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Vaccine roulette

Are the Covid vaccines safe? You bet your life!

22 May 2021

9:00 AM

22 May 2021

9:00 AM

This week, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison proposed that unvaccinated Australians should be locked in their states until they agree to subject themselves to one of the experimental genetic vaccines being touted by Big Pharma and friends as the silver bullet to end the pandemic. It’s a new low in the medical tyranny in Australia. What next? A vaccine pass to leave the house? Home detention for vaccine-deniers?

Israel has a ‘green pass’ which allows vaccinated people access to theatres, concert halls, indoor restaurants and bars but it doesn’t stop people just moving around the country. The UK government wanted to bring in something similar but had to roll back its plans after an angry backlash. In the US, some eager beavers have vaccine passports but they can’t be used to lock people into states. Indeed, Republican states like Florida and Texas made a point of opening up completely months ago and have had better health outcomes than lockdown states.

The latest move in this vaccine game of snakes and ladders, the US Centres for Disease Control suddenly announced last week that vaccinated people could stop wearing masks altogether, seemingly to entice the ‘vaccine hesitant’ to be jabbed. As Hillary Clinton put it, ‘It’s pretty simple: Get vaccinated. Get your life back’.

This was treated with scorn in states that had already abandoned masks and were filling sporting stadiums but it came as a shock to the corona-phobic faithful who hang on every word uttered by Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to the President. Fauci said in February that Americans would need to wear masks until at least 2022. In March, he doubled down and said vaccinated people needed to keep wearing masks and they were not just ‘theatre’. Then, last week, he did a backflip with triple pike and said vaccinated Americans should ‘put aside’ their masks and admitted that when he wore a mask indoors it was just for show.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was so flabbergasted that she said she would need to ‘rewire’ herself so that when she saw an unmasked person she didn’t instantly think, ‘You are a threat, or you are selfish or you are a Covid denier and you definitely haven’t been vaccinated’. Yet the refuseniks remain reluctant despite the bribes of free French fries, beer, lottery tickets and donuts in exchange for a jab. What they want are peer-reviewed studies on long-term safety and efficacy.

Part of the problem is that the vaccine seems pointless to the young and healthy since it doesn’t prevent you from catching it anyway. Nine members of the New York Yankees — who are all fully vaccinated — have tested positive. The vaccines also don’t stop you from getting severely ill from Covid and dying although they greatly reduce the risk. Yet what is the risk? A calculator created by the University of Oxford estimates that for a healthy 59-year-old woman with no co-morbidities the chance of dying or getting hospitalised is 0.0071 or 1 in 14,085. Yet that risk was calculated in England during the first wave, when doctors refused to treat patients early with drugs such as ivermectin which was already being used in Florida and reduces the risk of dying from Covid by up to 90 per cent. That’s before you calculate the risk reduction from using ivermectin as a prophylactic.

How does that compare with the risk death or severe side effects from a vaccine? In the UK, up to 5 May, 1,143 people had died shortly after vaccination. In the US, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) received 4,434 reports of death.

But dying is not the only thing that can go wrong. Just looking at the reports for the AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK, there were 262 cases of major blood clots with low platelet counts, with 51 deaths. There were another 692 cases of low platelet counts, and blood clots in the spleen, the heart, the coronary artery, the ophthalmic vein and the retina. There were 201 people who had heart attacks and another 18 who had heart failure out of 6,332 cardiac disorders. There were also 5,888 ear disorders, including 201 who went deaf and 2,205 who developed tinnitus. There were also 9,359 eye disorders including 155 people who went completely blind, 12 who suffered transient blindness and 14 who went blind in one eye.

Vaccine zealots have been forced to concede that blood clots combined with low platelets are caused by the vaccine. Yet, as Professor Jonathan Couey of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (Neurobiology) argues this week, numerous adverse events following immunisation may result from the complex interaction between the typical immune response to viral infection (fever, inflammation) and those caused by the novel spike protein manufactured in the body by the vaccine, and its interactions with its target ACE2 receptor. This might explain why some of the lethal side effects of the vaccine — like blood clots in organs with high levels of ACE2 receptors — also occur in severe Covid-19 infection. The vaccine also increases the number of people who get Covid asymptomatically and who may spread variants that have evolved to escape the vaccine. This may explain why those countries which had substantial involvement in testing vaccines last year — the UK, Brazil, South Africa and India — have also given rise to the so-called ‘variants of concern’.

On the same day as the PM threatened to lock Australians into their states if they didn’t get vaccinated, Professor John Hayball, an Australian vaccine developer and consultant to pharmaceutical companies told Sky News that Australians should not ask questions about the Covid-19 vaccines and just take the jab when it was offered to them. Yet, until the trials are completed next year, there can be no answers to the question of vaccine safety and efficacy.

In the face of such uncertainty, the only moral solution for any Prime Minister who shares the Liberal party’s values of freedom, choice and personal responsibility, is to make the vaccine available to everyone who wants it as soon as possible, ignore the advice of the mendacious WHO which has disgraced itself during the pandemic and allow doctors to prescribe off-label any drug that has already been approved so that they can treat early anyone who gets Covid, and end the medical tyranny that ruining the lives and livelihoods of so many Australians.

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