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Climate cranks turn up the heat

26 November 2019

2:40 PM

26 November 2019

2:40 PM

Climate hysteria is increasing in intensity at the rate that alarmists claim extreme weather events are increasing thanks to burning coal etc. Catastrophe has already overtaken emergency, hitting the 11 out of 10 rate of alarm.  Children are weeping in public, fearful of their immediate future, eco-depression is now accepted as a valid diagnosis of serious concern sufferers feel about global warming and in parliament, foolish questions are posed by Greens MP Adam Bandt — such as asking the Government to take responsibility for all the emissions generated by our coal exports, not just the 1.3 per Australia is actually emitting of the global total. (Adam, don’t you realise that those using our coal are already counted in the total?)

Where will it end? At least at 12, and that’s just this calendar year, which is nearly over. One reason the hysteria won’t abate is that nothing can be seen. The emission reduction strategies are not visible, since CO2 is not visibly shrinking as we go about our lives. Nothing is visibly changing to make alarmists relax as they glue themselves to the road. Political activists fan the flames of fury; we are doomed! So the shrieking and gnashing of teeth will only accelerate as the fatal ignorance of the entire climate warming cohort amps up the threats and warnings.

Not long now before Ratchet 12, climate apocalypse makes its furious entrance, drawn by the four horses: Ignorance, Fraudulent Science, Self Interest and Political Destruction.

Climate change orthodoxy is dragging us back to primitive eras, before the Enlightenment. The village mob is now enlarged and emboldened, but just as dumb as their forebears of 500 years ago.

Teachers are corroding the minds of their pupils with absolute falsehoods, claiming it to be science-based. Although I suspect a few bright sparks go home and do some research of their own and discover there is a vast load of information that debunks the teacher’s mischaracterisations.

Striking and missing school for climate action is the prelude to mass disruptions and civil disobedience where the flag of moral superiority of planet-saving will fly high as violent clashes begin to mark where the hard edge of the ruling orthodoxy crashes into the tectonic plate of reason and common sense. It will be ugly and sustained.

The only way that scenario might be avoided is if leadership steps up and mounts a strong counter-argument against the folly of what is being done in the name of science and the planet. The chance of that happening is minus 12.

Enjoy yourself. The worst is yet to come.

Illustration: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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