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Ashamed to be Australian

How did we become as bad as Cuba and North Korea?

12 September 2020

9:00 AM

12 September 2020

9:00 AM

This column will make for hard reading for some of you because the gist of what I’m going to say is that I’m now embarrassed to be an Australian. No, that’s too weak. In fact I’m ashamed to be Australian. Under emergency legislation in Victoria, power has been delegated to two-bit, jumped-up medicos and a power-drunk premier. Using this secondary legislation the Victorian police, presumably with time on their hands after the George Pell and Lawyer X fiascos, got a warrant to enter the home of a Ballarat woman who is pregnant. They arrested her. Ah, but first they handcuffed her. Why? Did the big burly Victorian police officers, all men in the video of the incident I saw, see her as a realistic threat?  Watching the whole thing was sickening.  Meantime, all the usual virtue-signalling, sanctimonious human rights brigade lawyers and law professors whose epicentre is Melbourne have been more or less silent about this. If only she’d been an Afghani claiming refugee status we can be sure they’d be jumping up and down screaming blue murder. But hey, when it’s Comrade Dan ‘keeping us safe’ then it’s okay. I don’t want ever to hear another puffed up, preening, self-styled human rights person tell me his or her views about anything if they haven’t been lambasting this incident – so I won’t be hearing much.

On top of that, of course, there have been 3AW radio hosts – I refuse now to listen to the ABC so I can’t comment on them – broadcasting in support of the police actions because the woman didn’t do what she was told. Got that? Well you know what? When the premier is acting like a thug and the police have meekly turned themselves into agents of that thug then no, none of us needs to do what is commanded. Doesn’t Peter Costello have something to do with 3AW? Maybe he can explain the concept of individual liberty to his company’s employees, no doubt after they’ve done their unconscious bias course.

What the Ballarat woman wrote was harmless, measured and qualified. She suggested a socially-distanced, mask-wearing protest in Stage 3 Ballarat to give support to Stage 4 Melburnians. In parts of Australia it transpires, you can’t suggest anything that some jumped-up, out of his depth, chief medical officer doesn’t like. I never thought I’d say this, but defunding the police suddenly appeals.

I am seething with anger about this. And I’m disgusted with the complacency and pathetic sheep-like ‘I’m too scared to come out Mummy’ attitudes of so many Australians. Grow a pair of cojones! Life is full of risk and shivering in fear in your basement makes you, well, Joe Biden – with about the same level of cognitive awareness. Ignore the morons who massively over-reacted to this Wuhan virus. Go online and read what far more qualified epidemiologists and statisticians overseas – and here too – are saying about this thing. The lockdown sceptics are winning the war of ideas based on – wait for it – the science. So it turns out that Covid does discriminate. As a rule of thumb it doubles your chance of dying for one year only. Bad if you’re 94 with lung and liver disease, but if you’re young and healthy it is irrelevant. Virtually no Australians under 40 have died of it, none without other serious issues. In the US, only 39 people under 16 have died of the corona virus – and to give you the context that the fear porn media in this country refuses to give you that is 39 deaths out of the 57 million youths under 16 in the US. Almost all of those 39 had bad existing conditions. If you did maths in an Australian school recently you’ll be flummoxed, I know, but put that 39 over 57 million and it’s basically zero. This thing is less lethal than the flu to huge chunks of the population. Why are we getting daily ‘new case’ tallies? Talk deaths and context or shut up. 440 Australians die every day. We weep for the six who died from this virus and make life impossible for the relatives of the other 434.

Or consider this. The average age of those dying with corona for men is 81 and for women is 85. Meanwhile, the average life expectancy for men is 81 and for women is 85. Got that? The distinguished Lancet had an article that conceded that there is no evidence that lockdowns do anything to stop Covid deaths – they just cause otherwise young and healthy people to commit suicide, overdose on drugs, face a future of economic carnage and more. I’m now at the point that I want to join the hundreds of thousands of anti-lockdown protesters in Germany and London.

You know what else is awful? Liberal politicians. Gutless. Weak. Devoid of principle. The Opposition leader in Victoria, Michael O’Brien, criticised how the police arrested the Ballarat woman but he never to my knowledge criticised the law that gave these coppers the power to act as jackboot bozos. Mr O’Brien, the problem is the law itself. And where was Scott Morrison screaming blue murder day after day about this and castigating Il Duce Dan non-stop? Did I miss that? You know what ScoMo? You have the power to cut off significant amounts of money to Victoria or just end JobKeeper. If any member of the fear porn press asks you why, you simply say ‘we are not in the business of propping up tyrants’. Got it? This is what happens when your PM is the man who thought free speech was a third order issue that didn’t create a single job. Right now that same man’s government has killed more jobs than any PM in Australia’s history; it has completely bungled its response to the Wuhan virus because there was no anchoring principle that motivated decision-making. Certainly there was nothing like what was on display in Sweden where their government did not hide behind a chief medical officer and never seen before heavy-handedness. It remembered it was governing in a democracy, not China, and so gave out the information it had, didn’t lock down anything at all really and trusted its citizens. Now they effectively have herd immunity, everything is basically back to normal, and in the process 99.998 per cent of those Swedes under 60 (99.95 of all Swedes) did not die from this virus. That, in other words, is the worst case scenario if we’d never locked down. Everything Morrison and co. have done to ruin the economy, to bring on even more deaths due to the lockdowns, was done for that meagre fare.

Let’s be blunt. What we’ve prevented is nowhere near as bad as what we’ve caused. More to the point, nothing we actually faced came close to justifying the worst inroads into Australians’ civil liberties ever. Heck, Mr Morrison is running the only government in the democratic world that won’t let its citizens leave the country. Us. North Korea. Cuba. So no basis to criticise border closing by premiers is there? History will not be kind, whatever next week’s Newspoll says.

Embarrassed. Ashamed. Sickened. Disgusted. You pick the mot juste for how I feel.

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