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13 March 2021

9:00 AM

13 March 2021

9:00 AM

Although much has been written about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah Winfrey (perhaps Jerry Springer would have been a more appropriate choice), the real significance of the event and its aftermath has escaped most commentators. Namely, this was the moment the woke, virtue-signalling, politically correct metaphorical chickens literally came home to roost at the House of Windsor.

The monarchy is now at the mercy of the anti-Judeo-Christian code of morality based on the fashionable new creed of wokeness. Emotions, feelings and racial guilt now officially trump rational thought, tradition and logic. Identity and grievance politics have now replaced time-honoured moral principles such as hard work, thrift, duty, loyalty, forgiveness, charity and honour. With nary a care in the world, Queen Elizabeth’s grandson, in cahoots with his grasping Hollywood actress wife, has quite happily tipped all these old and time-honoured values down the loo and pulled the chain. A royal flush, perhaps.

One of the most senior members of the royal family, they claim without any concrete, and indeed contradictory, details, questioned the colour of their baby’s skin. By playing the race card in such a sinister, devious, calculated, unverifiable and indeed incredible fashion, only months after race riots based upon the lie of ‘systemic’ racism and ‘white supremacy’ tore America apart, Harry and Meghan have sought to besmirch Britain’s royal family in the most despicable manner. And with a selfishness so brazen it could only have come from pampered and blinkered Millennials, these two have at the same time deliberately sought to place themselves as individuals on a higher moral pedestal than that of the Crown. This is narcissism and arrogance on steroids. Indeed, given that the monarch is also the head of the Church of England, Harry has as good as suggested that he and his bride as individuals are of higher moral standing than the next two heads of the Anglican religion, his father and his brother – one of whom, or the spouse of whom, he has inferred made the racist comments about his and Meghan’s potential offspring. (It hardly needs saying that questioning the likely genetic make-up/colouring, etc., of any child’s features based on the two parents’ genes is not only perfectly common but more importantly does not equate to racism).

But, sadly, this embracing of the worst traits of identity politics is the direct result of Prince Charles himself having failed to offer appropriate moral and intellectual guidance to his two boys following the tragic death of their mother. Largely reviled for his brazen disloyalty to Princess Diana (the ‘people’s princess’) when she was alive, Charles has, since her passing, embarked on an eccentric crusade to earn the approval of the bien-pensants and the celebrity-Left by touting his own version of woke morality built around ‘sustainability’ and ‘saving the planet’ from ‘catastrophic climate change’ as well as most recently promoting the fascist-corporatist ‘Great Reset’ nonsense.

Struggling to compete with this pathetic posturing, his sons William and Harry were left with little choice other than to emulate or outdo it; Harry with his Invictus Games (an extremely worthy cause) and William with his mental health and climate/technology initiatives.

The three of them would have done better to study the history of monarchies, revolutions and stable constitutional institutions. When the aristocracy attempts to curry favour with or even joins the salivating revolutionaries, it rarely saves itself from the guillotine. By deliberately throwing his lot in with the likes of doomsday cultist Greta Thunberg, the Malthusian Sir David Attenborough and other nihilists and anarchists, Prince Charles has undermined the importance of the monarchy and elevated the moral standing of the woke revolution. This in turn has encouraged, perhaps even forced, his sons to also embrace woke identity politics including, of course, the vile nostrums of critical race theory. This is the belief, at the heart of the outrage surrounding Meghan’s and Harry’s incendiary comments to Ms Winfrey, that all white people and institutions are irredeemably racist and therefore have no moral standing and must be purged or torn down. Nice work, Team Windsor.

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