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ACB or ABC? Cricket Australia’s woke arrogance

25 January 2021

1:18 PM

25 January 2021

1:18 PM

The same cricketers who intend to snub Australia Day at home want priority receiving the Covid vaccine so they can represent Australia overseas.

Well played Cricket Australia. Well played.

They have a hostile quick, aiming bouncers at the national day from one end, and a spinner exercising guile to extract special treatment from the nation, operating at the other.

It’s a two-pronged attack that is likely to win as many fans as they have won Test Matches this year. 


Cricket Australia announced last week that they would sandpaper away any mention of “Australia Day” from their promotion of Big Bash games on January 26.

The decision came after consultation with someone who said something about this being a powerful way of being seen to be doing something about racism or something.

Much like the now-familiar barefoot circle — where players begin each Test Match by standing around silently contemplating how standing around in silent contemplation will improve the lot Indigenous people -– the decision to not say “Australia Day” on our national day is pointless.

It will not help struggling batsman Joe Burns get even one more run. Nor will it save even one Indigenous woman from domestic violence. 

It will, however, distract attention from the team’s poor summer.

“Well yes, we lost at the Gabba for the first time in 20 years to an Indian team missing seven of their best players. But look over there, a social justice pantomime!”

When the Prime Minister, speaking for many cricket fans, suggested that Cricket Australia should have “a bit more focus on cricket” he was promptly told to “read the room”.

In other words, how dare cricket fans demand their cricket team win games of cricket when what cricketers really need to do is to focus on their role as ambassadors for Cricket Australia’s woke adventures.

It is surely only a matter of time until Cricket Australia change their name to just CA (in the same way that Kentucky Fried Chicken now calls itself just KFC) to avoid any obvious connection either to cricket or to Australia, both of which only seem to get in the way of really important things like inclusivity, diversity, equality, equity, sustainability and trans-whateverity.

Inner-city progressives will, of course, approve of the Australia Day snub. However, this too is pointless since inner-city progressives tend not to like cricket.

They are disgusted by the crowd’s cultural appropriation of the Mexican Wave. They are horrified by the nationalistic chants of “Come on Aussie, Come on”. And they are sickened by misogynistic cricketing terms such as “to bowl a maiden over”.

In this regard, Cricket Australia has become almost indistinguishable from Rugby Australia – a sporting organisation that is world-class when it comes to alienating fans and losing games whilst impressing people who don’t care with gestures that don’t matter.

All of which makes Cricket Australia’s request for players to receive the Covid vaccine before everybody else in the country a bit rich. 

Cricket Australia’s chief medical officer Dr John Orchard argued at the weekend that the team should jump the priority queue because its tour of South Africa in February was “vital to Australia’s national and international interest”.

So one minute they are snubbing Australia Day because ‘national shame’; and the next minute they are elbowing their way to the front of the vaccination queue because ‘national pride’.

If Cricket Australia want to receive funding from Australian taxpayers in order to represent Australia then they might like to honour Australia’s national day.

And as for elite athletes aged under 35 demanding vaccination before front line workers and the elderly … What’s that expression again? Read the room.

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