No aid is better than stolen aid.
    Marozzi…you are wrong.

    • Simon_in_London

      I think it’s worth remembering that people like Marozzi are the enemy. The migrants are acting in their own rational self interest, and we might do too if we were them. If their numbers were sufficiently limited they might even integrate eventually. That does not mean we should give them whatever they want; no country can survive immigration on the current scale – and that is intentional on the part of the Marozzis. People like Marozzi working for the UN, EU, national governments, NGOs and the media are the real enemy. If I could deport all of them and keep an equal number of third-world economic migrants I would happily do so; the country would be a lot healthier.

  • saffrin

    A great scam this migrant thing. Great for the property developers at least.
    Our MP’s for example, using our taxes, via parliamentary expenses, to build up their property portfolios.

  • Stephen Milroy

    ‘Britain lets in too few refugees’

  • CortexUK

    What do Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey have in common — apart from being Muslim? According to the United Nations, they are the world’s top five hosts of refugees.

    Deceitful use of statistics. What else do they have in common? They all border states with massive humanitarian crises. You give them credit for taking in refugees, as if they are generous with asylum approvals, when in reality what has happened is that refugees have flooded over their border in a way they can’t possibly control (but I assure you, would do if they could). That is not the same as granting asylum to people who pitch up at the border and then treating them as new citizens, accorded the same rights and entitlements as the indigenous population.

    You have complained we only let in 1% of refugees. Tell me, what % of the global population are the British? What % of the global land mass is the UK? Per head and per square mile, we do more than our fair share, thank you very much. So other countries do more. Are they as crowded as we are?

    Yes, we have a history of wealth, freedom, tolerance etc which is why people want to come here. But why do we have a history of those things? And what today are the only things that pose a genuine threat to them? Want some help with that one or do you think you can work it out?

    And why is this nonsense in the Spectator? I understand that Nelson likes debate, and opposing views, but this disingenuous crap is beyond the pale. But at least the podcast wasn’t as toe-curlingly bad and boring as the one last week. Nearly as bad as the Telegraph is going with that American fool in charge….

    • Ambientereal

      Hey! you are good at doing maths and I believe it is the right way to do that. If we consider the whole world population at about 6 bio. then UK could be lightly under 1% so that receiving 1% of refugees is quite OK. Besides, it is the first task of a society to keep its culture, character and way of life. Foreigners could be better helped in their own countries, a pity they sometimes do not allow foreigners (like us) to help them.

  • pobinr

    Justin Marozzi do bother with locks on your front door?

  • Mode4

    The problem with mass immigration on the scale that has been introduced to the UK is that is has changed our culture and not for the better. People do not discriminate between economic migrants and asylum seekers, sometimes they are the same thing. The UK is a small island and is important to take some asylum seekers but we are only capable of taking very few because of our size. Commentators don’t seem to understand that we have limited capacity. Our total immigration should be no more than 40,000 in my opinion.

  • Cincinnatus

    Pictures from Calais have returned to our television screens, showing
    desperate men and women trying to break into lorries bound for Britain.

    I don’t recall seeing any women.

    • Wildflowers

      The BBC recently showed a news article that featured a Somalian (?) girl at Calais. The spin was that she was not coming to the UK to get benefits (“I didn’t know you can get benefits in the UK”) – she wanted to come to the UK to get a good education.

      So that will be a free education (no doubt with associated benefits) paid for by the UK taxpayer with no financial contribution on her part.

  • Gareth Mailer

    ‘It is as if you walk by a river and see a child being pulled away by the current and think: “I’ll let the child drown because then the other kids will know that they shouldn’t fall into the river”,’ said Michael Diedring, secretary general of the European Council for Refugees. For once, the man from Brussels is right.

    Actually, he isn’t. It’s a situation stolen from Peter Singer’s essay, Famine, Affluence and Morality.

    The simple counter-argument is what if 2,500, 10,000 or 100,000 children were drowning? Would you be able to save them all? How do you prioritise need? Who made you a superior moral being capable of prioritising one human life over another?

    At what point does The UK’s moral obligation to all 196 sovereign nation-states end, exactly?

    • Ambientereal

      Even more, would you throw your own children into water so that they try to help the drowning ones? Because receiving refugees is not free of risks. “Throw money into it” is a considerable help. The humankind has over 6 bio. and the developer countries have a combined population of less than 1 bio.. The input of massive quantities of refugees will imply a risk for the own population.

  • Jethro Asquith

    If these chaps at Calais are truly seeking refugee status then why do they not claI’m it in the country they currently find themselves in? Or perhaps one of the countries they have already passed through?

  • jesseventura2

    And how many countries have they passed through to get to France?
    What would be the result of a referendum asking do we want to take the vermin of the world?
    Our jails are filled with black drug dealing robbers and rapists?
    What is allah doing about this mess in the name of islam?

  • Gwangi

    The 1951 treaty of refugees dates from a time when most people had never seen a plan let alone flown on one.
    We need a NEW treaty on refugees – one which recognises that letting in refugees encourages more to come (and just to the UK – not to other Western countries nearly as much let alone safe Asian and African countries).
    There is also massive abuse of the system and massive profiteering by asylum solicitors – who deliberately get, say, Turkish immigrants and lie and say they are Kurdish so they can get into the UK (that happened a LOT in the past).
    The system has a huge backlog, and the notoriously endless ‘right to remain’ system followed by amnesties encourages yet more in the Third World to try their hand.
    Perhaps if the UK had not had way too much immigration in the past and let in far too many refugees (incl fake ones) in the past, what you are saying would be right. In the present context, it is not.
    We also need a new treaty to stop refugees and immigrants to any other EU country getting the automatic right to come to the UK, take resources, cost us money and make renting or buying a house or flat so impossible for hardworking natives. And yes, we should start sending people back to their safe countries unless they are essential workers or have businesses which benefit us.

  • Simon_in_London

    “the Africans arriving in her morgues would never have qualified for welfare” As I’m sure this author must know, all asylum claimants in the UK are forbidden to work and required to be given welfare.
    I’m guessing this article is essentially ‘clickbait’ – make an assertion so obnoxious that lots of people will click on it to shake their heads in horror. Shame on the Spectator.

  • MaSek12

    What utter rubbish.

  • Mi GG

    A very one sided and almost ideological article rather than a good journalistic report. Ask first who makes the problem of the refugees. Is it not Muslim endless wars? Moreover, the problem is that with refugees you do not only help, but also transfer the same problems from the Middle East to Europe.

  • Rocksy

    How many British refugees have been taken in by anyone ever? When did anyone in Europe or any other country come to our aid? Besides the Anglosphere, who has ever lifted a finger to help us?

  • The_Parallax_view

    The shameful Truth – left wing , metropolitan luvvie thinks Britain should take-in even more immigrants.

  • FedUpIndian

    Any reason why Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman cannot take more refugees? The refugees are mostly Muslims and Sunnis to boot, so why can’t these countries be asked to take care of their own? Europe should give refuge to Christians being exterminated by Muslims, while India should do the same for Hindus and Sikhs. We have no obligation to import millions more Sunni Muslims who will continue Islam’s final solution to its kaffir problem in our countries.

  • cartimandua

    We didn’t “cause it”. Muslims overpopulate fight or migrate.

  • cartimandua

    What should happen is those in Calais trying to jump a lorry should be scooped up and flown “home” with a bung to start them up win small business.
    It should come out of the aid budget. Microfund aid like that.

  • CortexUK

    ‘It is as if you walk by a river and see a child being pulled away by the current and think: “I’ll let the child drown because then the other kids will know that they shouldn’t fall into the river”,’ said Michael Diedring, secretary general of the European Council for Refugees. For once, the man from Brussels is right.

    I’m not surprised that this claptrap came from a Brussels man. Here is an analogy that isn’t willfully fraudulent:

    Imagine being on one side of a very busy road, and on the other side you know there is a pot of money. Not big enough so you’ll never have to work again, but big enough to change your life. Now imagine the road was a motorway, with dozens of cars a minute flying past every minute at 70mph, in each direction.

    Would you put your head down and run for it in the hope of dodging every car and making it across? Technically it’s possible, but what a massive gamble. I’m sure some would try it. But most would at least think twice, if not said “no way!”.

    Now, imagine if a traffic cop said he’d slow down the cars for you, maybe even close a lane or two and hold some traffic. You know, make it safer, easier, and more likely that you’ll make it to the other side and get that pot of free money. Are you more likely to try it? Of course you are. And many more too would say “I’ll give it a go!”.

    See, that’s how you create an analogy that isn’t a barefaced lie, Justin.

  • spiderbucket

    Yeah, you tell ’em. Brits are the worst people on the planet. Unreal. Where did you get this thinking ? No wonder you have kids running off to join ISIS – they are just like this author.

  • Thorsted

    If you show irresponsible behavior you lose your right to insurance. I think much of the 3.rd world has lost the right to asylum due to negligence. In Denmark where I am there where 3.5 mio as well in Syria in 1950. Today there is 5.5mio in Denmark and 23.mio in Syria. And you can go on. There are no victims in the 3.rd world only irresponsible people and some humanitarian organisation that has aided them to this demographic meltdown. This is the same humanitarian organisations that now will have us to pay the price of they have done. We in Europe has to do the same with these humanitarian organizations as we did with the church. They have to be told where the line is for their influence -and that is the european societies -period!

  • Simon Fay

    “I’ll let the child drown because then the other kids will know that they shouldn’t fall into the river”

    Or rather let the “behaviourally-challenged” kid drown rather than have to accept the life-changing consequences of rescuing it, and the hundreds of thousands more who come along swinging the same lead.

  • Kasperlos

    Has anyone noted that the great migration underway these past 25 years has been a one-way street, i.e. 2nd-5th world all headed for the 1st world. Thanks to global transportation, communication (television, DVDs the rest know about paradise down the road), corrupt first world politicians, feckless greed, paid by government NGOs who are the social engineers for a large part of this, a hapless or indifferent populous and a new stanza of Paradise Lost will have been added. The world’s one percenters love it though: it’s their wet dream to convert the globe into a giant feudal estate. The serfs will live in the west whilst the future depopulated lands like Sudan, Eritrea, and Somalia will be simply large mining and oil farms. Gone is the progress and promise of the western tradition bargained away for the false premise of multiculturalism when it’s only the new form of monoculturalism: one size fits all. The future of Britain is Tower Hamlets writ large. All this as Britain commemorates the dead and maimed of the Great War 100 years on. Their sacrifice was in vain when one considers that traditionally wars were fought for the preservation of language, culture, and way of life. It wouldn’t be flippant to say that a new memorial should be erected in parliament square, one that records the monumental and despicable betrayal by the country’s politicians and business elites.

  • Hoot_Gibson

    Having read this article I am incensed by your radical Liberal PC ideology that has and is destroying communities across England.
    You see the UK as the answer to let in all failed state immigrants (many from stone age societies) and are hell bent on swamping even further this vastly overcrowded country now officially one of the most densely populated countries on the planet.
    The opposite page in the magazine shows Douglas Murray’s excellent well balanced argument against unfettered immigration.
    He encapsulates many peoples fears as he writes:
    ” Nobody doubts most Somalis are better off here, but are our lives better for having them here?”
    Answer that simple question?
    You know you cannot as highlighted by the 300 Libyan troops being sent home for raping a boy and women being molested. I will just mention the years of rape of hundreds if not thousands of vulnerable white girls by predatory Muslim gangs allowed to do so by the authorities terrified of being called racist.
    How can you for the sake of your perverted ideology allow our country and its indigenous people to suffer so?
    You by this article to me are nothing but a traitor to us English as simple as that.
    How many of us are now inured to the deaths of immigrants trying to get into the country?
    How many silently say”one less.”
    How many of us have stopped giving to international charities for children for to do so is just to save to create the next wave of illegal immigrants?
    No wonder people are repulsed by the political class and MSM.
    “These times they are a changing”

  • Peter Day

    I don’t care how many other countries have allowed in. We in England are now the densest population in Europe. Have you factored that in your equation? Mississippi is the same size as England we have 17 times the population. Where’s the sense in making us more crowded?

  • Bad Dog

    Justin Marozzi you are taking the P I S S.
    UK is full of these foreign vermin, To many Muslims who should be looking at their nearest muzzis countries to take them

  • Jenny Harrington

    Well, I see that your well-written and well considered article has attracted the usual crop of bigots and xenophobes!

  • Jean Pearson

    Spot on Bumble bee lets not forget we are an island surely the Americas have more space than we do or is he overlooking that fact Britain is over run with foreigners

  • Apericans

    I dont think so!!!

    First off they should clean up their mess!
    The western world CANNOT SUPPORT Africa, The middle east, Eastern Europe.
    They hate their countries but then come to the west and try make the west look like their countries??? wheres the logic in that.

    Another bleeding liberal trying to tell us to open borders to the world, let them first share their house and belongings and then we will see how they feel 3 months down the line.

  • John

    Please go to Southall, Leicester, Bradford, Smethwick and judge for yourself whether I am right in thinking that this this journalist is talking bull____!

  • HeavensGremlin .

    This article is total BS. How DARE Justin Morozzie preach to us about the UK having ‘Lost it’s moral compass’. How OLD is this twerp…? Instead of getting on his moral high-horse, he should look at the REAL facts – and look where the PLANET is going, and the damage the vast human OVER-population has wrought.
    The UK has ALREADY done more than it needed to do. We are a small country and simply cannot endlessly pour money into solving other peoples problems. We had to sort our OWN country out. All these hordes are clearly running AWAY from their OWN problems and giving them to other people – like US. We have a creaking NHS, poor pensioners and lets face it, the UK is already FULL. The whole concept of Asylum is totally outdated now. Asylum meant a refuge in the ‘First safe country’. Now people will pick a destination to migrate to – and then travel to the other side of the planet. That’s the key word to ‘MIGRATE’, for 99.99%r of these people are simply ECONOMIC MIGRANTS.
    It’s time to pull-up the drawbridge and tell these people to stay and sort-out their own problems. In many cases, the common these is over-population. In this case, aid is utterly self-defeating, as it just ensures yet another generation survives to create even more over-population ad nauseam. If we continue to follow that policy, the Earth is doomed. Are we going to allow ignorant, uneducated masses to ruin the planet…? We cannot and MUST NOT. Sometimes, nature must be allowed to take it’s course. Africa is a prime example. Ebola is just nature trying to redress the balance. We should allow it to take it’s course. It’s really doing us all a favour. The Earth needs more diseases like Ebola. Maybe then we’d save what little remains of the rainforests, the oceans and other wildlife and stop the huge extinctions that are happening right NOW.

  • anonymous

    Considering the western leaders (including Britain) are responsible for such nations being turned into war zones they have no right to turn away refugees. This is nothing more than the consequences of their war mongering actions.
    In fact refugee numbers have never been so high since the entire middle east was turned up side down due to U.S led wars 15 or so years ago, so I think France and Britain have a bl00dy cheek to moan about refugees turning up at their borders.
    Don’t throw fuel into the fire if you don’t want to get burnt.
    Such refugees should have nothing but sympathy not hatred, but that’s Britain for you a cancerous selfish nation.

  • Apericans

    What will the uk look like with 10-15% muslims?

    They are what 3-5% now in the uk and already the masses have to bow down and eat halal meat disguised or hidden underneath the meat packages, already they want sharia law, already they have raped 10% of the female population in Rotherham,

    Yes let them all in! So we can have 50 families sharing a house, robbing us, blowing $hit up and when they dont get their own way call us racist.

  • The UK Population Has Increased By 10 Million Since 1964. In This Last Year There Were Over 212,000 More Births Than Deaths, 183,400 More People Arrived In The UK Than Left. Growth In The UK Population In The Year To Mid 2013 Was Higher Than The EU Average And Highest Of The Four Most Populous EU States. We Can All Quote Statistics. The UK Gives Billions In Aid And Set Up A MASH Unit To Treat Victims Of Ibola! So Don’t Go Bleeting On About Refugees! Do You Really Want An Area Of Next To No Population Because All Nationals Have Been Encouraged To Leave. That Would Make Us Ethnic Cleansing Enablers Don’t You Think?!

    • anonymous

      And The British produce more children than any other white European nation so they are hardly blameless when it comes to population growth and a lack of resources.
      In Europe people generally have one or two children, here in Britain the average is Two ,Three ,Four and some even have more.

      • Which Nationality In The UK Do You Think Have The Most Children?! It’s A Pitty You Choose To Remain Anon As By Doing So
        Your Comment Carries Far Less Meaning!

      • Trofim

        As I’ve pointed out above, our high birth rate is due to Africans and Muslims. A Muslim woman is a reproduction machine – she has three locations – the kitchen, the bedroom and the birthing suite.

  • Apericans

    We actually dont need a series like the walking dead – we have the streaming or screaming dead trying to get in.

    When they get into the uk and cant find work, they will then blow us up and blame it on Whites being racist and not providing jobs.

    This wave of walking zombies, with no logic, middle age thinking are swamping the west.

  • anonymous

    The future of Europe is Islamic where a new race of dark people will out number the white European Christian. This was an evolutionary change predicted a long time ago by various individuals.
    Did it ever occur to people that maybe peoples from different parts of the world need to learn something from western culture.
    Humanity does not own this planet, the sooner people realise that the better.

  • anonymous

    Yes lets blame refugees and foreigners for putting a strain on Britain even though facts show that British people produce more offspring than any other white European nation.
    People here don’t just have one or two children like in Europe, the British like to have Three, Four, Five, Six plus children to have them like a benefit income. How many British children go to school hungry without being fed properly? You would hardly find that in Europe.
    People really should take a look in the mirror before they start criticising people’s from other nations.
    At least in Europe people don’t produce children they can’t afford to look after or to gain extra benefits from the system.Sorry if this hurts your egos but Britain behaves very much like India and Pakistan when it comes to producing offspring, so many people don’t think about the consequences before they drop their trousers and open their legs and that is a very degenerated way how to behave.
    If British people stopped producing so much offspring then immigration wouldn’t even be an issue.

    • Trofim

      No, not British people. The high birth rates are those of Africans, Muslims and Poles. Somalians, Pakistanis and Bengalis specialise in churning out babies on an industrial scale. It’s called “demographic jihad”, because it’s the one weapon that Muslims can use against us Europeans to which we have no defence or antidote. And for some bizarre reason, the government rewards them for their intensive reproduction methods, in child benefit – with OUR money.
      If the birth rates of people of European origin, including white British people are averaged, they reach less than replacement rate. So do your homework.

      • anonymous

        I have done my homework and facts prove that Britain produces the most offspring compared to other countries in Europe and the main factor which is contributing to this higher ratio of reproduction is free council housing and child benefit because other countries in Europe are simply not so generous with this; many people in Europe are forced to live at home with their parents or not have children at all because they can’t afford to get their own house or have children, whereas in Britain so many deliberately fall pregnant and have children to get free council housing and child benefit handed over to them by many hard working foreigners from their tax contributions.
        If people in Britain did not have children to make gains for themselves then resources wouldn’t be struggling, like I say immigration is not the only problem with Britain’s resources struggling, it’s the excessive home grown baby making.
        Take a look on the average council street whereby you can find a family of at least 3 children who then all go on to have 6 or possibly 9 children between them who also want council housing and child benefit and the cycle continues until there will be no more money to give. Who is going to house, feed and educate these people in the future? Anyone can make a baby, it takes two minutes, however raising a child is a whole different board game which many in Britain are not even fit to do. Children going hungry to school in Britain, that is how you expect a country such as Somalia to behave not Britain. People simply don’t think how they are going to provide for a child before they create one.
        It is completely ignorant and unfair to blame refugees and foreigners with all that goes wrong in Britain. If you want someone to blame, blame the government who by the way are all on the same ship; there is just a different captain from time to time.
        Immigration was created on purpose to create prejudice hate filled emotions because prejudice hatred is the substance required for wars and who gains from wars ; governments and corporations; just look at Israel and Palestine for proof of that.
        They throw the bate out and so many without any resistance consume it!
        I think you ought to get your study books out, real Muslims are not using any weapon for they are peaceful towards other cultures and races, the same applies to Christianity.; you can’t really say an Israeli Jew who is massacring Palestinians who simply being Palestine is at all religious for to kill with such hatred stems from evil.
        Indeed Poorer countries have always been producing the highest numbers of offspring in the entire world, but this is due to their lack of knowledge and education. The type of people that don’t think before they act which you also get in Britain.

        • Trofim

          Give us all the sources of your data, then, if you have so carefully researched this question.

  • Judy Knight

    We are a tiny country in comparison to the rest of Europe and I think we have QUITE ENOUGH ‘asylum seekers’ and so-called ‘refugees’ here thank you very much. Just look around you.

  • Ken

    Er..Muslims create the refugee crisis do they? Correct me if I am wrong
    but all the wars in the middle east in the last 30 years were caused by
    whom???? US! The Unitied States and the UK- and all about the oil. We
    bombed the shit out of the countries, turned once secular nations into
    seething hotbeds of Muslim extremism because of our actions. Innocent
    men women and children killed whilst we supported corrupt governments in
    Saudi and licked their backsides for the oil..

    as four your
    remarks about being backward…The arabs were doing scientific
    experiments, charting the stars and writing and creating mathematics
    when your ancestors were busy scratching their nuts in caves.

    In a
    few respects though I do agree with you Bumble bee. People who come to
    this country should embrace the country they want to live in. Maybe
    Brits abroad who congregate in enclaves and create little britain abroad
    ought to do the same eh?

    And as for rape and terrorism…I give
    you two organisations..IRA and Catholic Church- both of whom are white
    and Christian. For 30 years we had bombs going off in the UK- planted by
    the IRA and paid for by blood money from the US- only the IRA cos they
    were not planting bombs on US soil were deemed freedom fighters. werent

    Basiucally, Bumble Bee, perhaps before trying to pull a
    branch out of someone elses eye you should take the tree out of your

    And no, I am not a muslim lover, I am not relgious. I cant
    stand any religion and am Atheist but I| cannot stand a hypocrite and
    you my friend are the biggest I have read in a long time.

    Not rocket sciene…dont go bombing and killing illegally in other peoples countries and they wont do it here. Nuff said

    • Trofim

      Feel free to live without oil, its by-products and everything which is transported into this country using oil as a fuel.

  • Ross Robinson

    The dumb shit that wrote this piece of shite should be deported to Somalia or some other shit country as he obviously thinks we are all moronic sadistic & uncaring. Where as he is such a caring loving person he is not bothered if Murderers rapists thieves scroungers muggers fraudsters and all the dregs of scum and world terrorists come and settle in our country and then overwhelm our NHS & OUR WELFARE SYSTEM when people here are struggling to get doctors appointments, housing, etc etc. But they are given everything as not to would make our Government look bad in the eye’s of the EU and the USA. Well at 64 and worked all my life to be told I’m entitled to now’t when now out of work with only 3months to go until my 65th birthday, and all because my wife works more than 24hours a week I say F— em all. 50 years working and not entitled, sneak into the country on a lorry and you get a house and somewhere for you and your family to live oh and money every week. And this pillock wants to say bollocks to my rights so as to appease his conscience, well bollocks to you and your conscience and f— off to all the immigrant’s.

  • Wiggi

    Bumble Bee forgot to mention that they insist on educating their children their way! Ignoring the ruling as laid down by law since 1920 of killing animals for consumption by cutting their throats before stunning them and getting away with it! Genital mutilation, Forced Marriages by taking abroad and coming back married! We have no real reasons for allowing many of these people into our country! Mostly They are neither commonwealth citizens or EU citizens and no other affiliation to our country in any way! Arriving with nothing to assist them in buying a home, pay any bills and receive medical care and education all free of Charge! Try doing it in reverse as see what you get!

  • Graham Burns

    What these “do gooders” do not take into account is that the UK is the 6th most densely populated country in the world. We have power and water shortages already

  • Hagen vanTronje

    “WE”, don’t accept Refugees !! our self-serving government does and if the truth be told, WE would like to get shot of the chancers masquerading as Refugees !!

  • super.snag

    Here we go again yet another dig at UKIP, if we do not reduce the numbers coming here, we will have no British way of life left

  • Landscape

    The Uk takes less than 1% of the worlds displaced people. Seems fair enough, after all the UK population is less than 1% of the worlds population.

  • edward

    I am quite happy to see refugees of any religion but muslim come to Britain because most will integrate, muslims will not because their religion won’t allow it, they just try to change everything to their culture and beliefs, so let muslim countries look after their own and we will help the rest.

  • WrinklyOldGit

    Why is it the problem of the UK that people are so desperate to leave their own scummy governments behind by risking boat crossings and desert crossings?

    The loonie lefties and the liberal do gooders with their incessant demands for handouts for illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers are the reason people make those attempts and that some die in the attempt ——- if these loonie lefties and the liberal do gooders are so concerned let them sell their homes and donate the money to the illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers so they stay in their own country.

    Whats that? The loonie lefties and the liberal do gooders DO NOT want to give their money to illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers – well well what a surprise – they are only generous with other taxpayers money.

  • Alan Haynes

    Literally millions of illegal immigrants living here and accessing our social services and benefits system without being dealt with (fraudulent paperwork getting you onto the gravy train can be bought for as little as £120), 1 million new ethnic migrants arriving every 2 years, and an ethnic baby boom paid for by us – and STILL the left wing do-gooders insist that we must take in more bogus asylum seekers and economic “refugees” despite our being one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

    • Lynn

      You only have to listen to the weekly claptrap on QT every Thursday from zombie politicians who have been pre-programmed to say the same thing over and over gain, ‘migrants contribute’ the phrase means nothing to ordinary people as they know that the majority of the 250,000 immigrants that came here last year do not work. But the audience clap every so politely, and hiss when somebody dares mention that nasty UKIP Party, they must live in another country to me or they are blind. Immigration from outside Europe has got be curtailed because it cost the UK 110billion last year. The main parties wont change a thing, vote UKIP for our children and grandchildren’s sake.

    • Lynn

      There will be hell to pay if any of those Libyan soldiers who were getting trained here get granted asylum, know some have applied, Cameron says they should not, hope that means the same as WILL NOT end of….

  • Carol

    No you are wrong …too many people then start a breeding programme world wide. It is not the fault of the EU or the UK Learn to control the population and stop blaming everyone else. Stay in your own countries and sort them instead of sitting back and relying on aid. The risks these people take are up to them they are in charge of their own destiny

  • Lynn

    Blame Blair he went to War in the Middle East and chaos has reigned ever since, IS came about because of the Iraq War, in their quest to get rid of a Dictator who miraculously through iron rod Dictatorship stopped the warring tribes killing each other, what we have now is worse much much worse and we have refugees from the middle East here in their millions not integrating, terrorists bombs, Sharia Law, infiltration of Schools by hard line Islamists, Jihadists and the depressing list goes on, the Labour Party think they have a chance to govern AGAIN, will leave the country if Labour get in, it will the final nail in the coffin of the UK.

  • Richard de Meath

    These people do not want to contribute to our country. Last year alone more people came into this country than in all the years since 1066 up to then.
    This is a small island, a Christian country (despite the howls of protest from the anti-Christians), a place of limited resources – all the more so since so many of our industries have closed down over the past few decades.
    Government after government have treasonously sold vital utilities to foreign interests, and our national identity subsumed in favour of an immigrant ideology. Even the French see the decline in honour and national morality to the point they proposed ‘leasing’ Dover in order to export the muslim trash in Calais onto British soil.
    You know the old expression ‘One foot in the door!’
    I do not know if UKIP will provide the answer to all the ills of this country, especially when one considers the number of public serviced infiltrated by islamic Fifth Columnists, the enemy-within, including every section of the media, the courts, judges, magistrates, the police, the armed forces, the civil service, the healthy industry (where countless billions are ‘wasted’ each year.
    We need a National Truth And Reconciliation Committee to bring all this filth into the open, a committee with the right to call witnesses with the threat of imprisonment, even current and past politicians, and Special Courts to dispense proper justice, including fines and disbarment from their professions, trades and vocations (Rowan Williams springs to mind, a traitor to everything he represented).

  • Marajax

    Writers like Justin Marozzi are the reason I don’t read The Spectator [which, incidentally, has the audacity to charge £25 for their pathetic little pocket diary]. There are so many points in his article (which is so biased perhaps he should write for the Sun/Mirror/Star) that I could take issue with, but here are just a few: (1) to quote his own ‘fact’, “below 1% of the planet’s displaced people are in the UK”. Well, considering the size of our tiny island, I reckon that’s a heck of a lot. With the exception of either Gibraltar or Malta (I forget which one), Britain is already the most crowded country in the whole of Europe. And that’s even if we don’t take in one more single immigrant. This is not just my opinion, it is a FACT.
    (2) As for Sweden and other countries receiving more asylum applications than UK, his argument is idiotic. Sweden is almost twice the size of UK yet they don’t have twice the number of applications as us. They have a population of 9 million people; we have a population of 64 million. Therefore they could take in 55 MILLION – that’s right, 55 MILLION – asylum seekers and we would still be twice as overcrowded as Sweden. Note also that he talks about asylum “applications” – not how many are accepted. He conveniently omits to state how many are rejected by Germany, France & Sweden. Over here in the UK, asylum applications drag on for years with numerous appeals filling lawyers pockets courtesy of legal aid paid for by British taxpayers. (3) His Arabic teacher headed for USA not UK – so what? Big deal!
    (4) The analogy by Michael Diedring is so utterly absurd it doesn’t warrant further comment. (5) We are NOT in the “grip of immigration hysteria”. For 13 years, under the Blair/Brown regime, we were denied free speech and anyone who mentioned the word ‘immigration’ was immediately denounced as racist. Well guess what, along came UKIP and we now have a voice again. Our country is already too overcrowded. Enough is enough. Vote UKIP. (6) And finally, I won’t be buying your expensive new book, Mr Marozzi. I wouldn’t waste my time reading it even if it was free.

  • Trofim

    This is a country which already has to import over 40% of its food, a country of which those who produce our electricity tell us that there may be electricity shortages this winter – and still, the pro-immigration fanatics insist that we increase our population in order to further stretch our limited resources. It’s madness.
    And as long as the populations of the third world can use Europe and the rest of the civilized world as a bolt hole to let them off the hook of improving their own countries, there is little incentive for them to do so. If they knew they couldn’t jump on a boat to paradise, they might try a bit harder to improve their lot where they live.

    • Lynn

      I know this is a hard thing to talk about but the more refugee boats that are allowed to land in Italy the more they will keep on coming and traffickers make a profit by overcrowding unseaworthy small boats, feel for women and children, but if they know they wont get rescued the message will get through to them that it isn’t worth risking their lives and they will stop coming. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

  • LewSkannen

    Somehow I suspect the people who want more refugees in the country do not plan to PAY the costs of keeping them and do not want to live next door to them.
    They want the smug pious glow that they get for supporting the cause but expect that ‘the gummint’ can pay for it. And if their taxes are raised by a single penny there will be hell to pay!!!

  • Lynn

    How many refugees does the writer suggest we take, there are an estimated 6million and growing languishing in Refugees camps waiting in the Queue. We have enough Muslims from the Middle East here, enough is enough suggest we take in more Christian Refugees to this country, they will be more grateful , integrate well, and will not set out to change British society to their own liking..

  • aileen

    of course they are desperate.to come to Britain. desperate for our free social security handouts.this is proven by the amount of European countries they travel through to get here,as those other countries do not give free hand outs like we do.

  • Guest

    Who cares……..the plant is overloaded. We don’t have to let anyone in. Let alone un-screened people who carry TB and other diseases. Also why are they almost all male? If they are after benefits they are economical migrants not refugees

    • anonymous

      and what makes you superior to others? You don’t own this nation or planet so shut up!

  • Tiger

    Who cares……..the planet is overloaded. We don’t have to let anyone
    in. Let alone un-screened people who may carry TB and other diseases. Also
    why are they almost all male? If they are after benefits they are
    economical migrants …not refugees

  • Marvin

    Just like the third world countries that the west have been throwing £billions at, with no sign of them ever standing on their own two feet ever, how many immigrants and migrants not to mention the million or so illegals can this island take. We are full now.

  • John

    ‘The shameful truth: Britain lets in far too few refugees’….lol this w*o*p Marozzi can let all the refugees he wants into Italy! Actually it might be an improvement to the trash that live their now!

  • AJAX

    The English don’t want ethnic civil war in our country Mr. Marozzi – you have the migrating hordes from the 2nd & 3rd World in Italy, & go & live there with them, & we’ll watch ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’ with horror on our tv sets rather than in our towns.

  • UKSteve

    I have no idea who ‘Justin Marozzi’ is, but I know form this that he as no business writing for the spectator, due to the fact his brain seems resident of another planetary body. It certainly hasn’t been watching or reading any news in recent days.

    “We are in the grip of immigration hysteria. Much of our panic about
    asylum seekers in Britain is strikingly self-regarding, not least the
    notion that our island is the destination of choice for most of them.
    The fact is, it isn’t.

    Oh really!?

    British people have known this for 40 years in my experience, what’s your excuse?

    And just to prove a point….

  • pirate202

    Let’s see how for it you are after the reception centre is opened next door to your house. Not long I suspect.

    • CortexUK

      I might have to steal that avatar.

  • anonymous

    I suppose when world war III will start the poor refugees and foreigners in Britain will be blamed for that too and It will it’s just a matter of years ( probably by the end of this decade) ; there’s too much hatred spewing around the world and in Britain too much hatred against foreigners which is the main factor for any war to get started.
    Why don’t you all take responsibility for your own wrong doings because if world war III does happen you would have all contributed to it with your arrogance and hatred.
    Such narrow minded and ignorance views it’s disgusting. How about not placing all people’s of a particular race, religion or nation into one pot; as you do get good and bad people in every nation.

    • UKSteve

      No-one is (“…placing all people’s of a particular race, religion or nation into one pot…”)

      No-one gives a toss about those things, it’s about numbers.

      A typically infantile post; it may have carried weight were it written in decent English.

      • anonymous

        You will care when world war III affects your life .It’s exactly your kind of attitude “not giving a toss” which is helping it to get close to happening.
        There is nothing wrong with my post and if you can’t understand it then you are obviously incompetent or perhaps in denial.

        • UKSteve

          I don’t accept your idiotic scenario.You need to read what I wrote or get an adult to explain it to you; Jesus H, even the quality of the trolls on Disqus these days is going down; this one is an out-and-out moron.

          It was a moronic post, superseded only by your last one. In-keeping, if you ask me.

    • MrKevin

      The reason nations exist is because of different people with different beliefs. Multiculturalism is utopian and naive. It only leads to the government executing the good old divide and rule. When WWIII comes, Europe will be divided in half. Maybe then will you realize what I’m trying to say here.

      • anonymous

        Yes I agree, multiculturalism does help to create divide and rule, however this only happens because of evil motivations behind it. Multiculturalism could actually be very positive if different cultures , races and nationalities were able to live in harmony together and learn from one another but as you know yourself evil doesn’t want this harmonisation but instead tries to divide and rule a multicultural society by brainwashing people against different races, cultures and nationalities. The media are the biggest cause of divide and rule especially where the Muslim/ Islam agenda is concerned. The name of Islam is being blackened because of media lies when the truth is it is actually a very peaceful religion which shares many beliefs similar to that of Christianity.
        Unfortunately too many gullible sheeple still haven’t woken up there souls and realised that their enemy is right before their eyes manipulating the way they think.

        • MrKevin

          It might work if the cultures are similar but multiculturalism with Islam is the most naive thing ever. Islam does not integrate, instead you will submit to Islam. And so you did Great Britain. Halal food, mosques, Sharia courts, etc. You don’t need to have a Muslim majority to become an Islamic country, you’ve already lost your freedom of speech.

          I’m a non Muslim living in a Muslim country and after spending the whole 21 years of my life here, I can conclude that it sucks. It’s tough integrating with Muslims. No beer, no bacon, no sex; can you imagine how boring these bunch are? And if I were to marry a Muslim lady (because you know the Muslim ladies are so fine here), I must convert to Islam. Screw that, I’m an atheist.

          About living in harmony, have you read what I initially posted? Nations exist because of different people with different beliefs. Multiculturalism is utopian.

          Oh, and Islam is screwed up as hell. Just switch on the telly. It needs a reformation and it’s own enlightenment. Regarding Islam being the religion of peace, here’s some perspective: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vln9D81eO60

  • a.k.a.

    I’ve always believed in the saying “charity begins at home”, we should keep all “refugees etc.” out of our country and spend the money on our own poor folk. Another way would be to make the refugees own countries pay for their benefits in this country, maybe then their own countries would stop them from coming!.

    • UKSteve

      “…and spend the money on our own poor folk.”

      You’ve seen, I take it, that this vicious Tory government is slashing working age benefits, and will freeze them if they win next May?

      They certainly seem to be massively increasing poverty.

      • CortexUK

        Better than the government which stole from our children in order to buy votes today and keep people on the state teat. Labour governments need the poor, in more ways than one. That’s why they pay people not to work and fight tooth and nail against social mobility (while claiming to abhor the lack of it).

        Funny how many people suddenly go back to work when the state welfare cheques get smaller. And funny how many people suddenly go back to work when told they’re going to be medically reviewed for disability benefits.

        • UKSteve

          No, it isn’t funny. And your assumptions are fallacious; you are saying “Because this, then that” without providing proof.

          Yes, a lot of poeple came off sickness benefit when rules / procedures were tightened up, whereas unemployment benefit affects people tossed out of work or ending a contract; not nice.

          This is not America.

        • GraveDave

          nd funny how many people suddenly go back to work when told they’re going to be medically reviewed for disability benefits.

          No – that was never true that there was an overnight recovery of millions of fake claimants.
          Another Daily Mail myth.

  • ted

    bumble bee for prime minister

  • bionde

    The world and his wives benefit from the largesse of the UK to the detriment of its own citizens. I recently received a form which I now have to fill in every three years to ensure that as an expat living in Italy I continue to receive my meagre state pension whch I paid into all my working (and tax paying ) life. At the bottom was a note to say that if I couldn’t speak English I would be provided with a free interpreter in order to complete the form.

    • willoyen

      oh, what an appalling vexation!

  • Alan Harris

    Who is the idiot that wrote this garbage working for, asylum seekers united , get rel uk is full we dont want them here, or we make all of them join the armed forces for three years, with no benefits etc etc, or better still send all immigarnts to germany and let merkel sort the out like the germans chucked out the turks.

  • willoyen

    excellent article, though as Brits rave while making low-intensity warfare on all immigrants let alone asylum seekers, egged on by tabloid characters like Cameron, the facts will be ignored lest they diminish the enjoyment that self-righteous xenophobia and other forms of hatred bring.

  • Fergus Pickering

    It doesn’t diminish me, sweetiepie. I’m not rich enough to have that sort of a bleeding heart.It’s a luxury.Lucky old you.

  • anonymous

    This is about compassion and feeling empathy for others who desperately need help. They don’t come here desperately on a back of a lorry risking their health and life to steal money from the system you ignorant fools. Refugees are so desperate for any financial help that they leave behind their wives and children otherwise they wouldn’t be able to support and feed their families back in their own country.
    Surely any man who has been jobless in Britain must understand how useless they feel to not be able to provide.
    It is also U.S / western led wars which are creating more and more refugees who are escaping to Europe, perhaps if you are not happy about the amount of refugees then you should stop your government from causing chaos in their native countries.
    Don’t beat the victim, beat the enemy.
    I can see from these posts that the majority of people lack compassion for others; you all belong to the Anti-Christ with your disgusting hatred.

    • GraveDave

      I have empathy and compassion. .But the argument stills stands -why don’t they remain in the first safe county they arrive at. Besides, the way things are going here we’ll soon have enough of our own desperate and needy to contend with.

  • William MacDougall

    How about taking fewer EU citizens? 100,000 instead of million say. Then there would be a lot more room for genuine refugees. That essentially is Farage’s policy, so your snide remarks about him are totally unjustified.

  • matcawth

    There are some very bizarre posts here from people who don’t seem to belong to the normal Speccie readership. Are Bumble Bee and his/her/its/their fawning acolytes a truly representative group of Spectator readers, a mob of bigots who have accidentally barged in from the comments section of a “red top”, or one person with an axe to grind?

    Writing from the heart of an ancient Muslim city, I recognise in the vast majority of these poorly drafted hostile and abusive comments (which not unsurprisingly do nothing to challenge the logic of the article) not the slightest shred of understanding of Islam. Instead, there is ignorance, fear and loathing.

    My advice to you lot, coming from a British taxpayer who shares many of your concerns about immigration, is to read, travel and reflect. And having done that, try to comment in a constructive and informed manner. I’ve seen better comments from Scottish nationalists in the run-up to the referendum on the pages of the Daily Mail; it is very disappointing to see such a poor standard of debate here.

    • Trofim

      “Writing from the heart of an ancient Muslim city”

      (A sentence designed, methinks, to appropriate to oneself a bogus sense of authority) And how marvellously titillating. Pray tell us, O Wise One, which Muslim city this is, that we may drink of thy wisdom and be enriched by those penetrating insights not within our grasp

      • matcawth

        Hello, Trofim – Tro- clearly shortly for troll, but -fim is a puzzle as Food Institue of Malaysia doesn’t seem appropriate – what, youthinks, constitutes a genuine sense of auroity?

        • Trofim

          You mean you’ve never heard of the Russian name Trofim, as in, for example, Trofim Lysenko? The combination TR-vowel-F is common in Russian names, e.g Trifonov. So you’re in Malaysia, presumably?

          • matcawth

            Трофим – Вы русский? Oткуда? Not Russia, presumably – your brand of passive-aggressive irony hasn’t caught on there.

            Malaysia doesn’t have any ancient Muslim cities.

            And I’m waiting for your definition of what constitutes convincing authority. Perhaps it’ll be a long wait.

          • Trofim

            Not everything in the world is susceptible of definition. But why otherwise mention that you are in the centre of an ancient city? Would you write “speaking from a 3-bedroom semi in Scunthorpe? Why so reluctant to simply name this city?

          • matcawth

            “Writing from a 3-bedroom semi an industrial town in Lincolnshire” might, if the debate centred on the housing market in eastern central England, be more rhetorically persuasive than simply using its name.

            But many of these comments are about Islam (meaning “submission”, and “peace”, incidentally). The tiny number of radicalised Muslims are reported in breathless terms in the media, but as some commentators (Elizabeth Deighton, for example; I hope she has not been driven away) point out, the vast majority are normal people who want to get on with their lives. They just go to a mosque instead of a church (although precious few Christians even do that now).

            To satisfy what seems to be burning curiosity, I have lived in Baghdad for 6 years and have made during that time several friends every bit as loyal, honest and decent as my best and most honourable British friends. I therefore find the comments made by many in this thread unnecessary, offensive and plain wrong.

            A troubling aspect of these posts is that some of the commenters do not seem to have read, or if they have, to have understood the writer’s arguments. He makes a quite excellent point about the need to review the balance of development aid with other spending, for example, but has been given little recognition for it.

            It is also astonishing to see how many “vote ups” Bumble Bee and his merry throng have given each other. But these things can be manipulated – according to a Daily Telegraph survey, 870,000 readers think that Gibraltar should be Spanish, against 125,000 for remaining British. Oh really?!

            Over to you, мой друг.

        • Bonkim

          Malaysia a haven of racial and ethnic/sectarian harmony? If you are a Malay Bhumi-putra you are O.K I suppose – but if you are Chinese, Burmese, Indian or Bangladeshi you have another thing coming.

  • M REED

    totally agree they do not go to the nearest country to where they are but sneak all the way over to here for our benefits,nhs schools, jobs and push the rest of us down the ladder that bit further. Im voting ukip and hope they turn the tide and employ bounty hunters to catch the illegals, kick them straight out.In the future fingerprint people in and out if they overstay their welcome put their pictures on the tele posters with £1000.00 reward to find them We would soon sort out that little problem.get our troops opening containers like the australians do and the £££’s we save not being in the e.u con club will pay for it !! Do business with the other countries of the world as we used to do and bring in our own rules .YOU LIVE BY OUR RULES OR YOU LEAVE as we have to do in your country.

  • John Mag

    Feck them. Keep them out. They travel through countries that – by E.U. RULES have to offer them benefits & housing, but DON`T – so why the feck should the U.K?
    The U.K. should stop giving them benefits and housing. That would stop the feckers coming here.

  • Gregory Mason

    ‘1951 UN convention on refugees’

    Funny you mention that as you cease to be a refugee under the convention if you’ve travelled through two or more safe countries. Given that the only countries within that circle are European you’re lucky we take any at all. Beggars cannot be choosers and if they’re choosers they’re certainly not refugees.

  • Mike

    Given the massive influx of Eastern Europeans we have been forced to let in perhaps that explains why we have few genuine refugees let in the country as they’re being squeezed out by benefit tourists !

  • Hyloader

    Mr Marozzi,
    Ever heard the statement that ” Nero fiddled while Rome burned”. You better get yours re-tuned, you are going to need it.

  • GraveDave

    Why is this article being recycled? I’ve already seen it under another heading.
    Or is it just being done to wind people up?

  • G.A. Marques

    I came to the UK in 1957from Trinidad ,worked on the buses for two years as a bus conductor . Then joined the Royal Air Force as a Trade assistant general. Served 22 years ,awarded the Long Service and good conduct medal .Retired initially at 46 leaving the RAF as a Sergeant in the trade as an Administrator. Had many responsible jobs within the Service including Adjutant for a Squadron. Flight co-ordinator for another and other responsible clerical and administrative jobs.

    I later served as a Civil Servant a RAF base, then as an Officer in the inland revenue. I did not come to the UK to seek benefits. I came here to find suitable employment and better my standard of living, which I did successfully.

    Having said that, there are at present too many free hand outs falling under the category as benefits, which has encouraged many UK citizens to ignore work as a means of survival. This has now displayed the UK as the land of honey and gold to would be immigrants and Asylum seekers .

    Perhaps many are seeking the chance to improve their lives if they find a suitable job, but they now know that if they do not want settle down and work, they would be entitled to be cared for under our benefit welfare system.

    One way to stop those who see the UK as an El Dorado where benefits are concerned is for new government legislation making benefits available ONLY to those born here, and those with British citizenship and living in UK. Immigrants and so called Asylum seekers will only qualify for benefit provided they remain live here and are in continuous employment for a period of 5 years.

    • Bonkim

      They should be sent to camps in North Africa.

  • Dave Cockayne

    No, no and no again.

    We have hundreds of thousands of actual, native British people in need of food banks. We have disabled British natives dying of starvation, veterans dying because they can’t afford to refrigerate their medication. We have native British pensioners dying of cold because they can not afford to heat their homes, a generation under forty for whom home ownership is a laughable fantasy and a generation of young adults for whom gainful employment is a distant dream and are forced to live in desperation and debt.

    So the Italian government that buys immigrants one way tickets to Calais can sod off.

    The French government that demands money and police from us because of the illegal immigrants in their country trying to get Britain well they can sod off aswell.

    Merkel and her puritanical ‘I rule Europe’, the British must obey me, she can sod off. Fraulein Goebbels has no nukes, it would be a very short war.

    Enough of this insanity, vote UKIP and give your children a semblance of a future.

  • greggf

    “What do Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey have in common — apart from being Muslim?”

    Lebanon – Muslim?

    Well there you go Justin, that sort of clarifies your mindset on this question!

    We all know that “Britain’s latest fixation with immigration” at £11 billion a year is not shared by our elected betters who like to echo their cosmetic views but vote repeatedly to waste captive taxpayers’ funds.
    For sure, how about a vote on it if you think otherwise?

    Maybe the next election will establish better priorities for taxpayers – I hope so!

  • John Andrews

    There’s no need to apply for asylum in the UK. You just turn up. They don’t know how you got here but they start looking after all your needs.

  • Andy M

    Stop doing both. We have our own problems to fix, we can’t fix others’ problems too until we sort out our own.

  • RY

    I am from India. I thought the headline was sarcastic so I went on to read he piece. I did not know such delusional people exist in UK and also get their shortsighted articles published in a newspaper website.

    • Bonkim

      I suppose there is space in India for these homeless people.

      • RY

        Neither for this author nor for the refugees. we recently exported 137 of the 165 Palestinian refugees to Sweden. The reason they apparently are migrating to Sweden is because they want to feel like home and want to have a sense of belonging. Not that we want them but sounds really ridiculous to me. out of remaining people we are fixing 10 to Norway. By the way, In India you have to work to survive and there are ample opportunities for less educated people but it requires some hard work.
        We also have 8500 Afghans and 2000 Myanmar refugees, But they I believe have blended quite well with the society. They dont demand the society to provide them feeling like their home but rather adapt themselves to India to feel homely in the new home and new society.

        • Bonkim

          Doubt if the refugees will feel at home in Sweden or India – they will create their own Ghettos wherever they go particularly the Islamic variety. If they want they should all be sent to India or Sweden. India with its 1.2+billion people can well absorb a few more millions easily and form another sub-caste to exploit for cheap labour in their growing economy. As you say at nil social services cost.

          Good luck. We don’t want them/need them. By the way refugees are supposed to walk to the nearest safe haven out of where they are persecuted – not travel thousands of miles through various countries paying people traffickers.

          If the UN Refugee Agency is concerned they should initiate a population control project across the globe particularly at locations on earth which in the past could not sustain life but today populated because of overseas aid. The UN in any case is wasted space. It should be abolished.

  • Picquet

    Such a pointless piece; treating the symptoms and not the causes has never been profitable to anyone. Rather like Aid, sent in apparently good faith, but in reality worsening and perpetuating the cause of poverty and misery. Britain has no choices over the next fifty years; the present population is in surplus.

  • Peter Byrd

    This article forgets the UK is full up small country. Housing shortages and over stretched infrastructures are the norm here. If it was not for the English Channel we’d be swamped under. We have mass immigration already and Germany endorses the EU pro immigration rules yet the British people only voted for a common market.

  • Bonkim

    Stop wasting money on aid, and lift the drawbridge, Britain is full.

  • MathMan

    Here’s a better idea: don’t take them in AND don’t give them any money.

  • Daviejohn

    We are Closed, I am sure refugee’s from those Muslim countries would honestly prefer to go to another Muslim country. I think your piece is rather a nasty dig at the British. We do our bit , and have done more than most.

  • redsquirrel

    Maybe some of the problem is we already let in millions of not-asylum seekers. Now we are much more full than the countries listed in the article as being better than Britain so it’s hard to sell letting more people in to the natives.

    Allowing asylum seekers in saves only a tiny % of those in need. Much better to help other countries become prosperous & peaceful so more of the world has a country they want to call home.

    Here is a hint though. You can’t help a country become more prosperous & peaceful with large scale military intervention or arming radicals. Even if they have oil.

  • Charles Hatvani

    No aid, no immigrants!

  • michaellimb

    In the interest of accuracy, I think Mr Marozzi should explain that the population of Lebanon contains many religious groups including Muslims (around 55%), Christians (around 40%) and Druze (around 5%). I do not think it can therefore be defined as a Muslim country, a status Mr Marozzi confers on it “in common with Pakistan, Iran, Jordan and Turkey” all of which are predominantly Muslim.

  • Jeff Saunders

    It is unbelievable that Britons, having made FORTUNES from colonies all around the world in years gone by, now decides to block asylum to those who have genuine reasons for knocking on your doors – your very riches came off the backs of these same people!

    • cartimandua

      tough. We took the best science of the day. If tribal peoples chose to lose it and overpopulate themselves into conflict that was actually their choice.

    • TDrowry

      I hope you will be putting some refugees up in your house , there is a ten year wait for council housing and I’m sure you wouldn’t want a homeless Britons to lose out on a home, they haven’t made the fortune out of the colonies that you obviously did.

  • cartimandua

    The south east of the UK is the most crowded place in the EU. We are the size of Idaho yet have twice the population of Canada.
    So no we cannot and should not “let lots more in”.

  • Terry Field

    I did point all this out years ago to the Home Office, but the amoral, dysfunctional and utterly bloody incompetent little scumbags would not listen.

  • Peter Gardner

    Justin Marozzim fails to recognise that much of the opposition to current immigration has nothing whatsoever to do with refugees. What it is about is that Britain has got itself tied up in knots about who precisely may come and live here and who of those here should leave. The central point is Britain no longer has the power to decide for itself. Ukip’s Nigel Farage is not racist. He does not oppose asylum seekers coming to Britain. What he opposes is for example that we cannot allow talented people from around the world to come and work in the professions and highly skilled position because we have no control whatsoever over floods of unskilled economic migrants coming here because the British minimum wage is almost ten times what they can earn in their own country. We deny ourselves all these talented people who would contribute enormously because the Government wants an overall cap on total numbers.

    My own experience of asylum seekers is that those who have had to make the most arduous journey are already selected by that process to be hardworking, enterprising, often talented and want only to be able to earn a living in peace for themselves and their families. They should indeed be made welcome provided they accept and respect the British way of life.

    What I object to is that because our immigration system does not select we are overwhelmed simply by the sheer number; we are forced to put up with far too many of the wrong people who have no reason to be here or who are here to scrounge or to do us harm. If we left the EU and the ECHR we would be able to protect our British way of life, benefit from immigration of skilled people who also accept and respect our culture and finally to be compassionate and generous to desperate people in genuine need.

    Justin Marozzim seems not to understand that the compassion and generosity towards refugees that used to be normal in Britain was so precisely because we used to have control of our borders and a selective immigration system. The hostility we have today has arisen precisely because our borders are open and membership of the EU prevents Britain from having a proper, sensible and compassionate immigration policy.

    The irony is that managing the increasing crisis of displaced people is an international issue requiring agreement and cooperation between states. However, the structure of the EU is such that states within it are not sovereign and cannot make any decision for themselves. Co-operation would be greatly facilitated by decisions on detail being made independently by each state rather than majority voting dictating to each state. The EU is inherently the wrong place for the issue to be resolved. The proper forum is the UN which respects the sovereignty of individual states, not the EU which does not.

  • TDrowry

    Yes, let in more immigrants and refugees but the housing and infrastructure has to be built first , new metropolitan cities in East Anglia, Lowland Scotland and Devon maybe. UK will soon have a 70 million population yet politicians are still not building the extra housing, schools, hospitals, roads, sewage water, power supply, flood defences… etc that is needed.

  • Blindsideflanker

    The BBC is starting up a political campaign for us to take Syrian refugees.

  • George Orwell

    A VERY, VERY dangerous man?

    I was listening to Peter Sutherland
    on the BBC this spouting his great concern for people on boats from
    Lybia and how they should be welcomed to Europe…after some Googling I
    find this man has some serious form…..he says…

    “Last year, during the Arab revolutions, the EU missed a historic
    opportunity to begin weaving together the two sides of the
    Mediterranean.” Sutherland is also quoted as arguing that opposition to
    greater globalisation is “morally indefensible”

  • George Orwell

    A VERY, VERY dangerous man?


    He wants to become the EU Commissioner for migration!…

  • villiers

    Intervention (in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and elsewhere) has always caused further problems and we are then blamed and forced to accept the resulting masses of refugee immigrants.

    Thus, it would seem only logical to refrain from any further intervention, as this has in the past only made matters worse. The logical conclusion is, that internal strife is the sole responsibility of the population concerned. Intervention by western powers automatically leads to a far worse situation where ISIS, Taliban and other fundamentalist groups are then empowered to terrorise and murder.

    Intervention, especially where none of our relevant interests are concerned, is counter- productive. And we should be more than moderately critical of arguments that any foreign situation could endanger our society by `protecting and harbouring terrorists´.

    It would further also seem logical that when members of non-assimilated minorities choose to leave the country in order to participate in foreign insurgencies, they should not be discouraged. Their passports, naturalisation documents and residential permits should be revoked, preventing them from re-entering the EU.

  • MathMan

    Immigrants from the Third World come to UK because they have been unable to build functioning societies of their own and want to take advantage of ours. They, and their descendants, then become welfare dependent. Does this make economic sense for UK?

  • vlad the impaler

    id like to put justin homo marozzi’s severed head on a spike outside the tower of london,thats what brits did to all traitors.you want em so bad let em move into your house asshole.no more colored scum on the islands.

  • Simon Morgan

    Just how would gay immigrants from Zimbabwe prove they were in fact gay? It’s as though we’re living in a ‘pre-invention of lying’ world. Wake up people.

  • Simon Morgan

    “According to the United Nations, they are the world’s top five hosts of refugees. Pakistan alone has 1.6 million.” -are Pakistani’s paying for their refugees? Answer: No – the UN pays for and maintains all the refugee camps. It is quite disingenuous to claim countries like Pakistan are doing ‘more’ than we are.