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Covid pen-pushers write our future

22 July 2021

4:00 AM

22 July 2021

4:00 AM

How many public service jobs and third party government contracts have been created specifically to hold up the Covid bureaucracy? 

Forget about the leaning towers of ego (premiers and health officials) presented to us for hours on end as entertainment during our captivity. It should be a matter of transparency that Australians understand who is financially invested in prolonging the pandemic. 

Can we really trust the advice of those who stand to lose fame and fortune if they succeed in their job description of bringing the pandemic to a close? 

How many more weeks of service would our illustrious chief health officers give without the media storm dangling off their incoherent nonsense – worshipping at the empty pedestals until they grace us with their commandments? Would our civilisation be saturated with orphaned statistics if it weren’t for the hundreds of thousands of dollars slipped into their wallets every year? 

I am not alone in calling for it to be a condition of quarantine lockdown that all public salaries be suspended for their duration. 

This is not about everyone really being ‘all in this together’ – nor is it an act of poverty-driven vengeance. 

It is about making sure that those in charge of catastrophic economic decisions remain at the sharp end of their consequences. 

When individuals in power are allowed to act without personal repercussions, they lack the proper context to critically assess the pandemic. Just as isolated statistics create a state of fear, public servants on full pay exist on a different plane of reality, fraught with hyperbole and inaccuracy. 

Australia cannot have state premiers like Gladys Berejiklian who give headmistress-style speeches, scorning people for daring to leave their homes and ‘talk to people’, when the press photograph them enjoying their essential coffee in a cafe. Scenes like this make people wonder if the hiring of an actual foreign communist to lead her department and the NSW Public Service is an orchestration rather than a negligence of sanity. 

The government has used Covid to expand its payroll, picking off the desperate employees shed by slaughtered businesses. This type of employment is a lure akin to shuffling along the bread line. 

‘Covid tracing’ has become one of the fastest-growing employment opportunities worldwide. If you can’t see that the bureaucracy is using Covid to entrap a frightening percentage of the population into work that requires the continuation of the pandemic – you’re not paying attention. 

When the government is finally ready to take their suite of authoritarian stalking policies to an election, do you imagine it will work in their favour if they have employed hundreds of thousands of voters into the job of tracking their fellow citizens? 

This is communism. This is what Orwell’s nightmares saw. 

There are already rooms full of people whose job it is to hunt down law-abiding citizens using their phones, bank accounts, licence plates, and CCTV to order them into state-mandated house arrest. 

It’s not only contact tracers. Our economy is suffocating under the weight of Covid cleaners, assessors, data analysts, marshals, inspectors, vaccine clinic operators, transport inspectors, creators of propaganda and pamphlets, and who knows how many other standard-issue pencil pushers. 

To that, you can add the barons of big business, who have been given a government mandate to remain open while all of their family-owned competition is closed. Their staff lists have expanded with the shells of people who once lived the Australian dream. 

Then there are the Covid billionaires, whose business models rely on the permanent landscape of ‘the new normal’ where pandemic paraphernalia creates rivers of gold. The world’s nine billion humans find themselves locked into Big Pharma’s vaccine booster shots in exchange for basic liberties that used to be guaranteed by the act of birth. 

Don’t bother looking to the unions for help – Covid has come as a wet dream for their dwindling ideological operation. It is no accident. The unions were born in communism, died in the prosperous decades of Australia’s capitalist growth, and have been salvaged by the installation of Covid tyranny. Thanks to the least dangerous pandemic in human history, the medical industry is undergoing rapid expansion which in turn grows the ranks of union members who fund the Labor Party. The very first thing Anthony Albanese will do is double down on every mistake Morrison has made. 

While the Liberals made these decisions in error, I guarantee Labor will deliver with interest. 

We are nearly at the tipping point where, in order to preserve their public service employment, the people of Australia will betray every whisper of their heritage and vote themselves into dystopia. 

Fear may have led us to this cage, but stupidity lays in wait to shut the door. 

If you want your children to live in the same world you did, this whole game has to end. 

One thing is certain, there is no point holding on to some faint hope that civilisation will see the light and naturally right itself. History tells us that it is far easier to fall into the embrace of a paternal dictatorship than to stand free. 

Who do we have to defend us? The helicopter parent generation? Kids raised by bitter communist lecturers who toss the dice on what kind of gender they are each day? Passive adults who can’t find the strength to speak their mind, let alone hold the fort? The only generation with the mental fortitude required for resistance are bound by the frailty of age. 

If there is any future for the country we used to know as ‘Australia’, we have to give ourselves a good shake and understand what’s about to happen. 

Disabuse yourself of the notion of ‘rescue’. No one else is coming. It is just us. We’re the ones who have to defend liberty this time around. 

Alexandra Marshall is an independent writer. If you would like to support her work, shout her a coffee over at Ko-Fi.

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