What’s more expensive – petrol or fizzy drinks?

30 October 2021

9:00 AM

30 October 2021

9:00 AM

Filming fatalities

The actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot a cinematographer on set when mistakenly given a gun loaded with real bullets. Others who have died on set:

— Martha Mansfield was resting in her car during the filming of a romance set in the US civil war in 1923 when someone flung a match which set her dress alight.

— John Jordan fell out of a plane while filming Catch-22 in 1969.

— Vic Morrow was decapitated by a low-flying helicopter while filming Twilight Zone: the Movie in 1982.

— Jon-Erik Hexum shot himself while fooling around with a gun on the set of the CBS series Cover Up in 1984.

— Roy Kinnear succumbed to injuries after he fell from a horse during the filming of The Return of the Three Musketeers in 1988.

— Brandon Lee was shot, also with a gun which was mistakenly thought not to be loaded, on the set of The Crow in 1993.

Costs of living

The National Living Wage is to rise to £9.50 an hour. How has it changed over time?

Nominal value | In today’s prices

1999 | £3.60 | £6.38

2004 | £4.85 | £7.61

2010 | £5.93 | £7.78

2016 | £7.20 | £8.02

2021 | £8.91 | £8.91

(Current values according to Bank of England’s inflation calculator)

Glug glug

The average price of a litre of petrol reached just under £1.43, taking it above the previous record measured by the RAC Foundation in 2012. It used to be said that petrol cost less than Coca-Cola. How does the price of a litre of unleaded compare with that of drinks at your local supermarket?

Price per litre

Tesco own-brand cola | 50p

Coca-Cola | £1.10

Strongbow cider | £1.39

Fosters lager (in pack of 18 cans) | £1.52

Tropicana orange juice | £2.60

Pinot Grigio white wine | £7

Whyte and Mackay Scotch whisky | £20


Carbon data

How much carbon was the world emitting at the time of previous climate summits?

1992, Rio | 22.44 bn tonnes

1997, Kyoto | 24.19 bn tonnes

2002, Johannesburg | 25.91 bn tonnes

2009, Copenhagen | 31.46 bn tonnes

2015, Paris | 35.21 bn tonnes

2021, Glasgow | (2019) 36.44 bn tonnes

Source: Our World in Data

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