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Ten questions for the incoming NSW premier

4 October 2021

2:44 PM

4 October 2021

2:44 PM

This article was to be titled “Ten Questions for Gladys Berejiklian”, but … well, there you go.  Much ink will inevitably be spilt over her legacy.  I, for one, will go to my grave bewildered by the adulation she has received, and continues to receive, from otherwise apparently intelligent, so-called liberals who should be able to recognise a true liberal when they see one.  For those of us not so inclined towards adulation, it is more a case of one unspellable spinster-premier down, one to go.  We also wish never, ever to see the words “Gladys” and “Canberra” in the one sentence again. 

Nonetheless, life goes on in the Home Dentention State.  We have just passed one hundred days in lockdown and the hospitalised Covid cases, the only reliable number that records the true state of the “crisis”, are currently around the one thousand mark in New South Wales, still a long way shy of the then non-crisis of hospitalisations in the bad flu season of 2017.   

In the week leading up to the former Premier’s abrupt (though, for those following the evidence, not unexpected) departure, the stubbornly unvaccinated class were treated to at least half a dozen positions expressed by NSW Ministers and their officials on the fate of the coming vaccine apartheid.  I still have no idea whatsoever if I will be allowed to see my family for Christmas. We had the Police Commissioner weighing in, saying that his troops will not be policing vaccination status in public venues.  We had the Health Minister saying otherwise.  Then the Minister for Digital Fascism weighed in, with three distinct positions on the policing of the unvaccinated over a twenty-four hour period.  Would junior staff members at Best & Less have to get into arguments at the point of entry to the shop?  Is it up to the individual?

We had the Treasurer stating to a North West Sydney Forum that he did not believe in a “two-tiered society”.  Meaning what, exactly?  We had the former Premier promising freedom for all from 1 December 2021, whatever the number of vaccinated New South Welshpersons at this date.  And we still have thousands of teachers, child care workers, police and others either reluctantly lining up for the jab, against all of their principles, or losing their jobs. 

In my regional city, around sixty-five per cent of us remain free of the Clot Shot.  What happens to us on October the … whatever-the-modellers-tell-us?  Do we do isolation for six weeks then roam free again, to infect the earth?  Under the second “roadmap”, we were all enjoined to plan our holidays with confidence.  Might not our destinations go into lockdown again?  Yep!  Of course they might.  Do these people have the faintest idea what they are doing? 

So, all of the questions one might have pitched to Gladys remain for the new Premier to ponder.  Here are ten, with supplementaries. 

One.  Mr Premier, do you read widely?  Are you aware of what is happening overseas, say in Israel, with Covid and with Covid policy?  If so, you will have seen that lockdowns have been decisively shown not to work.  You will also have noticed that the Delta strain has made an absolute laughing stock of the vaccine cult.  And that PCR tests are useless.   

Two.  Is your Government open to new ideas, fresh perspectives, honesty, rational argument, and evidence-based policy?  Or will you be wedded to Pfizer-world, the magic bullet vaccine solution, daily press conferences that spread lies and fear, amidst all of the (mostly irrelevant) Covid death porn, and the false binary of “lockdown” versus “vaccines”?  Will you, once and for all, call time on “zero Covid”? 

Three.  Do you believe in the fundamental right of your citizens to keep their medical records private, and in the principle of informed consent for those deciding whether to have medical treatments?  Speaking of treatments, are you aware of the relative dangers of untested, for-emergency-use-only, therapeutic experimental drugs, as opposed to tried and tested, non-dangerous treatments for Covid?  Are your health bureaucrats aware of these?   

Four.  When will you stop the utter wickedness of the nudged, some might say, forced, vaccination of children?  Children as young as five years old have been slated for vaccines in Australia.  Will you acknowledge that no healthy children are at the remotest risk from Covid?  Will you take up this fight in Canberra, where the Government has urged Pfizer to seek approval for vaccinated tiny tots?  Yes or no, please, Premier. 

Five.  Have you heard of Ron DeSantis?  Have you read, say, in The Great Covid Panic by Gigi Foster and colleagues, that Florida was a late comer to the sensible jurisdictions which prioritise freedom over faux-safetyism?  Did you know that DeSantis has made it illegal to discriminate against Floridians on the basis of whether they have had an experimental jab to treat a mostly harmless illness?  Could New South Wales become the Florida of Australia on your watch?  Would that not restore the faith of Australians in competitive federalism and in a meaningful Commonwealth of Australia?   

Six.  Are you even remotely aware that over 99 per cent of Covid sufferers fully recover?  That the viral load of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are more or less the same?  That the recent visitor to Byron Bay who “caused” the lockdown of that town was fully vaccinated?  That vaccines are far inferior to natural immunity?  That you don’t get Covid outside?  That most of the Covid deaths, few though they have been in our State, have occurred among the very old and ill, and in hospitals and nursing homes?  Let us know what you think this tells us about the efficacy of, first, locking up the healthy and the young, and second, bribing them that this can only end when they submit to an untested medical procedure, on pain of losing their job and their lifestyle?  An emergency that we do not have and do not see in most of the State.  No, I didn’t think so. 

Seven.  What actions will you take to rid the NSW Liberal Party of second-rate, factional chancers, career lifers, and leftist ideologues, in order to restore dignity to the Parliament and the reputation of your Party?  Will you tell party apparatchiks where to go?   

Eight.  Do you recall the speech you made to pre-selectors prior to your very first election to the Parliament?  Did you quote John Stuart Mill, by any chance?  Did you mention “liberalism”?  Freedom?  Individual rights?  Perhaps you mentioned de Tocqueville, or Edmund Burke.  Do you still adhere to the principles of liberalism as it was classically understood?  What do these principles mean to you now?  Please explain how you square away locking people in their homes, imposing curfews, having the army patrolling the streets, trashing the right to protest, crushing small businesses, exposing regions with no known cases of Covid to off-and-on lockdowns, and, worst of all, gutting the education of our children and grandchildren in the unfortunate class of 20-21, with the principles that you said you hold dear. 

Nine.  Will you as Premier issue a formal apology to the people of your State for all of the needless suffering and hurt caused by your Government’s lockdowns and all the other theatrical interventions your Government has imposed on the State?  Will you apologise for the lies?  For treating your voters like idiots?  Will you recall the Parliament in order to do this, and in so doing, restore the people’s house to its properly understood role?  Oh, and will you sack Brad Hazzard?   

Ten.  Will you investigate what your Chief Health Officer meant when she recently said that vaccines were necessary in “the new world order”?  Was this a slip of the tongue?  And will you determine whether she has a copy of Klaus Schwab’s book, The Great Reset, on her bookshelves? 

I do not expect anyone even to ask these questions of you anytime soon, and, if they somehow did, I would not expect you coherently and honestly to answer them.  Any of them.  Welcome to the top job in the glorious State of Lockdown, where Covid tyranny has, surprisingly to many, found a comfortable home. 

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