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Superglued to socialism

31 August 2019

9:00 AM

31 August 2019

9:00 AM

‘With love & rage…’.  This is how an existential threat to civilisation signs off. The cute tag hangs below Extinction Rebellion’s many invitations to civil disobedience, its authors seemingly unaware that affection extorted from fear is commonly labelled abuse. I am not interested in the current manifestation of this social movement whose rhetoric boasts all the depth of a manilla folder. Of more value is what lurks beneath their hourglass logo and disconnected slogans – what they conspired when they thought no one was looking.

Rising Up! is Extinction Rebellion’s failed first draft created by the same axis of compulsive attention seekers, Dr Gail Bradbrook (molecular biophysicist), Roger Hallam (activist, politician, PhD student Civil Disobedience) and chief radical, Simon Bramwell.

Bramwell serves as the green heart known for his ‘going bush’ theatrics. He couples this naturalistic approach to life with a healthy dose of sympathetic language devoutly claiming, ‘I’d put my liberty on the line to save [the environment]’. Despite his messianic preachings, what Bramwell actually does is place everyone else’s liberty on the line with the establishment of progressively ruthless politics.

Rising Up! and Extinction Rebellion are socialist propaganda movements. Their promise to the West is not a form of environmental kindness but a deconstruction of – and I quote – ‘the three pillars of democracy, the financial sector and the media’. They do this as foolishly as students pull down statues of unlearned history. Their strategy reads as a horror script, dripping with loved-up hashtags #intersectionality, #collectivism, #oppression and the usual Al-Gorian mythology. What lies at the end of this destructive path? Mostly rubble.

This trio of academics treat civilisation as an experiment in service of their university thesis instead of understanding humanity’s eternal war against desperation. It took a long time to drape ourselves in the protective layers of civilised democracy. Half a million years of miserable hunting and gathering – shivering and dying at the whim of the weather.

Our new found capitalism is an inconvenience. Having used its scaffolding to acquire a comfy mountain perch, those gracing the climate change speaking tour lust after a way to kick the ladders off their prized safe space. So brazen is this subversion of democracy that we’re invited to watch proceedings. The flames rise as Extinction Rebellion incites historically-illiterate youth to believe that the death of freedom on the altar of absolute government will save a planet largely indifferent to the squabble. Our children have become the hammers, chisels and sickles gluing themselves to bits of infrastructure.

So, here is the lie and how they sell it: Rising Up!’s manifesto puts forward an extended metaphor of environmental harmony. It postulates that when humans are removed our ecosystems sit at rest, which is strikingly similar to Extinction Rebellion’s battle-cry of inherent climate stability before the Industrial Revolution.

The premise is false. Earth is a writhing mess that never sleeps. Life is the first entrepreneur that took a risk in exchange for reward. It was not given survival as a handout. The socialist core of the eco-movement has failed repeatedly because its reasoning is contrary to the nature it tries to encapsulate. Capitalism works because it understands that competition allows ideas to flourish into life, liberty and success.

Nonetheless, we continue with the assignment of blame. Mimicking absolution, converts are encouraged to believe that capitalism is the sole cause of war, poverty, misery and starvation – as if private enterprise and free markets formed the source of inequality rather than served as our greatest protection against destitution. The observable evidence of capitalist economies using their wealth to lift the third world from environmental ravaging is ignored, as is a collection of communist and failed socialist states tearing the globe’s natural resources apart. Dare we ask, why is China capable of grand road building projects but not cleaning up its plastic-clogged rivers?

The greatest mistake conservatives made was to allow the Left possession of the environment narrative. It is a fallacy to suggest that right-wing politics is some form of chainsaw-wielding, scorched earth philosophy forging its empire out of ruin. This planet has a problem with environmental sabotage but it is rooted in the deforestation and mass pollution of inescapable poverty.

Many who live within the comforts of city modernity lean left. Concrete guilt? I wager it is a simple case of political predation. Rising Up! demands ‘rapid change in wealth distribution and power structures’ but if you want to scare yourself good and proper read on to their idle musing, ‘Who knows how we might best function, if we are less stressed, had better information; if we were more confident and trusting?’

I guarantee you no one is ‘less stressed’ or ‘more trusting’ under a socialist revolution. For a mantra that hates money it certainly dwells on the restructuring of economic systems and borrowing behaviours. This may seem odd until you understand that to control people’s politics it helps to first regulate their money. Economic freedom runs parallel to political freedom. Those indebted to the state cannot criticise.

Supervising what people want and how they think is an old tactic. Possession versus persuasion. Socially-coerced speech in place of debate. Eco-socialists seek to own rather than convince, viewing students as functioning assets. Their manifesto encourages games of escalation. Every capitulation unwitting businesses and politicians give to their narrative causes momentum. We’ve become enablers of a sadistic pass-the-parcel where each layer unwraps to subversion – absorption – spiritualism – swarming – polarisation of public opinion – mass sacrifice. Read that last one again and tell me that our children aren’t partaking in a climate death cult.

What we have is an opportunity. Reclaim environmentalism for what it was originally designed: anti-deforestation and anti-pollution. Push policy for cheap, reliable energy. Unchain farmers and engage in water management systems to drought-proof Australia. Put pressure back on the third world to clean up its act before asking for trillions in hand-outs. End the false redistribution of wealth and finally, scorn the behaviour of environmental celebrities who act as modern arms dealers, profiteering from dreams of dystopia.

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