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Bat soup crazy

12 June 2021

9:00 AM

12 June 2021

9:00 AM

In this week’s issue, Rebecca Weisser looks at the disgraceful way in which ‘the experts’ got it so wrong on the origins of the corona virus, colluding to proclaim that there was no possibility of the virus having been either deliberately or accidentally released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a biotech lab specialising in corona viruses that just happened to be down the road from the much-maligned Wuhan wet market with its delicacies of baby bat soup.

‘We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that Covid-19 does not have a natural origin,’ a group of smug virologists and public health scientists wrote in the Lancet in February last year. Oh really? A year later we now know the opposite to be true. This reprehensible distortion of the truth has been led, it would appear, by Dr Anthony Fauci, the ‘expert’ who not only did so much damage to the reputation of President Donald Trump (mocking and sniggering at him behind his back) throughout 2020 in the run-up to the election but whose flip-flopping advice on everything from masks to alternative drug treatments to the benefit of lockdowns has also caused such international confusion and chaos.

As we pointed out last week on our cover and in our editorial, this magazine was one of the very few media outlets that all along preferred common sense to the ‘consensus’ of ‘the scientists’. Common sense dictated that the likelihood of a rare and hitherto unknown virus randomly mutating from a bowl of soup as opposed to being created in the highly dangerous experimental virology lab adjacent was as close to zero as one could imagine.

That’s before one even begins to contemplate, let alone discuss the merits of, the insidious concept of gain-of-function research, whereby viruses are deliberately manipulated to make them more infectious or more potent, or both, supposedly in the name of science.

But the most terrifying insight in Rebecca’s article is this sentence: ‘How was Fauci able to persuade reputable scientists to ignore the evidence of their eyes…?’.

That question will no doubt be answered in the fullness of time, but Rebecca indicates that the financial motives are probably where we should be looking. Thus, it would appear that the real lesson of the Covid pandemic is that when financial interests reach a certain ‘tipping point’, science and facts go out the window only to be replaced with a massive lie built upon the dubious concept of ‘expert consensus’ which is in turn propagandised and repackaged by the media to become ‘fact’. Those who dare point to the shaky foundations of the original artifice are dismissed as ‘conspiracy theorists’ to be not only ridiculed but also silenced in the public square and censored by social media barons.

Sound familiar? Of course it does, because this is the very sentence that must be asked of those peddling the climate change/renewables/net zero emissions agenda: how have the alarmists been able to persuade reputable scientists, politicians and the media to ignore the evidence of their own eyes?

Indeed, the story of the Wuhan lab  and the bowl of innocent bat soup serves as the perfect metaphor for everything that is dangerously wrong in the climate debate. Common sense dictates that not only is the planet currently not warming to any degree meriting Thunbergian or Attenboroughian levels of doomsday alarmism (we have been experiencing record-breaking cold winters in both hemispheres) but also that the idea that we are facing some kind of irreversible countdown to environmental Armageddon (anywhere from five to eighteen years hence, depending on which climate hysteric you are listening to) is fanciful beyond belief and based on no credible science.

Nor does any credible evidence support the claim of dangerously rising sea levels or that man-made carbon dioxide is destroying the planet. What he have instead is a massive quasi-academic artifice built upon a contestable proposition, flawed modelling (as with the corona virus), a mysterious and all-consuming ‘consensus’ by ‘experts’ (as with the corona virus) and a media, political and academic class who unthinkingly regurgitate the orthodoxy without having the guts or the wits to question the underlying truth of the matter.

How long will it be before we find out, yet again, that all those ‘scientists’ denouncing ‘conspiracy theories’ were themselves peddling falsehoods? Have businesses and politicians already invested so many billions (trillions?) in the climate/renewables scam that they have now gone far beyond the tipping point of common sense? Are those who know the actual facts deliberately misleading us? Will it take a treasure trove of emails to finally learn the truth? How can serious grown-ups sit around the Cabinet table or strut the corridors of globalist institutions without giving even a moment’s thought to the possibility that what they have now so recklessly embarked upon – the wholesale dismantling of capitalism, Western industrialisation and Third World fossil-fuel driven development – is built on a lie every bit as mendacious as the wet market lie?

We must all be bat soup crazy.

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