Looking beyond black and white in Ferguson

Michael Brown's death and the disorder that has followed are being seen through two specious narratives. We won't see the real truth until the trial – if then

23 August 2014

9:00 AM

23 August 2014

9:00 AM

The ongoing Ferguson crisis in America is really two stories rather than one. The first story is the straightforward mystery of what happened when Darren Wilson (‘the white cop’) killed Michael Brown (‘the black youth’). The second story, much loved by the British and American media, is ‘America’s Racial Divide’.

The two stories are related, of course, but not in quite the way that links them in most reporting and commentary. The first story is treated as another episode in the second’s larger ‘narrative’, which is that white America is murderously hostile to its black minority. Few people express this view as openly as the film-maker Spike Lee, who declared simply that ‘there is a war on the black male’. But his argument has been the leitmotif of media discussions from the moment it became known that a white cop had killed a black man.

National Guard Called In As Unrest Continues In Ferguson
Police watch as demonstrators protest the killing of teenager Michael Brown Photo: Getty

Exactly the same narrative shaped coverage of Trayvon Martin’s death in Florida last year to the point that the New York Times described his alleged murderer, George Zimmerman, as ‘a white Hispanic’ so that no one would be confused about the racial significance of the case. NBC News similarly edited a police tape of Zimmerman so that it seemed he had spontaneously remarked that Martin was black (he was in fact responding to a question from the police about Martin’s race). Zimmerman was acquitted nonetheless, and many of those who had followed the evidence in court judged the verdict correct (even if he might well have been convicted of a lesser offence). But the acquittal was received with indignant demands from politicians, lawyers, journalists and organisations such as the NAACP for the Justice Department to launch a civil rights prosecution against him.

There are in fact competing narratives in such cases: ‘white cop shoots unarmed black’ versus ‘liberal establishment railroads unlucky cop’. Which narrative triumphs should be decided in principle by particular evidence of specific acts in a court of law. That evidence against Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown looks strong. But that was also true initially of the Zimmerman–Martin trial. We have yet to hear the case for Wilson. And some of the stories leaking out — Brown’s previous assaults, his being high on marijuana that night — would serve to exculpate Wilson if they prove true.

National Guard Called In As Unrest Continues In Ferguson
Arrests are made during the protests Photo: Getty

Today, however, many influential people are less interested in the facts before the court than in whether a verdict strengthens their political or ideological interests. When they demand justice, they want Wilson convicted to confirm that America is waging war on black youth. And vice versa for an acquittal. A real person must be imprisoned (or his death left unpunished) in order to prove a point.

Even so, the divisions over such symbolic cases are not a simple binary black-white distinction. Polls suggest that one fifth of black Americans think the police response to the shooting ‘has been about right’, and about the same number think that race was getting too much attention as a factor. That is not an insignificant percentage. In the current atmosphere, however, some courage and independence of mind are probably required for black people to resist the drive towards simple condemnation of Wilson, the cops and American racism. At the same time those black Americans in Ferguson whose businesses, homes and persons are under threat from rioters and ‘protesters’ likely don’t see themselves as sharing either common interests or common values with their tormentors. A few black clergymen have said exactly that.

National Guard Called In As Unrest Continues In Ferguson

A map of racial divisions on these issues might look something like this. There is a broad identity of interest between private-sector middle-class whites, black blue-collar workers and black small-business owners. What they want is stability, economic opportunity, low taxes and protection from crime. A similar coalition on the other side would bring together the white liberal ‘knowledge class’, the black middle class in the public sector, and underclass black people dependent upon government. What they want is a growing public sector, extensive welfare, and a large but weak government. If we confine our gaze to Black America, we see an apparent alliance between the public-sector intelligentsia and the underclass against the small-business and blue-collar classes in order to redistribute their wealth through higher taxes, greater public spending and crime. Cases such as the Michael Brown killing tend to strengthen this alliance and to draw blue-collar workers and small-business people into it by raising racial tensions with white America and dividing the natural allies in the first potential coalition. But when rioting and looting go beyond the symbolic and trash homes and businesses, they push people back into the first coalition and divide the second.

Blaming American racism has proved a successful political strategy but a failed governing one. The war on black Americans has in fact been waged most ruthlessly by liberal Democrats who believed they were defending them. Consider the loss of jobs, the poor quality of ghetto schools, the murder of young black men by cops or by other young black men. (Murder is overwhelmingly an intraracial crime.) All of these ills are most prevalent in cities such as Chicago and Detroit which have been governed by Democrats for half a century. This is not a major theme of media commentary — just as the least mentioned fact about the Ferguson crisis is that Missouri’s hapless Governor Jay Nixon is a Democrat.

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  • Leslie Best

    An excellent analysis of the underlying motives of the sections of the American public involved. These cases, Brown, Martin et al bring forth the hand-wringers such as Al Sharpton who ignore the 30+ black-on-black murders every day in the USA.

    • GraveDave

      But you heard what Spike said, there is a war on the black male.Though of course he meant from white people. Spike Lee has made at least three public spectacles of himself, to my knowledge.
      This is possibly the worst and most embarrassing for him.

      /28/2012 | FOX NATION.COM

      Late last week, Spike Lee re-tweeted the address of ‘George Zimmerman’ to his quarter of a million followers.

      Except it was the wrong address. It was the address of an elderly Florida couple whose son… William George Zimmerman (no relation to shooter) – lived briefly there in 1995. Now the 70-year-old school cafeteria lunch lady with a heart condition and her 72-year-old husband have been forced to move out of danger into a hotel temporarily after receiving hate mail, threats, harassing visits from reporters and fearful inquiries from neighbors.

      The woman’s other son Chip Humble told the Orlando Sentinel, “It’s scary because there are people who aren’t mentally right and will take this information and run with it. To endanger people who are innocent because people are angry is not the answer. That’s not how we’re going to heal. It’s not [going] to help the Martin family for someone else to be hurt.”

      The O’Reilly Factor contacted Spike Lee’s production company “40 Acres and a Mule.” Instead of issuing a statement or an apology, the executive office told Factor producer Jesse Watters that Spike Lee had “no comment.” That’s it. The famous filmmaker is coming under heavy pressure on Twitter to apologize. Lee’s tweet has been removed, but it continues to be retweeted. Developing…

      • Mike

        More like ’40 Dip S**** and an Ass’ !

        • GraveDave

          Spike Lee has made at least three public spectacles

          Doesn’t sound right – does it? I was in a rush I guess..

      • global city

        Who cares about truth or reaction? he has got a campaign to stir up!

    • mohdanga

      Yup, best to keep those 30 murders a day quiet, doesn’t quite fit the narrative does it?
      14 blacks killed by blacks on one weekend in Chicago….don’t recall the FBI, Eric Holder or the President getting involved. Where were the marches by angry blacks protesting this??
      Blacks constitute 13% of the US population but commit 50%+ of the murders, most of these black on black. Blacks are responsible for killing blacks, not whites. A 70% out of wedlock birthrate, a culture that worships black gang bangers and drug dealers and a victimhood complex based on slavery are the culprits, not whitey’s ‘racism’.
      300,000 white Union soldiers died to abolish slavery. Sounds racist to me.
      Here’s another interesting statistic: murder rate for Asians in the US is about 1.6 per 100,000, for whites about 2.2 (same as Belgium and Canada), 3.4 for Hispanics and……20 for blacks.

      • Kaine

        The aim of the Union forces was not to abolish slavery, it was to crush a rebellion. Most Union soldiers fought because they were conscripted, or felt a sense of patriotism.

        “…If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it,
        and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I
        could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone, I would also do that….” -Abraham Lincoln

        Given your ranting about other people’s ‘victimhood complex’, your need to appropriate the deaths of thousands to soothe your soul implies an element of projection on your part.

        • Moderator

          “The aim of the Union forces was not to abolish slavery, it was to crush a rebellion.”

          The war was about the future of the USA – federal union of states or a confederation of sovereign states. If you read Jefferson Davis’s farewell address to the Senate this is very clear “It is known to Senators who have served with me here, that I have for
          many years advocated, as an essential attribute of State sovereignty,
          the right of a State to secede from the Union. Therefore, if I had not
          believed there was justifiable cause; if I had thought that Mississippi
          was acting without sufficient provocation, or without an existing
          necessity, I should still, under my theory of the Government, because of
          my allegiance to the State of which I am a citizen, have been bound by
          her action. I, however, may be permitted to say that I do think she has
          justifiable cause, and I approve of her act. I conferred with her people
          before that act was taken, counseled them then that if the state of
          things which they apprehended should exist when the convention met, they
          should take the action which they have now adopted.”

          Slavery was a side affect and no one died to save a few darkies.

          • jhp151


            If you look into it you will find slavery listed as a primary reason for succession in most if not all of the southern states – example:


          • The Masked Marvel

            In the South, to this day, they teach that it was about States’ Rights. Which it was. Only the specific right at issue was the worst possible one to defend. It was well known and debated when the country was formed that this was going to be a serious, destructive problem eventually, but the feeling at the time was that creating the independent United States was ultimately more important than this one issue.

            Similarly, Lincoln pursued military action to keep the country together, regardless of the specific States’ Rights issue, because maintaining the whole was more important in the end. The fact that he was able to then end slavery was a bonus, not an original goal.

            It’s ugly business, but it was a different time. It took another 100 years to complete the fight to remove the boot from the back of the black neck in some parts of the country.

          • Moderator


          • Anonymous

            The truth in my opinion isn’t really in line with the propaganda of either side. The war was, overwhelmingly, about slavery, and indeed was supported by the USA’s very small abolitionist movement; however, it was a war fought largely over the economic, and not humanitarian, aspects of slavery.

        • mohdanga

          So no Union soldiers felt that slavery was abhorent and needed to be eradicated? One quote from Lincoln proves your point I guess.
          Why would my soul need soothing?? Blacks have been milking the victimhood card for years, aided and abetted by the likes of Sharpton and Jackson and now Holder and Obumbler and the media and gullible citizens lap it up. Every other culture and race has suffered under the hands of someone else, they get up and get on with things. How many more centuries are black gangbangers going to use the excuse of slavery as a reason for dealing drugs, committing crime and killing each other?
          I provide stats on black crime and this is now a rant about ‘victimhood complex’….got it.

          • Marvin RiseofthePhoenix Robins

            They are not dealing drugs because of slavery directly,rather the residual effects of slavery. The lack of quality education and job opportunities created a black market where many could be made. Not unlike the mobsters of the 20’s we idolize today. This country want to stop the killing they need only look back to the mobs of yesteryear.. Once we ended prohibition the killings stop, likewise if we tale another approach to drugs in this country the killings in the hood would also stop.

          • The Masked Marvel

            Poor education in some inner cities is a residual effect of slavery? You’ll have to explain that one.

          • mohdanga

            Tens of billions poured into the black community over the past 50 years, affirmative action, desegregation….and what’s been the result?? 70% of black children born out of wedlock, absent fathers with multiple children with multiple women, gang banging, drug dealing, perpetual victimhood. If any black person wants to succeed the tools are there….quit blaming the fact that your great-great-great-great-grandfather was a slave 200 years ago! What’s going to be the excuse 300 years from now??
            And who idolizes the mobsters from the 20s?? These were criminals and murderers.

      • Marvin RiseofthePhoenix Robins

        What are you a 6th grader? Few people died in the pursuit of freeing the slaves.. That is whites rewriting history.. The civil war was not fought to free the slaves.. The Civil war was fought over money and who would control it. The freeing of the slaves was a result of the war, not the cause of it.

        • mohdanga

          Hey Mr. Mensa, a cursory glance of any website related to the US Civil War states that opposition to slavery was one of the main causes of the war. Now we know that this is a conspiracy by whitey to ‘rewrite history’ and all those historians who agree that slavery was a major issue and history books written over the past 100 years are all complicit in it.

    • Kenneth O’Keeffe

      Who can forget Tom Wolfe’s hysterical parody of Sharpton, that slimy opportunist, in the guise of the outrageous Reverend Bacon (Bonfire of the Vanities)?!

    • Marvin RiseofthePhoenix Robins

      Are you saying that because black youths are killing black youths that it should be ok for the people who enslaved, raped, and tortured us to freely able to kill black boys with impunity? I never understand that analog that because blacks are killing blacks that whites should also be able to kill blacks.. GTFOOH.

      • crosscop

        Those people are all long dead.

      • Fergus Pickering

        I think the idea is that black boys kill people indiscriminately.

    • JoeDM

      But what has this to do with Man Utd ?

  • GraveDave

    Exactly the same narrative shaped coverage of Trayvon Martin’s death in Florida last year to the point that the New York Times described his alleged murderer, George Zimmerman, as ‘a white Hispanic’ so that no one would be confused about the racial significance of the case. NBC News similarly edited a police tape of Zimmerman so that it seemed he had spontaneously remarked that Martin was black (he was in fact responding to a question from the police about Martin’s race). Zimmerman was acquitted nonetheless, and many of those who had followed the evidence in court judged the verdict correct (even if he might well have been convicted of a lesser offence).

    How refreshing.

    • global city

      Culture wars, race wars, identity politics, political correctness, multiculturalism…..all bastard children of Cultural Marxism. All devised to sow division and cause chaos leading to the collapse of western society.

      For some reason stupid left wingers think that they will be the ones who fill the post collapse vacuum.

  • Kaine

    Except your putative black, blue-collar workers and small business owners overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama, unless your argument is that they make up only 6% of African Americans. Indeed, since non-voting among poor communities in the USA is so widespread, one would expect the groups you cite as being over-represented among the electorate.

    Indeed, if this is all about ‘wealth redistribution’ then why do Asian Americans, who tend to be better off financially, also overwhelmingly vote Democratic?

    Your position is essentially that minority groups in the USA are too stupid to realise the Democrats are bad for them. Ironically this is precisely the ‘false consciousness’ argument put forward by social democrats in America for a century as to why dirt-poor white voters stubbornly voted for people who took away their support systems.

    The GOP can continue to pretend it doesn’t have a race problem, rely on its core vote, and keep on losing the presidency. Or it can do what GWB actually tried in 2000 and do something about it.

    • whs1954

      The two coalitions the OP is describing are not necessarily the Republican voting coalition and the Democrat voting coalition; at no point in that paragraph does he use the party labels to describe them. It’s quite possible to be black, working class, worried about crime and vote Democrat (indeed it’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t), and still have issues in common with the private sector middle class whites he describes.

      • Kaine

        Except the author does bring party politics into it when he says, “The war on black Americans has in fact been waged most ruthlessly by liberal Democrats who believed they were defending them.”

        Which begs the question, why do they continue to vote Democratic, and totally ignore the author’s sagacious assessment of their true interests?

        • Mike

          Because they have s*** for brains, thats why some people vote in liberal progressives. Its no different in the UK or the USA, as this grouping is more interested in watching dumb TV programs than watching a real debate about serious issues.

        • Fergus Pickering

          It begs no question at all. It may raise a question.

    • Mike

      Not much of a race problem when ethnic groups are busy killing each other !

  • Gwangi

    Oh fugg Ferguson! We are British not American, so why is this story even in our news headlines?
    Of course there is a racial divide in the USA – it has almost 15% blacks, most descended from slaves. The UK has no more than about 4% blacks – the rest of our 16% ethnic minorities are Asian.
    Troublemakers try to use US situations as an analogy to campaign for such things as ‘positive’ discrimination in the UK – which is more than specious, it is dishonest and irresponsible, No black has ever faced state racial exclusion in the UK, and these days, it is whites who have to work harder to get into certain industries or training opportunities.
    But what is true is that in the USA and the UK, most street crime seems to be done by young black males. So they are hardly innocent fluffy bunnies, and if they are always targeted by police there is a good reason for that. If Hassidic Jews made up 60%+ of muggers, no doubt they’d be targeted. If 80 year old ladies did, they’d be targeted. So blacks should blame blacks for the suspicion in which many people hold them – it’s just people not wanting to be mugged, innit? That’s why they avoid certain areas (though there I nowhere in the UK anywhere like as bad as black areas in the USA).

    • GraveDave

      We are British not American, so why is this story even in our news headlines?

      We should be pleased for any lessons to be learned at least.

  • “We won’t see the real truth until the trial – if then”

    The real truth, which the media won’t cover…

    FERGUSON-SHOOTING WITNESS [DORIAN JOHNSON] WANTED IN 2011 CASE: Outstanding warrant calls for extradition after failure to appear at theft trial…


    Translation: Dorian Johnson, a DHS informant, was Michael Brown’s handler, leading the patsy Michael Brown to rob the convenience store, then to his death at the hands of the police, culminating in the planned riots and looting that follow.

    Dorian Johnson says Michael Brown handed him the box of cigars and that he told Michael, “I don’t steal [sic]”, and put the box back on the counter. Why would Michael Brown hand the box of cigars to Dorian Johnson if Dorian Johnson hadn’t asked for the cigars? Why does Dorian Johnson allow his “friend” to shoplift when he knows the CCTV cameras have them both on tape? Why are the two walking in the middle of the street after one of them shoplifts? Why doesn’t Dorian Johnson pull his “friend” back onto the sidewalk once the police cruiser arrives beside them?

    Purpose for the false flag operation? To once again subvert the prominence of the United States in the eyes of the world, and allow Russia to regain some of the PR she lost when she was forced to assist Kiev in suppressing the anti-Communist rebellion earlier this year,* where hundreds of hated statues of Lenin came toppling down, statues that were supposed to have been toppled back in early 1992 if the collapse of the USSR were real and not the obvious strategic ruse it was…

    *The cause of the mass rebellion was due to the weakened security apparatus in the Ukraine at the time, because most of the Ukrainian military was in Iraq or Syria, causing mayhem in Syria and preparing to cause mayhem in Iraq. Those so-called Islamic State combatants who wear masks are Ukrainian troops.

    • Kaine

      I must admit, this is the best conspiracy theory so far on Ukraine.

      • “I must admit, this is the best conspiracy theory so far on Ukraine.”

        Last I heard, hundreds of hated statues of Lenin were toppled, which can only occur if the Ukrainian Army were out of country, and guess where they were…Syria and Iraq, where else would they be.

        • William_Brown


        • Roger Hudson

          Put that bong away and start thinking straight.

          • AJH1968

            I am waiting to hear about the Apollo moon landings my self.That said, I think a combination of sexual frustration cannabis and prescription drugs can lead to the most toxic of theories.

          • “I am waiting to hear about the Apollo moon landings my self.”

            I have no conclusive evidence on that subject as I provided for the obvious fraudulent collapse of the USSR. Do you have evidence for a faked NASA landing on the Moon that is likewise conclusive?

            Further conclusive evidence that the political parties of the West were co-opted by Marxists long before the fake collapse of the USSR in late 1991…

            The fraudulent “collapse” of the USSR (and East Bloc) couldn’t have been pulled off until both political parties in the United States (and political parties elsewhere in the West) were co-opted by Moscow & Allies, which explains why verification of the “collapse” was never undertaken by the West, such verification being (1) a natural administrative procedure (since the USSR wasn’t occupied by Western military forces); and (2) necessary for the survival of the West. Recall President Reagan’s favorite phrase, “Trust, but verify”.

            Notice that not one political party in the West demanded verification of the collapse of the USSR, and the media failed to alert your attention to this fact, including the “alternative” media. When determining whether the “former” USSR is complying with arms control treaties, what does the United States do to confirm compliance? Right, the United States sends into the “former” USSR investigative teams to VERIFY compliance, yet when it’s the fate of the West that’s at stake should the collapse of the USSR be a ruse, what does the United States do to confirm the collapse? Nothing!

            It gets worse–the West also never (1) de-Communized the Soviet Armed Forces of its Communist Party officer corps, which was 90% officered by Communist Party members; and (2) arrested and detained the 6-million vigilantes that assisted the Soviet Union’s Ministry of the Interior and police control the populations of the larger cities during the period of “Perestroika” (1986-1991)!

            There was no verification, de-Communization and de-mobilization.

          • “Put that bong away and start thinking straight.”

            I tried that, and then several months later I checked again to see if those thousands of statues to Lenin are still standing in Russia. And they are.

        • Kaine

          Amazing. Have you considered writing a novel? This is at least a grade higher than Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins and they’ve sold tonnes.

          • “Amazing. Have you considered writing a novel?”

            Been there, done that. My novel is “Best Laid Plans”, and can be found at Amazon.

  • Mike

    The historic FACTS are that 95% of gun deaths of black males in America are carried out by other black males and NOT white males whether in the police force or not. Of the 5% of cases where a white person shot a black male, again the majority of white on black shooting was a result of a black intruder getting caught by the white home owner. That’s not racism, that’s a statistical fact that is inconvenient for the left wing progressives.

    Equally, a similar historical FACT is 99% of ALL terrorist acts are carried out by Muslims inspired by Islam, but the left don’t want to accept either of these truisms.

    As far as this particular case is concerned, even if there’s a case to answer for this white policeman its still only a very small percentage compared to black on black killings. If it was the other way around and 95% of blacks killed were carried out by white people, the evidence would be very strong to suggest racism but thats not the case.

    Does anyone know of a “ISM” word that describes black on black or Muslim on Muslim killing sprees as there damn well ought to be !!!

    • GraveDave

      Ethno-masochism. They do it with knives and guns; and we do it with guilt and morality.

    • Anonymous

      Over 90% of Domestic Terrorism incidents in the United States are carried out by non-Muslims (mainly Christian fundamentalists and anti-government extremists). A slim majority (56%) of incidents since 1995 have been carried out by Right-wing extremists.

      As to murder, yes, it’s a crime which is generally intra-racial: 84% of white homicide victims in the United States are killed by other whites, for example. However, the rate at which black people kill black people really has very little bearing on the question of whether or not the United States has significant problems of institutionalised racism: after all, in a 100% segregated society, the “white-on-black” rate would be 0%.

      This journalist’s lazy caricature of American society (which contains a whole lot of non-Right-wing people who aren’t members of the sinister “knowledge class”), and the assertion that swathes of black Americans are somehow in favour of crime, gives away his own bias, in my opinion.

      • Mike

        Whilst its a fact that percentage wise you’re quite correct about who carries out terrorist acts it has to be said that its purely Islamic inspired terrorism attempts to kill thousands at a stroke as happened on 9-11. The 90% of other terrorist attacks were similar to our own IRA attacks where the aim is generally but not always more to do with disruption than murder thousands.

        On general crime, the fact that its brushed under the carpet that the majority of blacks are killed by other blacks is a deliberate spin to imply that there isn’t a specific problem there and that proportionately whites will kill as many if not more blacks. Lying by ommission does not make this problem go away.

        This was especially compounded when people like Obama or Eric Holder make dumb statements over the death of a black young man who was not killed by another black but implying its a racial killing. Their MSM supporters even edited the police phone call over Trevyons deaths to make it look racially motivated and then twisted the ethnicity of the person who they wanted to called white until it transpired he was Hispanic. Then they twisted it from Hispanic to White Hispanic as it didn’t play well on their racist agenda.

        Drugs, guns and killing are the crime of preference for black gangs just as banking scams are the preferred crime of white bankers. If we can’t accept who carries out specific types of crimes then we can’t reduce it let alone police it.

        • Anonymous

          Again, not true I’m afraid. Attempts (sometimes
          successful) to kill abortion doctors, bomb “Liberal” organisations and so on are still quite commonplace. Anti-black hate crimes are about six times more common than anti-white hate crimes. Obviously 9/11 was the single biggest terrorist atrocity ever to happen on American soil
          (the previous record going to a KKK massacre from the 1870s), but if we’re counting non-domestic terrorism then there’s a whole lot of competition from non-Muslim groups around the world (take Joseph Kony’s outfit as one example).

          I just don’t think it’s relevant to a conversation
          on an issue like Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown to bring up general high murder rates in majority-black areas. Those are common-or-garden murders: the police will investigate, and nobody will make excuses for the killers. Just like ISIS kill more innocent people than the IDF, but there’s less debate about their actions because everyone feels the
          same sense of horror about ISIS, even if their recommended solutions are different. In any case, people like the NAACP do do a lot of campaigning around crime reduction, they just have different ideas from you on how to stop it (for example, they feel that educational inequities, institutionalised racism, the mass-incarceration prison model, etc., have something to do with it).

          Personally, I’ve never really grasped the
          significance of Zimmerman having been half-Hispanic (I’m probably affected by the fact that, in Europe, Hispanic people are considered white), though yeah, MSNBC dropped the ball on that tape. Having said that, I don’t believe that said tape was the only, or best, reason to suspect a racial bias over Martin’s case. I think it’s fair to say that, if an unarmed (let’s say white) teenager was chased down the street by a large (let’s say black) guy carrying a loaded handgun, who didn’t identify himself as a law enforcement officer, and indeed was not one, and said white teen turned round to start fighting before the pursuer could raise the gun (which is, at very worst, what Martin was accused of doing), then the authorities’ response would have been very different. It’s hard to believe that the exact same people would have been sticking up for the gun-wielding pursuer in that situation.

          • Mike

            Firstly, I have already conceded that 90% of ‘terrorist’ actions in the USA are not inspired by Islam so quite why you needed a whole paragraph of ancient history I don’t know. As for number of people killed in terrorist acts in the last 20 years, its a completely different story as Islam did inspire 90% of the deaths as opposed to non Islam inspired terrorist attacks.

            As for the deaths of colored men from guns I think its highly relevant to look at the statistics whether its a police officer killing one or a Hispanic neighborhood watch guy who killed one. The common links are crime, colour and race and we should address it rather than spin it. It might be inconvenient statistics on who kills the most colored men and how but it should be acknowleged rather than covered up otherwise how can you address these criminal social issues. It is unhelpful to pretend most these deaths are racist white against black and down right defamatory against white people as a ethnic group.

            I’ve always though of Hispanic people as being just that, Hispanic, but with no negativity attached to them. I have Spanish neighbours and I’ve had Indian neighbours and I would describe them as such, but there’s nothing there that’s derogatory and they would refer to me as being English or white respectively.

            Its a given that the MSM f***** up with the Trevyon reporting as they initially said Zimmerman was white no doubt because of his German sounding name and its surprising they didn’t go as far to say he was a white German. Of course they had a biased agenda and didn’t bother to check their facts until someone pointed out to them Zimmerman was actually a Hispanic which is an easily identifiable ethnic group in America. OOOps, they must have thought, better change that but we still want to make the point its a white person that killed Trevyon so we’ll call him a white Hispanic instead.

            That was the most disgusting piece of reverse racialism seen in the past 10 years by MSM if ever, as they had a message to get out and nothing was going to stop them.

            As far as what happened that night, no one really knows for sure who said what but a jury found Zimmerman innocent under Florida laws and that should have been the end of the matter.

  • Oliver

    I don’t doubt that there is some overzealous and unprofessional policing going on, and it is correct to say that there is a racial element to it. But I stop short of assuming it is always white racism. Sure racist cops exist but they are in no way representative of the police as a whole.

    The question is, if our police and society as a whole are not incurably racist. how an earth do we explain black incarceration rates, massive inequality in stop & search and the inordinate amount of black men shot by police.

    The answer is simple. Phenomenally high violent crime rates from Brixton to Ferguson explain a lot but I believe there are two more important factors.

    The black community as a whole have an adversarial relationship with the police and have developed a culture of confrontation whereby even law abiding citizens will escalate a situation via hostility and aggression if they feel (rightly or wrongly) that they are being disrespected.

    So you have the police patrolling areas with horrifying violent crime rates where even the law abiding citizens hate them and are likely to be hostile for a perceived disrespect.

    Which is more likely that black victims of police shooting were shot because the officer fancied executing someone for having the wrong skin colour? Or that the police are defensive because they police dangerous neighborhoods with a hostile population and that that hostility escalates into confrontation in a way which rarely happens when dealing with white weed smoking youths?

    I think this has less to do with racism or poverty and much more to do with high crime and a culture of open hostility and adversary towards those charged with policing the street

    • Roger Hudson

      What ‘phenomenally’ high crime rate in Brixton ? I’ve never seen any serious crime for years.

      • GraveDave

        Well where I live the sirens of police and ambulance (often turning out to be related) are as common as birdsong. I suppose it would depend on where you live though.

      • Oliver

        Fortunately crime statistics are not based on what Roger Hudson did or did not see.

        • Fergus Pickering

          Ah but what are they based on? Damned lies most of them. I’d ratther go on what someone saw or didn’t see.

          • Oliver

            Victims of crime both black and white report black perpetrators to an almost identical frequency that official crime stats show.

            Are you seriously suggesting police forces from London to St Louis are falsifying black crime rates because they hate brown skin?

            Nice foil hat you have there

    • Livia

      Buying a soft drink and Skittles is pretty gangsta. People just don’t fear Starburst enough.

      • Oliver

        Trayvon was not a child but a young man who had begun to get into trouble with the law, he had a history of violence and was in the process of beating someone up when he was shot. Plus his killer wasn’t white.

        In fact Zimmerman’s great grandfather was Afro Peruvian. Zimmerman dated a black girl and defended a homeless black man in a case involving a white police officer.

        Most of these cases are not about white racism and it is a travesty that so many ignorant people so want to believe they are

        • wallhousewart

          Yeah, the Liberal “Knowledge Class” thought they had a white Jew as the perp with Zimmerman’s last name and the fact it was a gated community. They jumped in with both feet. Once they realized they had a mixed race man, they then started calling him a “white Hispanic” and amped up the pictures of twelve year old Trayvon instead of the seventeen year old Trayvon. In fact, far from being innocent, a soft drink, candy and codeine make a drink called “Lean” which is why Martin was buying them.

          • Oliver

            Yep that is another thing which disproves the “white racist/black victim” narrative surrounding the Trayvon Martin case.

            The idea that Trayvon buying Skittles was somehow emblematic of his innocence when his social media activity involved talking about mixing Skittles with cough syrup to get high is incredibly ironic. If one has to fabricate the racial identity of the killer, lie about his intentions and twist the facts about the victim to make the case for white racism I suggest the case is without merit.

            White racism is one of the lesser problems the black community face but it does exist.

            The fact that black activists and liberals seem to latch onto cases which are provably not about race says something profound about either their incompetence or how rare real white on black violence is.

  • John Cronin

    Not a bad article, but unfortunately, a third of u.s ARE the underclass, and there’s not much that can be done with them, except move away from them and give the Po-lice lots of weapons.

  • John Cronin

    I meant “a third of US blacks,” obviously

  • The Masked Marvel

    No mention that the officer had his face broken before drawing his weapon? No mention that the militarisation of the police has been a growing problem for years and affects whites as well? A useless article with its own agenda, and does not include information vital to its own argument.

  • global city

    All these calls for the introduction of more Black officers and black suspects only being pursued by Black officers, etc…..does nobody else think it is all a little bit, er, apartheid?

  • Innit Bruv

    and Spike Lee is right……..

    • GraveDave

      He’s not right. And whenever he’s been definitely proved wrong, he’s also very stupid.

  • Mike Ibara

    I think that they have contributed for their own death. Been reading a lot of black violence from Whit Girl Bleed a Lot.

  • JabbaTheCat

    Black thug killed in justified homicide shooting by white cop and then local black population trashes own neighbourhood, like they always do, whilst the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson attempt to gain political mileage from the situation, eof…

  • Roberta Crichton

    Here we find renowned Constitutional scholar Joe Biden staking out the liberal position on the 2nd Amendment: http://youtu.be/JTD5i5q7-Lo?t=38s