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7 September 2019

9:00 AM

7 September 2019

9:00 AM

A new form of child abuse?

In early May I wrote on the work of Professor John Whitehall, Chair of Paediatrics and Child Health at the University of Western Sydney. He raised the alarm on transgender activists who are gaining the support of schools, particularly in Victoria, to push children towards irreversible gender-changing chemical and surgical procedures. More frighteningly, he warned that they had captured the support of the federal Labor party, as demonstrated in the party’s election manifesto.

Labor lost, so thankfully their proposals will not become law, at least federally, until they come to power some time after May 2022 at the earliest. Since the election, there has been considerable media coverage of the subject but very little mention has been made of what Labor’s policies were and, presumably, what their policies are now.

Labor’s National Policy Platform commits to encouraging sexually-confused children towards gender fluidity and irreversible chemical and surgical treatments. They intend establishing a National Gender Centre to ‘advocate on transgender issues’. They would appoint a Commissioner for Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status. They will require LGBTQI content to be included in all sex education in schools, and intend setting up a nationwide Safe Schools program, similar to that introduced in Victoria, to promote throughout all state schools the cult ideology that all children are basically of no fixed identity, as between boy and girl, and that the child, and the child alone, must be able to choose their gender. To this end they would use taxpayers’ money to fund sex-change procedures.

The inevitable and plainly foreseeable outcome of such a policy would be to produce a generation of Australian schoolchildren who are totally confused as to their identity.  Labor shows itself to be fully aware of such an outcome for its manifesto goes on to promise that ‘if a child expresses confusion’ it will be unlawful for any doctor, therapist, or counsellor to do anything but to direct and support the child in the direction of the new gender.

It’s worth noting here that Labor’s intention to restrict a medical practitioners’ right to conscientious objection to child sex-change procedures is very similar to such a restriction in the case of late-term abortions as contained in the Reproductive Health Care Reform bill currently before the NSW Parliament — ostensibly a Liberal-sponsored piece of legislation!

Professor Whitehall talks of ‘gender dysphoria’, a term used to describe the condition in which a child or young person feels that their sense of being male or female is opposite to their birth sex. He extends the definition by describing it thus, and I should warn readers that his words are extremely graphic and may shock. It’s about parental anguish and commitment, court battles to instigate some therapies, laws to prevent others, cross-dressing, drugs that will block puberty, others that will transform an adolescent towards the opposite sex pending feats of surgery that will castrate while turning a penis into an opening like a vagina, or producing a penis from a forearm in a foray into reproduction unrivalled since the days of eugenics. He goes on to ask, is this massive intrusion into the minds and bodies of children really necessary? What would happen if parents just do nothing but watch and wait?’. He says that scientific studies prove that the vast majority of transgender children will grow out of it by the time of puberty.

But ‘watch and wait’ is not an option under Labor’s policy. Nor is what is known as ‘conversion therapy’ which is simply the attempt to make the child more comfortable in its birth sex and to lead it away from identification with the opposite gender. These two options are anathema to transgender activists who will settle for nothing less than ‘affirmation therapy’ that commits the child to a pathway that begins with ‘social transitioning’ and progresses to blocking puberty with drugs and on to irreversible surgical intervention. The extent to which the LGBTQI lobby exerts influence on Labor can be seen both in the state Labor government of Victoria and in federal Labor’s policy commitment that ‘if a child expresses confusion’ any doctor or therapist will be prohibited from advocating anything other than ‘affirmation therapy.’

Professor Whitehall says that ‘affirmation therapy’ is an innocent-sounding weasel word.  What it really means is a course of treatment starting with puberty-blockers that work on the principle of stimulating the receptors on the pituitary so often that they become exhausted and no longer operate. According to research at Glasgow University and in Norway some of these blockers have been tested on sheep and have been found to cause damage to the limbic system of the brain, the part that controls emotions and feelings. Then cross-sex hormones are administered which must be taken for life and monitored for side-effects including cardiovascular and thrombo-embolic disease, cancers of the opposite sex and worsening of psychiatric disorders.

Meanwhile, suppression of the gonads leads to a slow process of chemical castration.  After that there is ‘sex realignment surgery’, a phrase which hides a multitude of horrors of an almost Frankenstein-like reconstruction of a young person’s body; something that you would not wish on your worst enemy, let alone on your own child or grandchild.

This is pure evil. Surely in years to come we will all agree that anyone who deliberately causes any child or young person to be put through the excruciating and life-long ordeal that Professor Whitehall describes will be regarded as as much of a child-abuser as any present-day paedophile — and be criminally charged accordingly?

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