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A masterclass in how to lose an election

17 May 2022

2:00 PM

17 May 2022

2:00 PM

If the Coalition loses the coming election, they have nobody to blame but themselves.

Labor are pathetic, making promises without costing and having few policies of any depth or substance. The Greens are simply destructive to the Australian way of life. Again, they have no costing and no idea how to achieve what they propose.

The coming federal election was lost a couple of years ago when Scott Morrison and his team failed to stand up and fight for what they believed in. Actually, they never stated what they believed in, which was a major strategic failure.

Instead of being a strong federal government, they allowed the states to entice them into situations where the federal government was responsible for costs, but the state governments made decisions – decisions they never had to pay for.

The Liberals allowed our Constitution to be trashed and they treated citizens with disdain. Instead of paying individuals directly for the costs they were incurring due to loss of employment opportunities, the money was distributed to businesses via Jobkeeper. Many believe that big business made a profit from that decision. Disadvantaged citizens, and that includes just about everyone who was in the entertainment business and the arts, received nothing to help them. Then we had the Covid mandates that ended up forcing many to either quit their jobs or be terminated because they did not want to be vaccinated. Add to that, the lack of information about the vaccines and Covid during the crisis and severe restrictions on travel. Millions were rightly disaffected.

We started a long election campaign with a government that had no real policies and even fewer plans. They have been caught out so many times when they could have displayed forward thinking and planning. The stupidity of promising Net Zero by 2050 without showing detail on how to achieve that target is an example of complete failure. The Liberals could have killed any discussion if they had presented something meaningful because their opponents have nothing.

It is no use telling the electorate that ‘we have done better than others’, or that their opponents would be worse. Unless some concrete plans in all sorts of areas, including education, defence, economy, energy, and employment are proposed and disseminated by the whole team, the government has failed in its primary objective.

They deserve to be replaced.

No matter how bad the next government may be, it will give the Liberals some time to regroup and consider their party’s core values, values which are appreciated by so many Australians who now have no political party which represents them. The Liberals need to find new leaders, solid policies. and plans to address the many problems that face Australia. They also need to fight Labor and the Greens, who are both big on emotion but small on plans and their implementation.

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