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Global Warming, meet Creationism

There’s something familiar about the new religion of climate change

1 February 2020

9:00 AM

1 February 2020

9:00 AM

Any system that allows a questioning of beliefs is an enlightened system. The truth can only be determined by fearlessly having vibrant critical and analytical discussion, by embracing rather than fearing uncertainty and by not suppressing evidence contrary to one’s beliefs. This does not happen with the populist climate movement. Human-induced global warming is an unproven scientific hypothesis that has become an article of faith.

The peer review and grant processes are controlled by the secular equivalent of the Collegium Romanum and leave faith unchallenged. In schools today, scientific ‘facts’ are taught in the same way as theological ‘facts’ were taught centuries ago. Contrary scientific facts are now casually dismissed as ‘alternative facts’, primary data measurements are ‘homogenised’ and the alleged real world is now defined by computer models, not measurements.

Creationists also ignore or amend validated scientific measurements to try to show that the planet was created 6,000 years ago, that the planet suffered a great flood 4,000 years ago and that there was no biological evolution of life. The logical consequences are that the continents started to fragment 4,000 years ago, for the continents to drift to where they are now would have created a 100-metre high bow wave, that there would have been catastrophic volcanic eruptions every few minutes with associated devastating earthquakes and tsunamis. No one seemed to notice or record such events over the last 4,000 years. Maybe it was just not possible to write history in billowing volcanic dust and reorganise notes every few minutes when they were shuffled around by tsunamis. To accommodate their unfounded scientific beliefs, creationists even attempted to change the speed of light and tried to reduce the number of species on Earth to stop the horrendous traffic jam as millions of species sprinted up the gangplank of Noah’s Ark. Similarly, global warmists ignore the cyclical events of a warming and cooling planet over 4,500 million years.

Creationists cannot answer simple questions. How did the blind marsupial mole get from where the Ark beached on Mt Ararat across oceans and land masses to Australia? Environmental fundamentalists have never been able to answer why measured changes in modern climate are within variability of past changes or why there were no tipping points or runaway global warming in former times when atmospheric CO2 was hundreds of times higher than now, and have never shown that the human emissions of CO2 drive global warming. Creationists and global warmers have a problem with time. Their solution is simple. Ignore or change history and geology. This thread of dishonesty unites these fundamentalist religions.

Today’s Westerners have enjoyed the greatest wealth, health, diet, food abundance, safety, equality, freedoms and longevity that humans have ever experienced on Earth. Pestilence, famine, death and war, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, are now in retreat thanks to the liberating forces of capitalism, democracy, science and technology. Previous events of global warming such as the Minoan, Roman and Medieval were times of great prosperity and population increase whereas Jack Frost has been the deadly killer in times such as the Dark Ages and the Little Ice Age. Science, engineering and architecture will protect most Westerners against the inevitable future cycles of cooling and warming. Humans have burned and eaten everything that nature offered since Adam was a boy and we are the first generation to try to act otherwise. We are also the first generation to fear warmth.

Established religion in the West has declined yet many yearn for a spiritual life and want something to believe in. People will believe almost anything to fill a yawning spiritual vacuum. Extreme environmentalism incorporates many of the characteristics of Christianity and communism such as sin, guilt, sacrifice (as long as it is done by others), payment of indulgences, repentance, redemption, dogma and blind submission to authoritarianism. Judgement Day in the form of extinction, sea-level change and global heating is close. For the new religion, the planet is static and any change must be because of human activity. The romantic environmentalist’s lost Eden never existed. It was a world of disease, dung and death – now rebadged as sustainability.

The new religion is urban, atheistic and disconnected from nature, rural life and the realities of food, fibre, water, energy and mineral production necessary for survival. All necessities come from shops, followers are blameless as they enjoy the fruits of an affluent consumer life and real life occurs on a screen. Followers are terrified of doubt, scepticism and uncertainty. Dogma, suppression of alternative ideas and reliance on authority are typical of fundamentalist religions. The secular urban environmentalist religion claims to be underpinned by science yet ignores history, geology and logic and has no need for accurate reproducible data and the scientific method. Just as the Roman Empire discovered, once the masses have embraced a new religion, the state must follow. Like many fundamentalist religions, it attracts believers by announcing apocalyptic calamities unless we change our ways. Fear is bankable, fear is politically exploited and there is a never-ending sequence of disasters promoted by the media – now due to climate change resulting from Westerners sinfully emitting CO2. The far higher emissions by the Chinese and Indians apparently don’t create natural disasters. In the past natural disasters were punishment from God for our sin. Natural disasters now kill on average 60,000 people a year. What is not stated is that hundreds of years ago the figure was millions of people a year despite the smaller population. As always, disasters affect those in poverty most heavily.

A new class of high priest and vacuous follower deem that one element in the periodic table represents original sin. They try to re-mystify the world and seek miracles and magic from element number six. This element forms the backbone of all life on earth. Fundamentalist religions foster a sense of moral superiority and guilt and no need to tell the truth.

In science, we are in awe of nature; in religion, in awe of God. The new environmental religion is spiritually vacuous, in awe of nothing and loathes humans. The only climate change catastrophe is that we inflict upon ourselves a huge intellectual, moral, spiritual and economic cost because we ignore the past. We see a dumbed-down education system, social media vulgarity and violence, water and electricity shortages and massive fuel loads in unmanaged forests. Geology showed centuries ago that creationism was rubbish. It also shows that the new climate religion is total nonsense.

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