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Sovereignty to sizzle out on Saturday?

20 May 2022

12:00 PM

20 May 2022

12:00 PM

On Saturday we are compelled to vote – by law.

In Australia, three things demonstrate that we are no longer masters of our own destiny and I fear that it is already beyond repair.

  1. Population size is running at least 30 years ahead of supportive infrastructure.
  2. Governments are planning to rely on the whim of the weather to provide power for huge population increases and commensurate business activities.
  3. We have done nothing to provide extra water either to grow food or for people to even have a reasonable daily supply. (No new dams.)

It is easy to label this scenario as simply outright ideological stupidity by those to whom we have given the responsibility of running the Country. 

I cannot accept that such collective stupidity can range across the political spectrum without explanation.

I am therefore of the opinion that the stewards of our country are being bullied, threatened, conned, or likely all three by the United Nations courtesy of their many compacts or accords or agreements. We are apparently party to some 3,000 such arrangements that we have not been given a vote on and no one seems prepared to own up to, except occasionally, and even then in very general and benign terms.

Proposals are always dressed up in warm and fuzzy clothing using words like sustainability and equality, but the reality is that little by little we are handing over our sovereignty to the cause of Global Governance.

The way politicians appear to be seduced once they find themselves in some kind of position of power is intriguing as well as disturbing. 

It is embarrassing to watch otherwise normal adults mentally squirming and grimacing as they try to rationalise the lunacy masquerading as policy. 

I know that what I’m saying is bread and butter to most readers and contributors to this magazine, but please forgive me, I find publishing my thoughts to be good therapy, and besides, my wife deserves a break. 

Enjoy the sausage sizzle on Saturday because there is no better reason to be out and about.

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