2554: Going, going…

7 May 2022

9:00 AM

7 May 2022

9:00 AM

The unclued lights, including one of two words, are of a kind, all confirmed in Chambers. A further example (4) must be deleted from the final grid, leaving blank squares. New words thus created are real words.



1 Get dry people keeping dry home (6)

11 Getting makeover helps, i.e., for freckle (7)

13 Spanish poet saving one piece of armour (6)

14 Express contentment leading around clergyman (4)

18 Tramp leaving hospital with electronic instrument (4)

20 Unseat characters in jousting (4)

21 State something guaranteed, we hear (6)

22 King and Emperor held to be slowing down (8)

23 Scottish girl lives by US city (4)

28 Periodically in wood, join me at island (7, two words)

35 Feverish spasm amid ache disturbed learner (8)

37 Rod and Bill tucked into sparkling Asti (6)

38 Carriage of kings in local river (4)

39 Oath from confession of one gallivanting? (4)

40 Storage space for artist (6)

41 Tell Oscar how one goes without underwear (8)

43 This person’s with irrational warriors (4)

44 Part of Iris’s role changed in Carmen? (6)

45 Eastern guide dropping round for fisher (7)

46 Day knowing nothing for bard’s egoistical fop (8)

47 Ends of sentence with unchanged opening word (6)



2 Forces tailless bird on street to retreat (7)

3 A journalist admitting judge is excited (7)

4 Antelopes in Georgia and America chasing nothing (7)

6 Tedious, in my opinion, to tour high rise (8)

7 In Spain, the well-balanced team (6)

8 Writing, say, in books is a fragment (3)

9 One caught abandoning terrible ball game (7)

10 Uncovered an upturned parasitic fly (5)

12 Mythologisers stop interrupting experts on law (10)

17 Old lady in odd Thai area or Biblical town (10)

19 Give address of scold (5)

25 Waved guns around, drinking whiskey (5)

26 Lake I had repeatedly badly affected (8, twice hyphened)

29 Casual labourers, men given noodles (7)

30 They cause fear in prince abandoning runs (7)

31 Headgear matches dresses old politician picked up (7, hyphened)

32 A novel heroine seizes designer label before noon (7, two words)

34 Transport vessel over megalithic site (6)

36 Returned computer with cool sound system (5)


A first prize of £30 for the first correct solution opened on 23 May. There are two runners-up prizes of £20. Please scan or photograph entries and email them (including the crossword number in the subject field) to


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