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EXCLUSIVE: Why is the RACV putting asylum seekers ahead of its pensioner members?

31 March 2020

5:18 PM

31 March 2020

5:18 PM

Every state has its own motoring organisation and roadside assistance service. New South Wales has the NRMA, Queensland the RACQ, South Australia the RAA and so forth.

Victoria has the RACV. Unfortunately, though, the wheels have fallen off. No, it’s not suffering coronavirus. Worse. It’s gone woke — and in a time of need is giving many of its members the finger.

It all began innocently enough with a reassuring email to members from Managing Director and CEO Neil Taylor:

It was all the usual corporate guff, but then came these paragraphs:

The RACV has many age pensioners members, most who have been on the books since they got their driving licenses in their teens. Many of them will be going through a terrible time. Shouldn’t they take priority over asylum seekers? Hasn’t Taylor heard of loyalty?

It appears not. Instead, it looks as if he’s more interested in virtue signalling away until he dislocates his shoulders while simultaneously uttering platitudes.

Gee. Thank you, too, RACV. The next annual general meeting should be interesting.

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