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#ScottyFromMarketing – and Ant from Ant’s Used Cars?

25 February 2021

2:30 PM

25 February 2021

2:30 PM

For what ever reason, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been colloquially named “Scotty from Marketing”. No doubt it is a poor attempt at belittling him; something that can be sufficiently achieved by looking at some of his policy and personnel decisions.

And although I am not a member of the marketing “profession”, I would venture that professional marketers would be offended at the suggestion that the cheap spin performed by the Prime Minister is actually marketing.

However, why is there no equally patronising name for Anthony Albanese? Irrespective, may I propose one? Ant from Ant’s Used Cars.

Are not the generally recognised skills of used car salesperson similar to those of the honourable leader of the opposition?

  • Trying to present a lemon as a three Michelin stars restaurant meal.
  • Applying as much sticky tape and chewing gum onto problems as possible.
  • Lack of interest in issues or details once the car/policy goes out the door.

After all, as Ant himself once said:

In Australia we have serious challenges to solve and we need serious people to solve them.

A line to fill one with confidence and inspiration up there with Julia Gillard’s “we are us”.

Stephen Spartacus blogs at Sparty’s Cast where a version of this piece also appears.

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