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Danandrewstan opens – in a way that only the people who created the problem to begin with could arrange

26 October 2020

4:02 PM

26 October 2020

4:02 PM

Daniel Andrews loves his facts and figures. At his press conference today, he seemed proud that it was 139 days since Victoria had seen a day free of new coronavirus cases, instead of apologising for the 20 weeks of death and devastation his government has inflicted on his state and the nation.

‘This belongs to every Victorian,” Andrews declared.

No, it doesn’t. The loss of lives and livelihoods belongs to entirely to him, his ministers, bureaucrats and the police.

“I’m so humbled,” he continued.

Culpable, more like it. Culpable and in denial.

Then, he announced what we largely expected him to announce yesterday.

All very Danandrewstan.

Labor politicians, public servants, union hacks and ABC types don’t really understand that there’s a problem with the already badly battered hospitality businesses that ordered in fresh stock in anticipation of an opening today only to bin it last night when no news came yesterday who now have to go to the cost of ordering it in again ahead of Wednesday’s actual loosening of restrictions.

And, of course, why was there the delay between the expected announcement yesterday and the actual announcement today? Becase of the coronavirus outbreak in Melbournes north. “The coronavirus outbreak in Melbourne’s northern suburbs,” as it was reported yesterday, “caused by a hospital worker who contracted the virus from a patient in Box Hill Hospital’s COVID ward, and was then allowed to work in a non-COVID ward.”

All we have seen from the Andrews Government is incompetence compounded by incompetence, compounded by incompetence — and then compounded by incompetence yet again.

And so it will continue until an Augean Stables job is done across the ranks of this rotten government, its incompetent, enfeebled bureaucracy and corrupt, cowardly and politicised police.

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