The most shocking thing about young Ukip supporters: they’re normal

I went expecting to find mustard trousers. I found down-to-earth ex-Labour voters

24 May 2014

9:00 AM

24 May 2014

9:00 AM

Close your eyes and imagine a young Ukip voter. Let me guess: mustard trousers, swivel eyes and foaming mouth, ranting furiously about the European Union, socialism, ‘lib-tards’ and so on.

Now meet Dayle Taylor, a young Ukipper working at McDonald’s in Accrington. He’s no fruitloop, just a typical modern student who grills Big Macs to pay his way through university and feels that none of the major parties speak for him. What distinguishes him from your average British youth is a lack of apathy about politics. ‘I’m always encouraging Ukippers at McDonald’s,’ he says, ‘and I build up a rapport with the regulars who say they haven’t voted before but will lend their support to Ukip on 22 May.’

Like many of Ukip’s newest recruits, Dayle comes from a working-class Labour family. He was firmly on their side as a boy, until he came to the conclusion that Labour had ‘deserted their core voters’. He turned to Ukip and has never looked back. He’s now a regional chairman of Young Independence, the party’s youth wing. Young Independence was founded seven years ago and is growing fast: it has some 2,000 members and 20 university branches. It represents about 5 per cent of Ukip’s overall membership.

At the party’s annual conference in 2007, a dozen young Kippers were thrown out of the conference and barred from a Telford hotel for drunkenness. Ukip apparently leaked the story because, according to one party source, ‘No one would believe we had young members.’ At last year’s conference hundreds of under-25s turned up to listen, cheer and grin for the TV cameras.

Young Ukippers tend to be more libertarian than their older brethren, and more libertine. Olly Neville, the second chair of YI, was thrown out of Ukip for being supportive of gay marriage (at odds with party policy) and asking in an article ‘What is wrong with necrophilia?’ Sean Howlett, one of the party’s rising stars, was caught by a Sunday Mirror exposé proclaiming he had been to Essex ‘twice in my life, twice too many’.

Dayle Taylor (right) campaigning for Ukip in Chester

I asked Harry Aldridge, who founded Young Independence ten years ago, what first attracted him and his fellow young Kippers to join the party. ‘I felt national politics was a bit stale. Everyone was arguing over minor details and there are no big ideas anymore. The radical idealism of younger people draws them towards Ukip,’ he says.

According to YouGov, 13 per cent of those intending to vote Ukip at the European elections are aged 18 to 24 — two percentage points more than for the Green party. Jack Duffin, a 22-year-old student at Brunel University, is the current chair of Young Independence and recently stood to be Ukip’s first representative in the National Union of Students. At one time, Jack was a young Tory activist, but he lost the faith. His sticking point is not Cameron’s support for the same-sex marriage act, but Tony Blair’s higher education reforms. ‘The 50 per cent target [for university] destroyed everything,’ he says. ‘Apprenticeships dried up because so many people were told you’ve now got to go to university.’ As YI chair he is trying to head an awareness campaign for those under-25s left behind by the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems.

Michael Heaver, a 24-year-old candidate for the European Parliament, is another example of a no-nonsense young Kipper.  Like Jack, he blames Labour for deserting his generation. ‘Labour have abandoned normal working-class people who have seen what’s been done [to Britain] particularly since Blair. For a lot of the young people, that was a major wake-up call.’

These young Ukip campaigners are probably the most normal, diverse and energetic youngsters I’ve encountered in politics. Some are caught up in the excitement and momentum that Ukip has generated in the past few years; others are now committed to the party, in it for the long haul. Unless the political parties can find an answer to these youthful ‘left-behinds’, the young Kippers are here to stay.

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Sebastian Payne is online editor of The Spectator.

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  • cargill55

    Farage and UKIP have a vision, the Liblabcon oligarchy just has self interest , abuse of our political system, cronies and are parasites on Britain and the British people.
    UKIP v Liblabcon corporate Fascism (Costed , comprehensive 2015 manifesto coming soon.)
    Smaller v big state.
    Sovereign v Britain in a superstate.
    Lower tax and spend v higher tax and spend
    No political correctness or multiculturalism v political correctness and
    multicultural extremism.
    Defend Britain v illegal and unnecessary wars
    Functioning democracy v broken democracy
    Keep nation state v EU superstate
    Controlled v uncontrolled immigration
    Deal with illegal immigrants v let 1 million illegal immigrants stay
    Welfare as a short term basic emergency v welfare as a lifestyle
    Lower tax and spend and balanced books v higher tax and spend and soaring state debt
    Common sense Britain v cronyism, quangocracy, charitocracy, bureaucracy.
    Britain first v Britain last.
    No instant immigrant benefits v immediate immigrant benefits
    EU exit v EU
    Emergency humanitarian aid v £60 billion every 5 years.
    NHS with fewer managers and higher standards v NHS cronyism
    Tough on Law & Order v Soft on Law & Order
    No unnecessary foreign wars v EU/US expansionism

    • you_kid

      The Magna Carta oligarchy is not opposed by your great leader.
      He loves the City, he confirmed that many times.
      He loves the outdated laws of the land, he confirmed that many times.
      He and his ilk are the establishment, that is why they only ever get to go to Bruxelles. At home, people are weary about such persistent offerings of the same old same old …

      • Fergus Pickering

        You mean there’s more than one of you?

    • JW McCabe

      @cargill55 Instant access to the benefits system does actually apply to properly immigrated people. I am an American, married to a Brit and I was not allowed any access for two years. Then I paid another £1000+ to receive my next stage of ILR. Now, after paying taxes for over 5 years, I qualify for citizenship .Only after I pay another £1000; too see if I fit the bill. I am totally legal, speak English(with a southern accent) educated and a non criminal. The loopholes for legal immigration are fairly crass but we did it.

      • cargill55

        UKIP has absolutely no issue with controlled immigration where immigrants integrate and benefit Britain .
        The big problem is EU open borders, our own border control and policing and the Liblabcon policy of multicultural extremism.

        • James Lovelace

          I heard Alex Salmond on the radio a couple of days ago, talking about the immigration policy of an independent Scotland. It would be the same as UKIP’s.

          Scottish nationalism = positive and progressive
          British nationalsm = negative and regressive

          Even when their policies are the same.

          • Simon Delancey

            No, Salmond’s immigration policy is far more dangerously lax than UKIP’s.

  • Kitty MLB

    Why would they not be normal. Do the little darlings spout two heads-
    no one ever has said that, I assume.

    • stewart

      Try this

      Retweeted by Robert Peston
      Pete Fraser ‏@petefrasermusic May 19
      DO go and vote on thurs. It isn’t hard, and a lot of people who are MASSIVE pricks definitely will, so every normo who shows up is a bonus.

  • Odar Berkley

    Thirty year old mixed race university educated professional checking in as a kipper normal here. There are more of us than people realise.

    • JoshuaCzajkowski

      20 year old, gay, grandson of a Polish immigrant, university student checking in as a kipper too.

      • Kaine

        I can only assume you’re a masochist too.

        • Fergus Pickering

          To whom do you give your gay vote, Kaine? I’ve quite forgotten.

          • Kaine

            Secret ballot.

          • Hexhamgeezer

            and Public b0ll0x

          • Kaine

            Your skills at dodging the filters are admirable darling.

          • Hexhamgeezer

            ……..as are yours at evading questions kiddo.

          • Kaine

            Evasion implies an attempt at deception. No deception here, I just refuse to answer a question about a private matter.

          • Hexhamgeezer

            ‘Evasion implies an attempt at deception’ No it doesn’t. It implies nothing and indicates/means ‘avoiding’. Check this out on one of the Interweb’s online dictionaries. Or try a library.

          • Kaine

            Here you go. One of the listed synonyms is “subterfuge”.

            English is more complicated than you seem to be able to deal with.

          • Hexhamgeezer

            Sez the internet kiddy who knows about wiktionary. I told you what I/it meant. Waving words like wikt… and subterfuge is just standard leftist evasion (again).

          • Simon Price

            Easy to spot attention-seeking lefties and their puerile ‘humour’. I bet Kaine is one of the great unwashed who objects to people paying tribute to Lee Rigby as well.

          • The Ox

            How can you vote for someone who wants you exiled?!

        • James Lovelace

          99.5% of UK muslims are avowedly homophobic.

          70% of UK muslims want gay people criminalised and “punished”.

          Both surveys done by well-respected organisations; surveys conducted by “moderate muslims”.

          Muslim population of the UK doubles every decade. East London has already been ethnically cleansed of gays, and declared a “Gay Free Zone”.

          After the 7/7 bombings, the worst terrorist attack in Britain, the Labour Party attempted to reward muslims by making all criticism of islam illegal (something muslims had been demanding for 10 to 15 years before that).

          In 2005 David Cameron said “islamic extremists are Nazis”. In the subsequent 9 years, he’s done nothing to stop the spread of islamic nazism.

          Anyone gay who votes for LibLabCon is a suicidal fool.

          • Kaine

            This particular tosh was trotted out by the BNP when they had their brief peak five years ago, that the choice for any LGBT person was between suppression under the jackboot or death from the scary brown people. That it is now being invoked for UKIP is disappointing, but somehow not surprising.

          • James Lovelace

            ” That it is now being invoked for UKIP is disappointing, but somehow not surprising.”

            Clearly you are retarded, in addition to being an enabler of homophobic islamo-fascism.

          • Kaine

            It’s so sweet when conservatives use the terminology of social justice. It’s like a cargo cult. Though your inability to avoid the ableist slur indicates you need more practice darling. X

          • global city

            did you just go mooooooooooooooo?

          • Kaine

            If you haven’t quite mastered ‘Old MacDonald’ might I suggest a less challenging website for your reading skills? Perhaps Breitbart?

          • James Lovelace

            I’m not a conservative. I’m a revolutionary.

          • ItinerantView

            “being invoked for UKIP”
            That was the posters personal opinion baout LIbLabCon’s inability to deal with Islamic extremism and open homophobia as the gay scene in East London can attestb.
            He did not mention UKIP,only the LibLabCon ,you made that assumption and said it was ” now being invoked for UKIP”
            Disappointing propagandist smear-tactic but not surprising.

          • SchtenGraby

            >East London has already been ethnically cleansed of gays, and declared a “Gay Free Zone”.

            Have you actually ever lived in East London?
            This comment is about as factually inaccurate as the rest of your rant.

        • global city

          I can only assume you are one of those dead brained lefties who’s mind is full of other people’s stuff and ideas?

          The old statement
          t about ‘question EVERYTHING’ should also include all of the left wing tripe so many stupid people suck up completely uncritically.

          It’s quite embarrassing really.

          • Kaine

            So, to be clear, you’re advising me not to rely on mainstream opinions and check my own facts by, err, labelling me with a stereotype without attempting to find out anything about me?

            You’re right, it is rather embarrassing for you.

          • global city

            Yes. It is an easy but quite unproductive game to play…. is it not?

      • Rillian

        Great to have you with us too!

        There’s a LGBT UKIP Facebook page, if you’re into facebook that is..

      • Alex

        I’m 22, gay, and the grandson of a German immigrant, also at Uni. UKIP certainly got my vote. May seem forward but we should defiantly go on a date Josh! Either that or finding Douglas Murray.

        • Dutchnick

          Blimey, I am white, English, hetrosexual , married with kids, did’nt go to university would I be allowed to join?

          • SchtenGraby

            On the date?

    • And a thirty-one year old mixed race university educated professional married to a foreigner (American) joining you. The media have tried desperately to stereotype UKIP supporters but their efforts will be in vain,

      • global city

        Americans are not foreigners, they are our kith and kin.

        Remember when Clegg mocked and pulled a derisive grimace when farage mentioned the Anglosphere?

        The EU fetish for the EU demands we turn our backs on the Anglosphere…. we should forcefully reject this drive.

        • JW McCabe

          You are not the only one to think this of Americans such as myself. Many people are shocked I had to attain a Visa to immigrate at all.

          When I went to take my LIFE IN THE UK test a statutory examination when you apply for ILR. The testing agent laughed at me (in a cheeky way) he said: “I guess you won’t be here long”.

          He was correct, I was in the testing arena for a total of 12 minutes. I only got one question wrong one concerning where the minutes of parliament are housed.

          I confused it with where the US congress houses their minutes! With that being said, I passed the test easily and I happily paid my 1000£ for my ILR!

          My veins may be full of blood from these isles going back as far as time but I still paid.

          • global city

            Our filthy establishment have driven a coach and horse through these deep ties….all so that they can play Napoleon around some ‘big table’.

    • franknowzad

      30 is way old!
      Said an ex-BBC disk jockey…

    • bf3

      40 year old brown-skinned university-educated professional here who also speaks German. Of course nobody knows I’m UKIP – I’d rather not get stabbed in the eye by random people.

    • Rillian

      Great to have you with us too.

  • callingallcomets

    Blimey Seb…you actually used some shoeleather and talked to a few Ukippers rather than feeding us CCHQ talking points. I have been suggesting this to you Speccie types since last May but almost all of you preferred to “comment” via stereotypes. Still, better late than never so congrats are due.
    Now maybe you could send Isabel Hardman down to Croydon to ask Winston McKenzie why he supports UKIP rather than sneering at him

  • agneau

    Dayle Taylor, guy on right, is a normal student is he? You could tell from space he isn’t.

    • Aberrant_Apostrophe

      He looks like a Young Conservative to me, except he’s wearing a purple rosette.

      • agneau

        Quite, that along with owning a suit is far from normal for a student.

        • Kaine

          It really isn’t. It’s a pre-requisite for any interview, whether for a job or training scheme, and almost all students do one or both during their time at uni.

    • Define normal

      • agneau

        AA summed in up adequately – you look like a Young Conservative and that is a number of standard deviations away from the student norm. Put more prosaically you fail the Family Fortunes test. If you showed 100 people on the street that photo and asked them to sum up the student in one word, I can guarantee “normal” would not figure. Hope you did well btw.

  • lojolondon

    Sebastian, I need to clarify one point absolutely, which can very easily be confirmed from multiple sources via Google :

    Olly Neville was NOT ‘thrown out of UKIP for supporting gay marriage’. He WAS thrown out of the party for promoting beastiality and necrophilia in an online article, which reads :

    “Yes I am pro bestiality and necrophilia being legalised as you ask. Why should the state tell me I cant?… the animal was never human, the corpse is no longer human… if people want to do it and want it to be done to them whats wrong with it? …when your dead are you alive? no. so are you a living human being? no your a shell, your not a person anymore … hey dont have to, they arent a person anymore, theyre property, its like having sex with your pillow.”

    • Smithersjones2013

      What a surprise little Sebby spinning dishonest propaganda again…..

    • James Lovelace

      Sadly, many libertarians are simply indulging in intellectual masturbation. Such people should be kept well away from any political party. Their interests are not pragmatic politics, but the “what ifs” of the philosophy seminar room.

      • Alan Walker

        I laugh at the term libertarians… You have to admire how words are used to label views that once were positive into negatives and vice versa

        Democratic will of the people = Populist politics
        Traditional Values = old fashioned viewpoints
        National pride = Nationalist agenda/Xenophobic
        Unique cultural identity = Monoculturalism/Ethnocentrism
        Multi ethnic society = Diverse society
        People who fight for liberty and freedom = Libertarians

    • Dutchnick

      “Yes I am pro bestiality and necrophilia”
      I thought that was called flogging a dead horse!

  • I’ll dare say that there is more variety within UKIP’s umbrella than there is in the tired old main political parties, who think alike, talk alike, act alike and even hire the same political advisers, so small are their ideological differences:


    It’s encouraging to see that by contrast, UKIP is becoming a big tent welcoming to freedom-loving people from all backgrounds. The other parties should be very worried.

  • myname stillmyname

    white, 42 yo, university educated, well paid middle class.. voting UKIP as I look to my childrens futures.

    Checking the Torygraph and the Grauniard websites looks like the pro-UKIP comments are well liked, so attracting votes from all sides.

  • Smithersjones2013

    The most shocking thing about young Ukip supporters: they’re normal

    Which is more can be said for little Sebby (did anyone else see him on Sky the other week. Oh dear).

    Does anyone else find that there is something truly offensive and bigoted about people who arrogantly and most condescendingly feign surprise that some other group are actually ‘normal’.

  • Alan Walker

    35 year old BEng degree in long term relationship with Russian immigrant. An immigrant with TWO degrees who worked darn hard to stay, integrate and get a job that provides her visa. She becomes eligible for a permanent visa in one year. She is the kind of immigrant we want. Ones that are vetted and only the best make it in. When did national identity and pride become listed as racism and xenophobia? When did public opinion become ‘populism’? When did mentioning crime statistics for Romany Gypsies become racism? And how can anyone trust a ruling class that has lied to get us to fight multiple foreign wars for the interests of globalists and large corporations and bankers? And finally when did it become racist to say that uncontrolled immigration was a bad thing for this country. We have always allowed immigration in numbers that can be assimilated into our culture. Half a million people a year cannot be assimilated. Instead you end up with ghettos. Is Australia racist for having a points system?

    • Kaine

      We have a points system for non-EU immigrants. Though I’m always amused at the Australian example. If only the Aborigines had enforced a points-based system.

      • Alan Walker

        Then we should have a points based system for Eu arrivals as well.

        If the Aboriginals had implemented a points based system whereby the new successful arrivals would need to be more highly educated than existing citizens, and provide genuine advantages to the countries economy then I think you can agree that all the white immigrants would have passed easily.

        • Kaine

          If you want economic protectionism (which is what controls on the movement of labour are) then that’s fine, as long as one is clear that is what one is asking for. Obviously in that case membership of a trade block is untenable.

          And since the Aborigines would have got to define what ‘educated’ and ‘advantages’ meant no, I don’t think many of the original settlers, deported from the lowest strata of British society, would have made the cut. Not many chimney sweeps would be able to find water in the desert, hunt kangaroos, or walk in the dreamtime.

          • Alan Walker

            Fair point.

            I don’t agree with taking over a country and replacing it’s population. Be that Australia, the Americas or the UK.

            Or PALESTINE.

            Two wrongs certainly do not make a right.

          • Hexhamgeezer

            There is a difference between education and adaption. You seem to have a low (racist?) opinion of chimney sweeps, btw. Personally I suspect a Victorian sweep would have sufficient strength, motivation and flexibility to survive – and who needs to live in a desert on landing anyway? Get yourself a library and read up about Oz, there’s a lot more to it than desert. 40,000 years of stone age stasis is no advert for aboriginal education IMHO.

            And as for ‘dreamtime’ I can achieve something similar after a few pints and a Talisker or two.

          • Kaine

            Chimney sweeps are a race? Who knew?

          • Hexhamgeezer

            ……………………………………………………………………….oh dear

  • Groty1

    I’m an American watching this election with interest. The racist slurs being leveled at UKIP are disgusting. The American left does the same thing here: they can’t win on policy so they resort to shameless name calling in an attempt to delegitimize their opponents in the eyes of the low information voters. It gets tiresome. Anyway, if I were eligible to vote in the United Kingdom I’d definitely vote UKIP. Good luck.

    • Alan Walker

      We are going to need it. It’s scaryseeing the main stream media of all “supposed wings” all on a combined unified assault. It completely lays bare the fact that the Daily Mail (right), the Guardian (left), the Telegraph (centre right) are all working for the same agenda. The Daily Mail is there to let right wingers think they have a mouth piece when they truly do not (one minute hate 1984). The Guardian is there to pacify left wingers from any critical thought by making them feel smug and assured that they are more educated and therefore are above the baser bigoted masses, while living in 99% white areas like Richmond of course…

      But when a REAL political force comes along that could actually make a difference, one that is too new to be corrupted and fully in the pockets of the elite yet. THEN every single media outlet is unified in crushing it.

      They want to Keep things as a two party system with a protest vote for the inert lib dems. Simplify politics from multiple issues to two: Right wing or left wing and then brainwash them into fitting into one of the two as a defining character trait for their identity. Works very well in America as well.

      We get a choice of dictator in the west run by a committee of bankers and fortune 100 companies who want us to blow up poor foreigners for oil whilst spouting multi-culturalism at us. And the best bit they get us to go to war whenever they want both sides governments to get in more debt, ups the profits you see and stops any possibility that a country could run itself without manipulation. Russia and China are being very naughty by looking like they may be managing their debt… Likely due a war then…

      • Fergus Pickering

        The Telegraph centre right? Good God. The Telegraph supports the rich against the poor. Always. The telegraph thinks the middle class are those earning more than £120,000 a year. The rest are underclass. Is that centre right?

        • Alan Walker

          Well apparently the Tory’s are centre right, and it is known as the “Torygraph”. Would you call it ring wing then (aka racists)? Certainly not left wing.

          • Fergus Pickering

            I would call it right wing. I never use the word racist. It is used by silly people who can’t think.

          • Alan Walker

            Agreed on the racist comment!

            My honest opinion on racism is that it is not racist to look at negative statistics on crime etc for a particular group and impose additional scrutiny/targeted solutions on those groups while giving individuals of those groups the benefit of the doubt and having them innocent until proven guilty. Operation Trident isn’t racist is it? They know 90% of gun and knife crime is caused by unemployed black youths and the Met set up a group to combat it. The Roma Gypsies are also strongly correlated to pick pocketing, benefits loopholes, and ATM crime. It is not racist to be initially weary of a Romanian group who move in next door because of these group wide statistics. It is however racist to continue that fear and mistrust after you have gotten to know them and assess them as decent individuals with jobs. This individual approach is exactly why a points system to filter the good from the bad needs to be imposed. You can pre-judge groups as stats apply to groups. You cannot apply opinions from group wide stats on individuals.

            I’ll accept your opinion of the Telegraph. However I am sure we can find a center right paper that has taken part in the UKIP slander and dirt digging campaign.

          • Fergus Pickering

            You mean The Times, I take it.

          • Alan Walker

            That’ll do 🙂

  • perdix

    The author may have met “normal” but the ukip frothers on the Speccie show themselves to be bitter losers who have no confidence in themselves or in their country. Paranoid and untruthful are also appropriate adjectives.

    • Alan Walker

      Could you give some examples? I personally am amazed that this countries governments think we just forget the lies they tell us. It’s one thing to lie about tuition fees, quite another to say a nearly third world country can blow us up in 15 minutes if it chooses to. Then think we forget who sold Saddam his chemical weapons in the first place. (Us) Or who funded and armed the mujahideen now known by the CIA list they named all the known individuals by (RIP Robin Cook) as “al qaeda” or simply “the database”.

      The sheer amount of lies that have been forced down our throats is more than enough to ditch the entire lot and get new parties in, made up of normal people.

      • Bill_der_Berg

        It is a breach of good taste to mention these delicate matters. It is time to move on.

        • Alan Walker

          🙂 “Delicate matters”

          Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

          If we forget the cycles of lies propaganda and trumped up reasons to go to war we will end up invading Iran.

          • Bill_der_Berg

            Oh no, another appeaser!

          • Alan Walker

            And the USA is a poodle of Israel. Anyone looking at the list of countries we are willing to attack can see we are proxies for Israels defense strategy not our own.

            Syria = arms hezbollah

            Iran = Arms Syria

            Russia = Arms Russia and Syria

            Iraq = WAS a threat to Israel:

            US Army General and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark acknowledged in an interview: “Those who favor this attack [by the US against Iraq] now will tell you candidly, and privately, that it is probably true that Saddam Hussein is no threat to the United States. But they are afraid at some point he might decide if he had a nuclear weapon to use it against Israel.”

            Libya? WAS a threat

            “Israel Sees Poison Gas Threat by Arabs : Arens Cites Iraq, Syria, Libya, Says His Nation Will Defend Itself

            January 10, 1989|WILLIAM TUOHY | Times Staff Writer”

          • JW McCabe

            Nah, the US isn’t Israel’s poodle.. The US will use Israel as long as it serves them. That is waning very quickly and I see a dramatic shift in the near future. Britain/Ireland and to some extent France are bought in blood allies. No matter what geo political nonsense is touted; that goes deeper than any policy or preference. Once the US becomes less religious Israel will no longer be needed. This change is happening at a staggering rate as well… I think if Ms Clinton is the next CIC she will in effect dissolve the relationship.

          • Alan Walker

            I struggle to see what benefit the USA has by being Israels ally. The relationship is very much one way. Israel receives funding, advanced weapons, and wars fought on it’s behalf.

            The USA perhaps gets a lot of intel from them, but that’s about it. They get a heck of a lot of lobbying/party donations money from them though…

            The relationship will not end rapidly, and not in our life time.

    • Bill_der_Berg

      “…who have no confidence in themselves or in their country..”

      That was the gist of one of Nigel Farage’s attacks on Cleggie during the TV debate. So now you are resorting to plagiarism.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      Hi trolly boy – long time no see….

  • Falcon D. Stormvoice

    Native American UKIP supporter from guess where. Sounds like you guys are doing good work over there.

    • Fergus Pickering

      I just love your moniker Falcon.

  • Kaine

    By definition young people involved in party politics are not ‘normal’. But then who wants to be normal?

    • Fergus Pickering

      You are right, Kaine. You are right.

    • You sum it up pretty well Kaine.

  • max

    My father is an imogrant, voted ukip will vote ukip in the future,

  • Guest

    @cargill55 Instant access to the benefits system does actually apply to properly immigrated people. I am an American, married to a Brit and I was not allowed any access for two years. Then I paid another £1000+ to receive my next stage of ILR. Now, after paying taxes for over 5 years, I qualify for citizenship .Only after I pay another £1000; too see if I fit the bill. I am totally legal, speak English(with a southern accent) educated and a non criminal. The loopholes for legal immigration are fairly crass but we did it.

    • Alan Walker

      Welcome to the UK! People who integrate are always welcome. Ghettos are the result when integration does not happen. And integration cannot happen when half a million new people turn up each year. I hate Ghettos be they ex pat Brits in France/Spain who refuse to assimilate or the same equivalent in the UK. That is sensible not racist.

    • James Lovelace

      I fought a 5 year legal battle to get my asian husband into the UK. He’s worked hard ever since the first day he was entitled to work (he’s often working 60 hours a week, some jobs he’s had he started at 3am and finished at noon, without even a cigarette break). We don’t claim a single penny in state benefits.

      Yesterday he voted UKIP.

  • global city

    These articles just expose how uninformed and ignorant so much of the flaperati have been. They have all just sucked up each others bigotry and ignorant assertions about UKIP for years.

    Now they’re learning the truth… democracy is important, as is self determination and UKIP are the only party who support this as the fundamental base of our social organisation.

    The three ‘mainstream’ parties all support governence by the High Authority, and an alien one to boot, how sinister is that? How sinister is the UKIP ‘agenda’ in comparison to that drive against democracy by the other parties?

    Glad to see that you at least, Sebastian, are opening your eyes

    • Alan Walker

      Tut tut!! you can’t say things like that. You need to be ridiculed as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. AKA someone who looks at history and facts comes up with their own interpretation other than the one force fed down our TV.

      George Carlin said it best; you do not have a choice you have owners. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyQ1RoEotPk

      If you had a credit card debt you couldn’t pay back for 50 years would you have any choice in what you did? Or would you essentially be the big banks paid for and indebted tool.

      “The Government forecasts it will soar to an eye-watering £1.1 trillion by 2011. To put that in perspective, the UK went bust in 1976 running a budget deficit of 6% of GDP. In 2010 that deficit is going to top 11%.”

      “Now go blow up another country and get us some more money and oil”….

  • atticus1900

    Young UKIP supporters are not normal, they’re exceptional.

    They are exceptional for having the clarity of mind to see through the social conditional they have been subjected to since they were born. They are exceptional for resisting the peer pressure that comes from university and school, from social media and from the BBC, and they are exceptional in their bravery to support a cause that is closer to a revolution than anything we have seen for hundreds of years.

    • Penny

      The problem for UKIP is that, in the coming year, those that the TV channels speak to in those on-the-street type interviews will not reflect the average voter. It won’t matter if they chat to 50 middle-class men and women with clear-headed and sensible views. They will drop onto the cutting room floor (so to speak). Only the one or two who represent the image the BBC et al are trying to portray, will remain on film. This is how media bias deceives the public on many other issues.

  • Polstertron .

    43 year old female. Brought up to believe that hard work and saving was the key to achievement. I’m a Generation X’er and I can tell you the game has been rigged in favour of the rich by LibLabCon for too long.

  • Simon Price

    28 years old, grew up in a Labour stronghold where the establishment treated you with contempt. Worked hard, thought for myself and realised that LibLabCon were all the same and could not offer me a bright or viable future as a citizen of the United Kingdom. The only party that could, can and will is to the left of my username.

  • Rillian

    All other subjects aside for a moment, EU expansionism, backed by the USA, is something all British should be greatly concerned with.

  • beenzrgud

    Of course the vast majority of UKIP supporters ARE normal. It just shows how pissed off people are with the status quo that UKIP are rapidly gaining supporters IN SPITE of the media’s level best efforts to present the whole thing as anything but normal.

  • Michael Yeovil

    49 year old teacher (not young alas) married to a Turkish Muslim woman happily for 12 years – we are both Kippers!. Both none fruitcakes or racist but intelligent enough to see the media/ political campaign of lies and half truths that have been warred against Farage! We did giggle though at the “We are Romanians” at the Croydon event last week, when it turned at the ” Romanians” were middle class white woman putting on an accent!

  • williambose32

    A nation of merit is devoid of liberty because it is controlled by those choice architects who decide which tasks have merit, which chores should be performed, and who has the power to plunder whom.

  • cromwell

    The most shocking thing about young Ukip supporters: they’re normal” What a patronising bastard

  • General_Patten

    My missus is Asian. She voted UKIP.

  • The young UKIPPERS have looked hard at the EU and seen the truth behind the mass social engineering experiment which it represents.
    The metropolitant elites gross hypocrisy in espousing uncontrolled immigration whilst in reality profiting from being able to ruthlessly exploit the endless supply of dirt cheap labour it provides them with disgusts them and the whole rotten EU system which created it.

    They are the future of the peoples army which will triumph when it sweeps it all; away

  • João Manuel Gomes

    From when is that first photo?

  • Kasperlos

    The salient point of the UKIP story is that the party has broken through the limp, lame and lying louts of the three majors. Some UK people have, like the British food revolution, found that they have more of a choice regarding their lives and the country they want to live in than that offered up by the milque toast and figgy pudding servings of Miliband and Cameron. Imagine that. Perhaps there is a modicum of hope for a society that has seen more attend uni than at any time, i.e. they do indeed have independent minds if they can just crack through the tosh trap of the simple zombie black and white world that advertising and the system pretend is only available. Viva la revolucion! Oh, and it does help to have Mr. Farage’s brilliant and sharp oratory delivered sans teleprompter.

  • Dutchnick

    As a
    Europe coordinator living on the continent I am quite shocked as to how anti
    Europe the UK has become. I see Europe in two parts business,
    cooperation and success and secondly the politics!. Standardisation, harmonisation,
    equal rules, easy of doing business and increasing cooperation are
    seriously proceeding rather well. An EU trade pact between the EU and the USA
    will be terrific, the French will kick, scream and obstruct – what is new? ,For
    security it is not a consideration that we seek a rematch with the Vikings,
    Germans or even the French (well may be!) – it works. I do however despair of the governance of the EU, it
    is really the home of the PC idiots and those who do not realise that the
    serious creation of wealth and subsequently jobs is almost all that matters.
    Inter EU immigration is actually great and I perpetually meet loads of well
    qualified, dynamic youngsters from all over (yes even from Bulgaria) who are
    the future. The UK suffers very badly from the lower levels of education, Wales
    has 26% of kids leaving school without any qualification whatsoever (but Wales
    is proud to be the home of Socialism!). They may blame immigration but being
    hardly well enough qualified to be a traffic cone is a serious indictment of
    the education establishment. Bring in the Poles, industrious, pleasant and hard
    working, well done. Immigration from outside the EU need to be controlled very firmly
    and the importation of those from Muslim countries does not have a good track record,
    Is Marseilles French? – it does not look that way and their failure to assimilate
    and achieve leaves a conspicuous underclass who see their failure as discrimination
    rather than being self inflicted. Believe in Europe – we have come a long way.

  • André Ladeira

    37 years old from Brazil (living in Brazil, not an immigrant in UK). If was an immigrant in UK I’d probably vote for UKIP. In Brazil we’ve been plagued by leftist, economically crazy, wellfare state politics that created huge holes in public budgets, all aiming to create a “voters corral” for our local (and way more corrupt) version of the Labours party. People who get easy Money from the state are affraid to vote for any other party but the Labour party. Even after many political scandals and the upcomming world cup and olympic games fiasco. Unfortunately there´s no genuine right-wing party option like UKIP here. We´re doomed to choose between center-left and left. But thats changing. I hope UKIP provide a new Tatcher to the world. Latin america need that example. Sorry for the bad english and keep surprising the left wing. They break everithng they touch, yet they pretend to have the monopoly of the good will. This has to come to an end.

  • Just heard that the powerhouse of the EU and the country that is kingmaker in the person of Mrs Merkel who will shortly be obliged crown Camerons worst nightmare Herr Juncker as its new semi elected /appointee dictator (no one can really explain to simple folk which exactly it is) is currently experiencing rising unemployment as is France and Spain etc. So much for the powerhouse boosting business and trade

  • Katness Everdean

    While liberty is not democracy, democratic methods can support liberty where they offer us input into the decisions that affect our liberty.

  • Joanna

    As Tocqueville observed, individualist principles and democratic processes are diametrically opposed to centralized control and plunder.

  • Linda Hudson

    U.K.I.P. is the British people, do not divide by placing us in little boxes, labeled right, left. posh, working class, rich, poor, northerners, southerners. United we will stand, and freedom is what sustains us!

  • There’s “Normal” and “Normal”. The normal you observed is the norm of ignorance and bigotry. The norm that prefers prejudice to facts and scapegoats to reason. The norm that doesn’t bother with study of a subject but jumps straight into sloganising. The norm that thinks its smart to victimise. The norm that closes doors and hides inside rather than opens them and welcomes people in. The norm that hates foreign languages being spoken on the train. The norm that wants a 1950s style mono cultural Britain rather than the Britain we have. It’s not about class, or age. It’s about bias. And the fact that some young working-class people have that bias is regrettable. But most young people do not support this vile Right Wing crusade. Thank God for that….

    • Sam_Beresford

      What a load of cobblers, baseless assertions, misunderstandings and prejudices. Yawn

  • SchtenGraby

    I’m afraid for the people outing themselves as non-standard Kippers that anecdotes don’t make data.

    If UKIP have more than 5 MPs who have not defected from some other party (and are therefore incumbents) after the election I’ll eat my hat.