18 July 2013

1:00 PM

18 July 2013

1:00 PM

He said, it’s a structural workforce imbalance
and I thought where’s the scope for a man of your talents?

He said, it’s retargeting personal goals
and I thought yet all human resources have souls.

He said, it’s a preplanned executive cull
and I thought you’ve a horrible shape to your skull.

He said, it’s a labour pool surplus reduction
and I thought I could pop out your eyeballs by suction.

He said, it’s transitioned vocational severance
and I thought that’s my cods in the mincer, your reverence.

He said, it’s downsizing, dehiring, decruiting
and I thought also strangling and stabbing and shooting.

He said, you’re redundant, you’re done for, you’re dead
and I thought same to you, squire, and cut off his head.

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