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Ardern and Clark’s next pandemic will be horrid

10 April 2022

12:00 PM

10 April 2022

12:00 PM

Helen Clark and Jacinda Ardern have been very mean to the world’s Covid Cinderella, New Zealand. Just when we thought we were off to the ‘Ball of Normality’ with the rest of the world, the wicked stepmother (in the form of the World Health Organisation’s General Tedros) has waved his wand.

His advisor, Helen Clark, wants lockdowns. Masks. Social distancing. Contact tracing. Testing. Isolation. Quarantines. Greater surveillance powers for the WHO. A ‘one size fits all’ for global health architecture costing $31 billion per year.

The World Health Organisation – which you’d think by now would be an international laughing stock but apparently not – intends to take complete control of world health spending, funded by the G7 countries, to the tune of $US19 billion for ‘the strengthening of health systems’. This means more power to Dr Doomfield/Bloomfield/Gloomfield and Ardern’s apparatchiks – it is their moment to swoop down on the nation with the infamous COVID-19 Response Act, lock us all up, and jab the lot of us to their hearts’ content.

Tedros reckons the world needs ‘stronger government’ (aaargh! Ardern et al. even stronger?) and ‘a common approach’. It is integral to ‘The Great Reset’.

According to Helen Clark, we ‘have a proven menu to stop transmission’. Could she possibly be referring to the clueless, catastrophic carry-on conducted by Dr Bloomfield/Doomfield et al? Yep, yep… She is.

Clark wants the WHO to have authority (we’ve got the chills already) to publish information on ‘outbreaks with pandemic potential’ immediately, ‘without the approval of governments’. As Ardern probably wants Clark’s job at the WHO or something similar, she won’t be making any objection. ‘The WHO should be given authority’ (that word again) ‘to set benchmarks for healthcare around the world’.

Imagine it. Tedros in charge of your healthcare…

Clark’s wishlist is a long one. ‘A universal health and preparedness review to control healthcare in countries.’ She means all countries.

The WHO has failed to address the side effects of the approved drugs Remdesivir and Midazolam. Not to mention the statistically unusual sudden-death and/or collapse of sports players worldwide.

What happened to freedom of medical choice? Just where are all the fems and their chorus of ‘My body, my choice?’

Where are they?


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