Bridge | 26 March 2022

26 March 2022

9:00 AM

26 March 2022

9:00 AM

The England U26 juniors have been flying high lately. A couple of weeks ago they won the Junior Camrose, and last weekend they went to Belgium and brought back the Channel Trophy as well. One of the most talented players, Ewa Wieczorek, has already qualified for the English women’s team in partnership with Ewa Kater.

An astutely gifted card player, this is how young Wieczorek capped off the Channel weekend.

West led a top Club and switched to a trump, which went to the Jack, Queen and Ace. If trumps break, Declarer can make five of those plus a ruff in dummy. Three plain tricks make nine, but where’s the tenth? Perhaps Diamonds will break 3-3 or West will come under pressure.

Ewa played a Diamond to the 9 and East’s Jack. East decided to play his remaining Club (a Diamond would have been better), ruffed in dummy. South cashed the ♠10, came to hand with the ◆A and drew the last trump. It was time to take stock; to go with the seven Hearts East must have, he’s shown up with two cards in all the other suits, so Diamonds can’t be 3-3.

The only chance is to squeeze West somehow. The slight problem is that she’s only lost two tricks – the count is not rectified yet – and if she plays a Club, West will take two of those for one down.

The very elegant solution is to lose a trick to East (!), who has only got Hearts left.

Ewa played Ace and another Heart – allowing East to win while ditching a Club. Then she ruffed the next Heart and took her last trump on which West was squeezed.

Watch out world – the girls are coming!

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