The Council of Europe was right to pull its hijab campaign

5 November 2021 10:25 pm

This week, the Council of Europe was forced to pull an advertising campaign promoting the hijab following a backlash from…

Indonesia’s mandatory hijab ban is a triumph for women

12 February 2021 7:16 pm

Last week, Indonesia banned schools across the country from forcing girls to wear the hijab, after the parents of a…


I was forced to wear a hijab. It wasn’t liberating

16 February 2019 9:00 am

It was World Hijab Day earlier this month. You probably missed it, but you can imagine the idea: ‘global citizens’…

Why are children in Guernsey extolling Islam to their parents?

27 February 2016 9:00 am

I have never been to the island of Guernsey. This is a large world and we have a finite amount…