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5 December 2020

9:00 AM

5 December 2020

9:00 AM

Where are all the journalists?

Please could someone just clarify a point of law for me: is theft no longer illegal? I’m thinking specifically of an act of grand larceny which may have been committed in America on 3 November. The stolen item was the US presidency. My strong suspicion is that it was won overwhelmingly by the incumbent Donald Trump. But everyone else has decided that victory should go to a lowdown cheating thief called Joe Biden. And that anyone who thinks otherwise should be treated as an utter lunatic.

When I say ‘everyone’ I’m exaggerating ever so slightly. I know, for example, that in Australia my friends from the Sky News show Outsiders have kept the faith. So too, in the US have many if not most of the 74 million Americans who voted Trump and are now feeling sorely cheated. But that still leaves an awful lot of people who think the presidency is – and should be – Biden’s. Including pretty much the entirety of the media where I live in the UK.

I’ve been a journalist for around 30 years now and I don’t think there’s ever been an issue on which my confreres have been so unanimous. Our media has a reputation for being robust and argumentative and open to all manner of diverse opinions. But pretty much every journalist, even the right-wingers and the shock jocks and the leftfield contrarians, has made up their mind that Trump definitely lost and must bow out gracefully to spare us any more embarrassment. Oh, and by the way, here on pages 5, 6 and 7 are the details of who Biden has picked for his cabinet and what his plans for the next four years are – and do turn to the features section for some touchy-feely meditations on how the world has become so much nicer a place now that kindly Uncle Joe has ousted that nasty orange man from the Oval Office.

I feel like the Little Boy looking at the naked Emperor and wondering why on earth everyone else is praising his magnificent threads. Or maybe a better analogy is that we’re all stuck inside an enormous lift and someone has let rip a silent, pungent fart which everyone else is contriving to pretend isn’t actually there even as it lingers horribly in their quivering nostrils.

When I say pungent fart, I’m referring to the ginormous elephant in the room which no one wants to address: the large quantity of evidence which appears strongly to suggest that this particular presidential election was rigged to a degree perhaps unprecedented in US history.

The way it was rigged seems to have taken many forms – from old-fashioned ballot-stuffing using doctored postal votes to sophisticated electronic fraud. The latter involves a machine called Dominion, originally developed, it is said, so that Chavez could cheat the elections in Venezuela, and part of a company run by Democrat activists. This machine, it is alleged, can be controlled remotely, so that you can transfer your opponents’ votes into votes for your preferred candidate. Perhaps this explains the bizarre anomaly, noticeable on the night of the election, when states – such as Pennsylvania and Georgia – which seemed to going Trump’s way suddenly, inexplicably changed tack and were won by Biden instead.

There’s lots more where this came from. All manner of eyewitness accounts of everything from bags of military (and therefore likely pro-Trump) votes dumped by the roadside and Republican observers  (but not Democrat ones) booted out of polling stations; plus some whistleblowing from Dominion insiders and from honourable Democrats appalled that their own party should have behaved so badly.

Not that you’ll have read much of this anywhere in the mainstream media. And I hate to use terms like MSM – it makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist – but seriously, what on earth is going on with my trade when dangling out there, like the most luscious of low-hanging fruits, is a US political scandal so major it makes Watergate look like the Teddy Bears’ Picnic?

If even half these claims are true, then the Democrats and the American Left generally are about to meet their Gettysburg: scores of big names will be facing jail time and everyone who went along with this scam – either by actively participating or merely turning a blind eye to it – is going to be exposed as corrupt, venal, compromised or, in the case of all the journalists who are ignoring the story, an absolute disgrace to their trade.

Yet still, amazingly, almost no one wants to acknowledge it. Or on the rare occasions they do, only to pour scorn on it. Take the quite inexcusable reportage on the initial press conference in which the head of Trump’s legal team, Rudy Giuliani, outlined his case. The evidence barely got a mention. Instead the main focus was on the hair dye pouring down Giuliani’s face and on his tragic decline from ‘America’s mayor to Trump’s laughing stock.’ It wasn’t just left wing sites like Sky News (which unlike the Australian version is owned by pro-Democrat Comcast) saying this stuff but all the conservative papers too. The latter have been so relentlessly anti-Trump throughout that they might just as well be the Guardian.

So like most die-hard Trumpistas – or, in my case, like those rarer-than-hen’s-teeth journalists actually doing their job – I’ve been forced to go looking for my information in the darker recesses of the web. Some of the stuff I’ve been reading is truly mindblowing, like the theory that Donald Trump saw all this coming and set a trap using a top secret Joint Interagency Task Force, which has the Democrats bang to rights thanks to a Dominion server seized by US army in Frankfurt, Germany.

God knows how much of this is true. But it certainly deserves more attention than it has received so far. If Trump does come back a lot of people are going to be very surprised. Not me though, I’ll just be laughing my socks off.

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