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Media sacrifices independence and prestige

15 February 2020

9:00 AM

15 February 2020

9:00 AM

A passenger on MV Zaandam from Buenos Aires to  the Antarctic last week, I was  reminded of the warning by experts in the London Daily Mail (30/1) that Antarctic visitors ‘risk being killed in a Titanic-style tragedy because climate change is creating more icebergs…’. The emergency signal did sound early on this voyage, the first time I have ever heard one outside an exercise. Coming straight from a formal evening in a dinner suit, I decided I was appropriately dressed for the lifeboats. I waited. In messages over the following hour, the Captain gradually revealed the problem was not an iceberg but a fire fortunately subdued without the need to abandon ship.

As noted here in a column last October, while experts remain significantly divided over the theory about man-made global warming, the elites are unanimous both on the theory and the global solution which can only have been designed to destroy a gullible West. In that column, I had referred to a leading scientist pointing out that the world’s mainstream media was so biased they published a graphic representation of world temperatures by removing all references to less than average temperatures. The blind dogma that there is only one solution as revealed by some truant schoolgirl is hardly a solution.

The defeat of the impeachment was an extraordinary victory not only for Donald Trump, but also for the United States and for the free world. Keeping him in office is not only making America great again, crucially it is keeping the US the dominant world power. There was absolutely no ground for impeachment, not even a soupçon of any high crime or misdemeanour by the only president ever refused elementary due process. But justice has prevailed both in the acquittal and also in the consequences. The impeachment has worked seriously against the perpetrators, in at least three ways. First, the American people are increasingly outraged, as the polls reflect. This will no doubt be seen in the poll that counts, the election. Second, this drew even greater attention to his State of the Union address, recording one of the most successful lists of achievements of any president. The contrast between this and the mean and spiteful agenda of the opposition could not have been clearer. Third, an extremely solid and powerful team of true Republican Congressmen and Senators has emerged in Congress and has been tried and tested in battle in strategy, tactics and argument. The RINOS, Republicans in Name Only, have at last been eclipsed.

When the mainstream media is near to unanimous, be on your guard. Take for example, their role in the politicians’ republic, Trump, Brexit, Turnbull’s coup and more recently, the Shorten victory. In The Plot Against the President, investigative journalist Lee Smith tells how Congressman Devin Nunes uncovered the biggest political scandal in all US history, the illicit campaign by American elites to sabotage the Trump election campaign through  the gross abuse of a secret court process, followed by a three year attempted coup. Very rarely, says Lee, has a free press so sacrificed its independence and prestige by putting its rights and privileges into the service of intelligence operations designed to target one faction on behalf of another. Becoming political operatives, they used bylines and other journalistic apparatus to camouflage their dirty work, breaking men and women, separating them from their families, stripping them of their liberties, homes and savings merely for exercising their constitutional right to participate in a political campaign.

Trump was not supposed to win, so anyone who supported him remains anathema. The result is the practitioners have destroyed the standing and authority of a whole institution. Their biased propaganda was relayed within the Australian media as if it were authoritative.

Bridget McKenzie’s sins were gross, involving an appalling waste of taxpayers’ money. But these are  sins for which most politicians are equally guilty. It is not so long ago that it was accepted that members of a club would raise their own funds. Most remain happy to do so rather than politicians immorally, insultingly and unconstitutionally in trying to buy their votes.

This corruption will not stop here; even worse will come unless it is stopped. We have been trained by an increasingly corrupt political class, aided and abetted by runaway High Court judges and a mainly complicit media that the answer to any and every problem is massive and unrestrained funding from that bottomless pit, the hard-working Australian taxpayer to impose a one-sized solution across the nation. That this goes against the  world’s learning and experience about the advantages of true federalism, something which has been excised from the minds of Australians, especially school children. Instead they must be taught the moral advantage of dreaming of early and frequent changes of sex without of course any constraint exercised by those who most care most about their future well-being; namely, their parents.

Political leadership is an extremely rare quality, which I was  reminded of on a recent trip to the Falklands where Lady Thatcher is rightly honoured. Apart from Churchill, which other British PM would have reacted similarly against the criminal murdering Junta’s invasion of the Falklands. Boris Johnson has shown great strength over Brexit, but turned into a sheep over both Huawei and carbon dioxide emissions.

Across the Atlantic, Donald Trump is, on results, by far the greatest leader in the West and the greatest American leader since at least Ronald Reagan.

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