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Moment of evil

24 August 2019

9:00 AM

24 August 2019

9:00 AM

It was a moment of sheer evil. This was when the closely guarded secret bill to allow the killing of innocent babies  not only until the moment of birth, but even when actually born, was rammed through the lower house of the NSW parliament and greeted by cheers and a standing ovation.

Did they also cheer when, as informed representatives, they saw the recent and notorious secret videos showing the US taxpayer-subsidised abortionist, ‘Planned Parenthood’, engaging in the lucrative trade in baby body parts? Did they cheer abortionist workers there laughing over baby parts ‘mixed up in a bag’, sorting through little arms and legs, lungs and eyeballs, all destined for sale?

That moment demonstrates once again the long march of the cultural Marxists through our institutions, even through what had once been a conservative National party.

When in 2011 the Liberal-National Coalition was returned to power in New South Wales after sixteen long years in the wilderness, a key promise was to appoint an expert panel to advise on giving the people the power to recall a government to an election.

Although their panel supported  recall elections, the government failed to act. Judging by the reaction to this bill,  it’s just as well for the rejoicing politicians that the promise was broken.

Voters are justified in being appalled when a government fails to deliver where success should no more than the norm, such as in building regulation, water for farmers, cheap and available energy, transport, law and order, mental health and population growth. While success is ignored any failure stands out, as do those not expected from a Coalition government such as forced council amalgamations, the tramway debacle, the incomprehensible move of the Powerhouse Museum and ramming through a secret and radical abortion bill. The Premier’s complicity in this has seriously tainted her leadership and damaged the government. Never take the people for granted, even if the Coalition squibbed in allowing recall elections.

This bill is a frontal attack on the very  essence of our civilisation. In Jeffersonian terms we are endowed neither by the political class nor the elites but by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. First among these is the right to life. This of course is never absolute; taking a life in legitimate self-defence, in war or by the courts for a capital crime have always been recognised. But never were we endowed with the right to kill the innocent, including the infanticide of the newly-born whom providence has spared.

Had the rejoicing politicians behaved as true representatives, they would have first heard the people and especially the experts. Had they done so they would have heard Dr Ernest Frank Crocker recounting his conclusions from a lifetime of performing 50,000 diagnostic obstetric ultrasound studies. He would have told how, within five or six weeks, a baby’s heart can already be seen to be beating. He would have recounted how he has seen an unborn child suck its thumb, breathe, swallow, react to voices and external pressure. He would have told how he has mourned at 2am in the labour ward with parents who have been presented with foetal death at term, and how he has encouraged and supported  young couples when they were presented with threatened miscarriage in the first trimester. He would have averred that to him, a man of incomparable experience and dedication, abortion without a sound medical indication is abhorrent and late-term abortion is unthinkable.

The elites have a strategy to fight this; just hide the facts. Don’t tell people, and especially future mothers, the truth. Throw a vast zone gagging free speech around the abortion factories. Hide the fact infanticides have in Victoria resulted in over one-tenth of babies in late-term abortions being left to die. Hide the evil trade in body parts revealed in those secret videos where ‘Planned Parenthood’  admits it conducts abortions in a way to ensure tradeable body parts aren’t damaged.

The elites’ response was recently summarised by the Australian’s and Channel Ten’s Peter van Onselen: this would only make NSW law similar to that of other jurisdictions, not only in Australia but across the West.

This shows no more than that we are witnessing a phenomenon common to history: destruction of a civilisation can come from within.

The signs are there already. Notwithstanding our extraordinary wealth, that we are putting more money into education than ever before and the advantages of technology, we have declining education standards. Achievements in the arts are just one example of where we compare poorly with the past. Even science has been tainted by the endorsement of not only the increasingly discredited theory of global warming / climate change / climate emergency but of the one officially-approved solution to the alleged problem and the designation of dissenters as heretical deniers. This Lysenkoist theory is increasingly a tool of those elites who would manage the decline of Western civilisation through neutering the nation-state under an elite world government.

But there is hope. A defence against delinquent activist judges imposing an imagined constitutional right to abort emerged in the 2016 US presidential election primaries through two candidates. Donald  Trump prevailed with an agenda to make America great again. That this included a plan to ensure the appointment of judges pledged to interpreting the constitution as the people intended was crucial. That this is now being achieved is a great encouragement to those who believe that Western civilisation is mankind’s greatest achievement and that the culture of death is antithetical to that civilisation.

If Australian politicians do not learn from this, they will surely lose the confidence of the people.

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