Roger Kimball

How are we enjoying the Biden presidency so far?

14 May 2021 12:47 am

Well, that didn’t take long. Less than four months into the Biden-Harris deep-state maladministration and we have roaring inflation, the…

Is Joe Biden trying to make America poor again?

29 April 2021 4:46 pm

John Maynard Keynes is alleged to have said ‘When the facts change, I change my mind — what do you…

The mendacity of Joe Biden’s address to Congress

29 April 2021 12:16 pm

John Maynard Keynes is alleged to have said ‘When the facts change, I change my mind — what do you…

joe biden presidency

Joe Biden and the ‘fourth wave’ mania

1 April 2021 4:14 am

Hysteria, thy name is Biden. Or maybe it’s Walensky, named for Dr Rochelle Walensky, aspiring soap opera star and newly…

A tame press conference for a lame president

26 March 2021 8:49 am

Just a sec. Let me check my notes. Ah, right. Hurgh. ‘My message to the American people is: help is…

Joe Biden’s dire opening chapter on the world stage

20 March 2021 7:47 am

Thoughtful observers of life often comment on the richness of the English language, its huge polyglot vocabulary, its precision, it…

Justice for Derek Chauvin

10 March 2021 12:38 am

As I write, jury selection for the murder trial of Derek Chauvin is about to begin in Minneapolis. You remember…

barack obama

There’s no equality in equity

3 March 2021 9:08 am

It’s hard to keep them all straight, but among the many diktats emitted by the Biden administration during its first days in office,…

Why we need an inquiry into January 6

22 February 2021 6:17 am

I support Nancy Pelosi’s call for a ‘9/11-style inquiry’ into the mêlée at the Capitol on January 6. I do so…

Kamala Harris’s Orwellian future

3 February 2021 2:19 am

Do you suppose that Kamala Harris is a student of Jane Austen? The contingency, as Jeeves was wont to observe,…

Impeachment 2.0 is another silly sham

27 January 2021 8:54 pm

Rand Paul just made the most bracing speech of his career. It was about the absurdity of the new effort…

Joe Biden’s ‘harmony’ is curiously divisive

23 January 2021 4:39 am

It is a truism that while it takes much time and patience to build up a civilization, those achievements can…

obama white house

Are we back in the Obama White House?

2 January 2021 7:04 am

Like most Greek stories, the tale of Pandora’s box is fraught with ambiguity. Most of us, when we first encounter the story,…

supreme court democratic republic

Is America still a democratic republic?

13 December 2020 6:49 am

‘Disappointed but not surprised.’ I suppose that describes my initial feeling about the summary dismissal by the Supreme Court last…

hunter biden

Hunter becomes the hunted

11 December 2020 2:33 am

Are the chickens coming home for Hunter Biden? It certainly seems so, though experts differ on the critical question of…

president harris administration

Brace yourselves for President Harris

8 December 2020 2:36 am

Although the electors for the presidential election of 2020 do not cast their votes until December 14, and their votes…

michael flynn

Trump does the right thing by pardoning Gen. Flynn

26 November 2020 10:04 am

Once again, President Trump has done the right thing. This afternoon, he announced that earlier today he had pardoned Lt.…


The 2020 election could be a bigger scandal than Russiagate

6 November 2020 2:42 am

I am happy to see that President Trump is acting on the maxim of the month: don’t concede if you…


Extraordinary delusions and the madness of crowds, New York Times edition

4 November 2020 12:55 pm

Anyone who wants to peek into the engine room of the mainstream media’s megalomania should pay close attention to the…

red wave

The red wave is inbound

4 November 2020 3:01 am

So, the party of peace and love is planing to riot in New York, Washington and other places where their…

kamala harris james madison

Kamala Harris vs James Madison

3 November 2020 1:51 am

If Joe Biden loses the presidential election tomorrow, he will not have any shortage of people to blame. The first…

tony bobulinski

Tony Bobulinski and implausible deniability

29 October 2020 12:17 am

It turns out that the 2020 US presidential election is not between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, as we have…


Trump sealed the deal last night

24 October 2020 2:06 am

First, let me pay brief homage to Kristen Welker, moderator of Thursday night’s debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.…


Will we ever know the truth about Russiagate?

20 October 2020 8:16 am

Writing in mid-October, anno domini 2020, it is sobering to speculate that when the results of a certain upcoming political…

hunter biden

Oh, there’s Hunter…

15 October 2020 2:38 am

Res ipse loquitur. What a card Joe Biden is. Here he is to Fox News a year ago: ‘I have…